Syrinx Za – a small business using Social media

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After my post “Why aren’t all SME’s using Social Media”  I have been in many discussions  about small businesses on social media, such as why do they need to be?

Why do small businesses need social media?

This is what they need to ask themselves.  Its said that maybe small business do not have the budget to be everywhere all of the time but they can have a presence and they need to have one.   Let me put it this way if a business are promoting a product that women who are mothers might buy for instance, look at the figures – a study from eMarketer showed that this year 28 million mums will use social networks!

Syrinx ZA are a company that know this, they know that on social networks they are not just a website or an advert, here they can be personal and build strong relationships and networks.  Syrinx ZA are available to offer advice and answer any questions about skincare  eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions on all the major networks. They actually have an excellent social media presence, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Loveit, and the list goes on.  They are there for their customers and future customers  and even just if anyone is worried about their skin and wants reassurance – or to know they are not alone with their acne, or whatever type of skin problem. Syrinx ZA are always listening, analyzing and building relationships.

Who are Syrinx ZA Dermatological

They manufacture a fantastic 100% Natural skincare product. They are also one of the few companies that do not test on animals, unlike so many other cosmetic and skincare companies – big, well known companies too.

I love the story on how Syrinx ZA got started, it was basically because Philip Richards the Chairman suffered himself with various skin related issues, and could find nothing to that help ease the pain and discomfort, so he set out to find and develop a natural, sustainable skincare solution that would help him and other sufferers find relief. He did and he is very passionate and very real about his products.

I digress – I decided to try out the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, in other words soap, but its so much more than a soap let me explain why.

No more dry skin!

I actually had increasingly dry hands, so much so that I always had to put on hand cream after every time I washed them, and more.  However as soon as I started to use the soap bar, I found that my hands were soft and no longer dry, I stopped using hand cream as there was just no need for it.  Then I saw that the bar was good for walts and other skin conditions, and I just wondered if it would get rid of the “age spots” that had appeared on the back of my hands. Prematurely I might add!!  I was advised to rub in the lather and leave it to dry and then leave it overnight for a week or so.  To be honest I thought there is no way this will work, a bit of foam? But within days the “ages spots” had virtually gone, ok they are not completely gone, I can still see something if I hold my hand up to the light, but I can’t feel any lumps or anything anymore, its amazing.  Syrinx ZA say their skincare products are not a fast fix and noticing a difference can take a few weeks but it wasn’t the case with me at all. I can understand that with more serious skin problems such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or dermatitis it probably would do.  However, seeing such great results  I’ve started using it on my face – which has no more dry patches, and my whole body, which is soft and smooth.

After the first bar had all gone, I went without it, and I let it go for about 3 weeks before I got some more and in that time my hands had stayed soft – which I was amazed at!  But I wasn’t sure how long that would last and my face missed the Therapy Bar as I used it to take off my make up each night – so just I had to get some more. Also, I must say, on my face I occasionally get a spot or two – (how horrible is nature giving me age spots and pimples) I leave the lather on overnight for a couple of nights and they are gone, they don’t even turn into anything if I get them soon enough!  The Therapy Bar lasts for so long, it not like a normal bar of soap – especially not other natural ones, that seem to disappear in a week –  this is my second bar since about July and – will go into December easily.

I personally as a customer like the fact that you can just go on a Social Network and ask a question about a product and get an answer that day, and maybe go on to order it because you have the correct answer.   Rather than search around the web looking for answers and getting discouraged because you have to send an email or cannot find the correct number to ring or are put on hold for 10 mins.

Having accounts on Social Media Networks doesn’t mean an instant fix or an immediate way to more sales or even page views it takes time and patience to build a network of trust and that is what new businesses need, to prove trust, trust in the product and trust in the company.   At least when it comes to us moms.  Buying 50 thousand fake accounts doesn’t help either – do it right and do it your way.  Social media has the power ….