Micro SD Cards from The Zoo ?

Micro SD Cards from The Zoo ?

Not the Zoo with animals in it but the Memory Card Zoo.

I got an 8GB Samsung Microcard from here, for use in my Android tablet

This company might not be an actual Zoo but they do have a strange claim – they say that these memory cards are indestructible


I’m not sure how you break a Micro SD card aside from drowning it in water or putting it in the microwave, but I didn’t fancy trying that out with mine when I got it.  However they do say that these memory cards have amazing levels of durability, and they are water, magnet and shock proof.  I did sneak up on mine and shouted really loudly but it still works!

But seriously…

Digital Camera Essentials awarded them as the Editor’s Choice quoting the notable features include the 5/10 year warranty.

Features Samsung Micro SDHC Class 4 memory card:

  • Compatible with all SDHC labelled devices
  • Magnetic and X-ray safe
  • Shock Proof
  • EMC coating – Water and Dust Proof
  • Soft Rubber Casing
  • Ideal for digital cameras, GPS, etc
  • 5year limited warrant

The prices are pretty good and delivery is very fast!

They don’t only sell Micro SD cards but all sorts of cards and gaming, phone accessories including iPhone and iPad.  They also do many promotions where you can get money off, like the one this month was send out a tweet and get 10% off!  Its worth a visit to the Zoo


Hope this helps

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