Switch to Pink Facebook Hoax Spreading Fast

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Message appearing on Facebook claiming to change your Facebook Pink, is a survey scam

There are ways to switch to a Pink Facebook using Chrome which you can Google for but there is a link spreading on Facebook at the moment, which is a hoax.

Title – Switch to Pink Facebook (Limited Time)

The link here is the same as all survey scams – when you click it, it spams all of your friends facebook walls telling them of the good news, that you have a pink facebook, which you don’t realise until its too late.

You are asked to first fill in a survey for verification but of course, nothing happens, they now have lots of information from you and the scammers have been paid for their efforts in scamming you.

If you see this on your wall delete it, and tell the person to inform followers that it is a scam, and follow these instructions to remove a facebook scam.

Always check out suspicious links before clicking it, IF IN DOUBT DON’T CLICK !

Update : There are now other scams – asking you click the link to get Black Facebook – Blue Facebook, and probably rainbow Facebook – as I said these are fake. There are ways to change the background and ways to get colours in chrome but I’d search on Google for those if I were you.

Hope this helps