Sparkling New Brizzly Social Media Reader

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In December 2009 I trialled the Brizzly Social Media reader – here –   if you need help signing up to it, help is there. 
When I used Brizzly Beta at that time, I decided that although I liked the features that it had to offer, I couldn’t cope with the slowness and lag, and I didn’t really like the layout enough to change from
Since then,
Things Labs have ‘merged’ with AOL (as they say on their own blog),
Brizzly is now New Brizzly and has many new features
Brizzly is now available on iphone 
Brizzly is now out of beta!
So, due the fact I like the sound of these new features but mostly because I don’t like the look of #newtwitter I am trying New Brizzly…..
…which I must say I am emphatically enjoying.
Hurrah! The slowness and lag have gone, you no longer feel like the whole thing is going to come crashing down on you like a MS Windows operating system.  Even though it could still be improved it is significantly smoother, which of course makes the whole experience much more pleasant. I wouldn’t think this had anything to do with AOL however 🙂
New Features
There are so many new features people are going to love!
Foursquare – Not only can you have Facebook and Twitter updates, you can also add everyone’s favourite application… Foursquare!
Picnic – You can create a picnic, which I didn’t try but its apparently a way to have a private chat with several people who you can add from Twitter, Facebook or email – and you can upload pictures and sent tweets to a picnic. If you liked Google Wave this is for you, I must try it out soon, sounds great. Fancy a picnic?
Themes – They have also added some themes, not many, but at least you get a choice now.  Although for some reason I do like the original turquoise one 🙂
Emoji – Emotions have also been included, (little smiley’s, pictures of hearts etc) which I don’t often use on other applications as not everyone can see them, but occasionally it is fun.
Translation – Also there is a translation button, which I love,  hopefully it won’t give the wrong translation too often 🙂 You just click the ? at the end, this will also give you more information about the tweet if you click it when it is already in your language.
I think the design is virtually the same as before, which isn’t perfect but I feel more comfortable with it now, I don’t think its as busy as it was, and it seems more like “old” Twitter.
Brizzly have also sorted out the followers and following count which is now the same as my old favourite
I do love the simple format of but this is the closest in page views to Old Twitter I’ve seen and you can keep it simple if you want, or you can use all the of many added features. 
There is one thing that I miss that is “who follows who”  I seem to use that feature more and more, I like to see which of my followers is following a new person I might follow. Maybe I’m just too nosey. 
Someone suggested that I try the Brizzly Chrome Extension and as I use Chrome I thought this would be really useful, but sadly it doesn’t work very well for me, we are back to slowness. The button for type a tweet brings up add an account and it disappears when you change tabs, all in all its very frustrating so I won’t be using that. If you do try Brizzly don’t try the extension first, try it  here
The Results of this trial now suggest that when Twitter force me use New Twitter I will most likely be using Brizzly.