Sony PlayStation PSN back online makes for happy Tweeters!

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We heard yesterday and through out today that from @playstation on and the PlayStation.Blog that Sony Playstation had started restoring PSN  services for the  US; Northeast, California, Southeast, Midwest and MId-Atl, West and Puerto Rico.

Happy Tweets have been flowing through twitter all day.  Right now Gamers are a happy as a geek at a free Star Wars convention.

Stormhansen #playstation #network is online! Better start#winning again ! 😀

peter_stephens #PSN is back up and all is well with the world again!!! #playstation #sony

Kim_Fuego #playstation Black Ops is baaaaaack!

And later tonight, we heard of many PPL in the UK either waiting for confirmation emails to change passwords, which seem to be taking sometime to get through, and again many tweets.

CoDBattles_com #Playstation in UK back online!

ThoLan36 Playstation Network is back online in the UK for Online Gaming, PS Store still undergoing maintenance #PSN #Playstation

CiaraDoyle85 #playstation network finally up and running in the uk. Gonna surround myself with drinks and snacks so I don’t have to move all night 🙂

MightyASLC #playstation3 #ps3 #psn #playstation network is back to #UK !!!

The PSN seems to limping on line again like a 3 legged camel but its started at least.  Strangely enough there aren’t too many people making derogatory remarks, about the huge downtime and the lack of information. The complaints have stopped for the time being.  One person did say that they don’t even care anymore, but on the whole there’s a huge buzz that gamers are live again.

Oh dear I spoke to soon as the tweets are coming through that the password reset link has gone down! There is doom and gloom again, it won’t last long, I assume there are a fair few people trying to reset their passwords all at once.

peteprodge @PlayStation Why the hell is the password reset link DEAD?

20Anthony11 @PlayStation trying reset my password online and the server goes down!!!! for ****sake has created a guide on how to change your PlayStation@Network Password.  The link is here

Just be careful about bogus emails from people asking for new passwords for PlayStation (looks like you do it online)  as I fear that will be next.

Above all, enjoy!