Spotify hit by a virus attack

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Digital music service Spotify (free version)  has been attacked by malware.

It came via malicious third-party adverts so Spotify have removed ads for now, until they sort it out.

Twitter users are still complaining to @Spotify about this; It would appear that it is proving very difficult to locate the source of the malware and Spotify are asking twitter users to help, they are asking what ads caused the problems. The twitter community are trying to assist with one twitter posting screen prints to Spotify, another person offered run tests for them.

@ Spotify on twitter said – We’re still investigating but we take this very seriously and will take every step possible to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

One website has reported that AVG software has identified one of the malicious payloads as Trojan horse Generic_r.FZ.

According to Sophos this comes at the same time as another malicious ad on Facebook, asking you to install Adobe Flash player, which is when you get the malware.  Apparently this  has now been taken care of by Facebook.

Let this be a reminder to us that we must regularly scan our system for malware, you never know where it might appear next.

Hope this helps