SoundHound can name that tune, just sing or hum.

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What song is this – What’s that track – Tra la la.

Is that a familiar question?

All day you have had that annoying song going around in your head, you have no idea what the artist or the title of the track is, and you only know a few words, which doesn’t come up in a Google search. (Yes this is me!)

SoundHound could let you keep your sanity!

SoundHound is a music recognition application by SoundHound Inc. which can recognise tracks from your singing – well most of the time, and that’s with my bad singing!  It is said to have the worlds fastest music recognition, exclusive singing search, voice search and lyrics.

This application has been around in one form or another for some time – once known as Midomi – It has had many updates and changes to it!  It is also listed as a New York Times top ten app for iPhone and Android.

When I first saw Shazam I thought that was amazing, but this has the extras that I wanted Shazam to have, lyrics and singing search, brilliant!.  Although I do still love Shazam, it rarely lets me down, but I shall use SoundHound for naming that tune.

SoundHounds Major Features

Music recognition…

  • From a played track
  • This will give you lyrics, tour dates, similar artists, map, artist bios album art and videos.
  • Title or Artist
  • Will find the track and play it for you, with all of the above options.
  • Singing or Humming
  • Soundhound will give you a list of tracks it thinks is correct – or just play it.
  • You get a chance to bookmark or buy the track when it is found.
  • Full iPod integration
  • If any of these tracks are in your iPod or Music Library SoundHound will instantly play them.
  • Underplayed Chart – A list of tracks that are found in SoundHound that are not played much on the radio.
  • Social networking Sharing – Share the information with Twitter, Facebook, email or text

On twitter @SoundHound give you interesting bits information and updates recent tweets being.

The #1 Most ID’ed Song on SoundHound in 2011 is: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

Which they tweeted to @forterthepeople too,  great stuff.

The #2 Most ID’ed Song on SoundHound in 2011 is: Someone Like You by Adele.

You can get SoundHound here…

SoundHound at Android Market 

SoundHound at iTunes App Store

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

I love this application, its one of my most used iPhone apps – my best music application of 2011 even.

Hope this helps


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