Spam Warning - Don't Click Links from Zeechat App

Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from #Zeechat App

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links from zeechatJust a little Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from Zeechat App

If you get a text message from a friend via Zee and you click the link, it appears to sign you up to the app and proceeds to take over your phone-book and sends out text messages ( SMS messages) which appear to be from you to your friends, making them think that you have sent them a message. And so the circle begins.

Some reports say that only three people get the spam link from Zee others have said they are sent to your whole phone book.  So its some sort of phishing scam or just pure spam just that when you sign up it is allowed access to your phonebook.  This is never a good idea to allow an application access to your phonebook, but with this app I am not sure if you are asked or not.

Text Messages (SMS) from Zeechat

I received this text message from a friend.

#### Sent you a message on Zee. Please click (link) to view the message.   My friend said all he did was click the link and the messages went out.

I didn’t click it as I looked it up and saw it was a photo messaging app that was described as better than snapchat, I guess thats not difficult. However that sort of application isn’t one that interests me.  Later, I heard that my friend didn’t even know that these messages had been sent out from his phone to everyone in his phonebook – even his landline.

Messages on Twitter about Zeechat

People on Twitter are complaining about being spammed with this message from Zeechat, I think maybe they might need to sort this out.   However maybe this was the plan, to get everyone talking about Zeechat for free.

links from zeechat


Personally, I wouldn’t go near it with a barge-pole now and I suggest that you don’t, there are plenty of ways to share photos with your friends.

Check out the reviews on Snapchat, strangely there are none on the itunes page but on googleplay you can see the story. Not very many nice things to say.

zeechat reviews techieminx

So, take notice of this Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from Zeechat App – unless you want to annoy all or some of your friends.   Did you get caught out?  Let us know…