Home Care Platform Hometouch

StartUp Home Care Platform Hometouch changing Social Care as we know it

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hgaclycgzlqeolp0xpllHometouch is an online marketplace for home carers and families to find each other.  As you can imagine for me this tech service which uses Saas was a dream to find.  Getting the carers you want is a very difficult, upsetting and lengthy process for families.   This, let me tell you IS the solution.

StartUp Home Care Platform Hometouch changing Social Care as we know it

Hometouch uses SaaS, Software as a service to help families find the carer they want at affordable prices and also helps carers get paid the money they deserve.  From what I understand carers can charge the rates they want, (no more minimum wage for them) and Hometouch takes a commission for connecting them with families and running the system.

Hometouch was founded by Doctor Jamie Wilson who is a dementia physician in 2015 after he noticed the amount of people waiting for suitable care on the NHS.  The Startup has had three lots of successful funding rounds since then.  I can see why this is such a great idea and already works really well.  They do need to make some alterations to the website to make it more intuitive for people that might be looking for their own carers and not as able as some people, and also to add more features, but I believe they are continually improving the system and it does the job at the moment, it could just be better.

Hometouch matches carers to families

Matching carers to families makes Hometouch sound rather like a dating app such as Tinder, and I suppose the practice is very similar, but without the weirdos!  Carers are vetted and checked out completely.  I found out about this while I was on the website looking at carers profiles and they asked me if I needed any help.

Hometouch has a chat feature on the site, which actually is very handy if you do come across any problems with the website, someone will usually answer within a few minutes, even out of usual working hours.  You can also call them on the phone 24hours a day.

So, I said that I was concerned about the checks and the safety aspect.   I really was, I needed someone trustworthy, and that was knowledgeable about Alzheimer’s I couldn’t have just anyone.

I was told

In my experience we have been going above and beyond the checks that most local authorities carry out. Having met with 10 to 12 over the last couple of months

We check all of our carers ID, Qualifications and CRB/DBS certificates. We also face to face interview every carer that joins HomeTouch and assess them against 5 criteria – punctuality, communication skills, compassion/empathy, ability to take initiative and personal presentation/honesty. We pride ourselves on the high quality bar we set and only accept a small fraction of the carer applicants on to the Home

Home Care Platform Hometouch

How Does Home Care Platform Hometouch work

Its so simple,

You create an account on the Platform, no obligations

Click on Find A Carer

Put in your postcode and you are shown a list of carers profiles in your area.

The Profile shows you

  • The Location of the carer
  • How far they are from you
  • How much they charge

You then click through to view more and you can read about their background, their expertise and experience and some even have a video.


When you have decided on your carer, you then write to them and discuss your requirement and their availability basically to see if you are both a good fit.

I actually met up with the carer I chose at my fathers house for them to meet, and for dad to decide himself if he felt he would like the carer that had been chosen and also for the carer to decide if the job was for him.

When you are happy you then click BOOK and put down what hours you require, when and what service.  Another good thing is you can book just a one off or on going care, you can add or take away hours or days, you just work it out with your carer and then alter your details on the website.   The carer we chose is very in demand and we can see why he has even been on holiday with his clients.

We’ve been using the Home Care Platform Hometouch for two weeks now, I am very happy with the service, the carer and the system.  And as a business opportunity its huge, its really going to change social care as we know it.