Swine flu

Swine flu

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Is someone telling us porkies?

It seems it’s truly fashionable now to say that you have Swine Flu – I don’t get it – well I really hope I don’t. We do love getting in a tiz, don’t we? We are just about getting over the Michael Jackson frenzy, and now this, what next?

Swine flu frenzy: 2,600 hits every second on NHS website


No-one has a cold, the standard flu or the doctor’s favourite ‘a virus’ anymore, everyone has Swine Flu –apparently. Yes, it is nasty, but come on, we all know what the flu feels like – you literally cannot move for days. I have to admit, it is a something of a worry, but some of us really need to calm down. It seems like we’re all crackling up.

Flu infects 100,000 in past week

How can they even say this? They are not swabbing anymore, so they clearly haven’t got any idea. In fact, the swine flu figures are obviously never going to be accurate now, some people won’t even bother phoning their doctors or calling the National Pandemic Flu Service, and strangely enough, it seems people are more likely to abuse this system, especially if government proposals go ahead, to allow employees to authorise their own sick-leave for as much as two weeks. It has also been said that people are stocking up on Tamiflu with the distress of a stock shortage, or even to put on it EBay for the highest price.

“The government is no longer trying to contain the virus because it is now widespread in the UK. It is not effective to give antiviral medicines to people who are not ill, as they will be repeatedly exposed to the virus in the community.” Say NHS Direct. The UK changes from containment phase to treatment phase – I don’t get it, I really don’t get it. Doesn’t this say – well, sorry you are going to be infected anyway, so you stand no chance?

Will Parliament stay open when someone is infected? Pigs might fly!! The vaccine should however be available by the time they have finished their longest break ever. http://tinyurl.com/nr3mug What a joke. Coincidence? Maybe. The poor things they have had a hard year, haven’t they? All of those scandals must have been exhausting for the over worked devils. When the vaccine does eventually arrive, I hope that for their sakes it’s not an oinkment that causes a rasher.

Apparently, it’s mostly under-14s that are getting infected – they aren’t closing schools – so what the hell do they expect? If I was under 14, I’d know exactly how to get a week off school – oink. My nose continually grew to Pinocchio proportions when I wanted a day off school. One of the worse places for swine flu to spread is obviously going to be in schools. Children are one of the highest risk categories simply as their immune systems aren’t fully developed, and as its spread by the tiny droplets in a cough or a sneeze – how many pesky kids stop those from permeating the air? They don’t, they cough and sneeze all over you, and the poxy furniture.

Intrigued to find out exactly how long the incubation period was, I searched the Health Protection Agency website for an answer, and I was immediately informed that the incubation period for swine flu can be up to seven days, but is most likely to be between two and five days. What? Sometimes I think they don’t know what the hell they are talking about and are just feeding us a load of porkies.

Its horrific that the UK death toll is at 30 now, but why is it always reported that, the deceased had other underlying medical conditions or that they died from unrelated complications? Is there something we should know? I don’t get it, I really don’t get it.

I’m sure that is not the case but it just seems to me that the professionals don’t seem to know what they are doing or saying but I for one have no confidence the information that we are being given.

There are just two things we need now – consistent, reliable information and a vaccine that will protect the most vulnerable people from contracting swine flu. http://tinyurl.com/nd6wuy

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