– Fun twitter statistics or just spam?

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socialmetertime is an application that apparently tells you how many hours you have spent on Twitter. Calculations are not actually real – they say that they are based on account age, followers, friends and tweets. The result is then tweeted to your followers.

Edit, See update below – due to suspension and blocking by twitter its now appearing as not exactly accurate.

Surprisingly my amount on hours on time were virtually the same as someone with half the amount of followers, and a 10th the amount of friends (ppl they follow back) as me, so I’m not sure how that works

Is Spam

Before you rush of to see what yours is, let me tell you a bit about it.

First I checked on Twitter to see if anyone was talking about this application, and low and behold, all I saw were complaints about “how to stop the spam”

socialmeter spam

So, yes, you got it, I wanted to try it out.

First you have to let it into your twitter (auth) account, of course or how will it know how long you’ve been on twitter.  Then the fun starts, you have to sit and wait while it shows you an advert before you can proceed. When you do finally proceed, there are two more adverts and right in the middle (so its hard to just click it, without clicking the ads) is the proceed link.  Crafty and tricky, I didn’t like that.

Finally you get through – whoopee at last you think  but no, you are presented with a page that  says the dashboard is currently under construction – like this …..


How can I get rid of

This is simple, you can either go back to the start page and click their link, where it says you can deactivate this app at any time by clicking here

Or you can go to Twitter

  • Click the Cog
  • Click settings
  • Click Apps (on the left)

You will see the app at the top there – and you just press revoke access.

revoke access

Done, no more spam from 

UPDATE – Looks like Twitter has blocked them now but as Sunish has mentioned in the comments,  they’ve changed it now to this one says Calculate and Tweet or Calculate without tweeting. 

Hope this helps