Social Selling - Top Tips

Social Selling – Top Tips

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Social Selling – Top Tips? Why do would you even need top tips for social selling?  A refresher maybe? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.  Someone famous said that I’m sure.

The buzzword(s) “Social Selling” didn’t really become popular until as late as 2016.  However, we’d been using it long before it was given that catchphrase, so much so you might be confused to what Social Selling actually is.   But don’t panic – if you have any presence on social media for you, your brand or your business you are probably doing some form of Social Selling.  For instance, if you have a Twitter account, a Linkedin Page, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Google+ page (let’s not discuss that) and are a savvy social being then it will mostly come naturally to you but you still need a strategy and you need to turn up.

What Social Selling is not

Social selling does not include one-way messages. Posting updates to Social Media and then leaving is not Social Selling. People say I want more likes, more followers and more sales so they go on social media and post one update usually an advert and leave.. nope, this isn’t going to work.

Social media users have never wanted to be sold to we know that.  Consumers want two-way conversations.  Users are there to connect with friends, make new connections and chat to people – they also want to find about about their favorite businesses and see what other people are saying about them.  Or to inform others about their own experiences with products or services.   The customer has become the person in charge, not the Brand.

Buyers are influenced on Social Media

 The Social Business Journal showed that 75% of buyers are influenced in their buying choices by what they find through social media channels, this is either through recommendations from friends and family, maybe influencers but definitely a business’ presence on social media has a huge influence on purchasing behavior.

The first rule to remember is if you are not Mercedes-Benz people aren’t going to want to connect with you if all you do is throw out ads about your products or services.  Real ads are great of course, you can target the right people on the right networks but just not all the time.

Social selling is about building relationships, it’s about creating trust, it’s about letting people know who you are so that they have the chance to know you and like you.


People want authenticity and trust. They want to know who other users recommend.  Which brings us slightly to influencers, influencers might be classed as social selling but aren’t they now becoming the new age advert – instead of being on TV every 15 mins its now on social media.  It was Reebok hiring in-house influencers that ruined it for me, camera lights action. I’m not sure, what do you think?  They have to declare if they have been given gifts or are promoting now at least that’s trust – but  was declaring it but was still slammed for this picture being too fake, one tweet went viral about how bad this post was and she even got death threats – thankfully, it didn’t seem to do her any harm.

So, why should I use Social Selling?

Social selling is about reaching your customers online.  According to the latest social media statistics, there are about 2.34 billion people worldwide on social media.  And to reach them businesses and brands need to be more visible to the now savvy digital buyer and create lasting relationships with them.

There are still boring things like funnels and closings and other prehistoric sales words used but basically, it’s about connecting with your potential customers, on social networks! Think about how you can provide value, engage, assist and nurture and when they do eventually want something that you supply they will know where to come.  And you didn’t need to constantly thrust adverts in their faces – sometimes yes, its fine to inform of your product or services, of course, need people to know what you provide.  The same with Business to business selling, with B2B the difference is that you need to develop these relationships with the CEO’s, the buyers or the decision makers.

Building relationships

So we now know that social selling is about building long-lasting relationships with your prospects and being there for them.  You need to make a plan on how you can best support and create value for your customers and prospects.  And remember to be yourself, and be human people don’t want to be responded to by an AI or a robot – or a tool.

It’s not difficult to find out what your customers or prospects are talking about by using social media listening or monitoring, you don’t even need tools for this although there are some great tools out there for social selling.

Being human and listening isn’t something you really need extra tools for. You already have the tools within your social networks. You have yourself and your brand and you have search! If you haven’t used Twitter’s search, check it out, it has so many options.

Never underestimate the use of lists on twitter another thing you don’t even need tools for – although something like Hootsuite or TweetDeck are very handy to be able to see many streams at once.

Do not rush! Be careful not to jump in too soon, although its so easy to do that, stand back.

Social selling takes time,  and each network is different but there are a few very basic metrics that apply to all.

It is most important to get your base set up right – so make sure your Branding is perfect and your social media profiles are all set up correctly.  Make sure your brand is recognizable

Social Selling – Top Tips

Social Selling – Top Tips

  1. Set your goals
  2. Create a plan
  3. Discover your niche
  4. Research your competition
  5. Make sure you are on the relevant networks
  6. Optimise your Branding
  7. Build your reputation
  8. Optimise your bio
  9. Identify prospects/customers on those networks
  10. Create lists

That’s your set up is done, this is where most people leave it – and just post some of their blogs or pictures of their products now and then and expect RIO.

But no this is the important part…

  1. Turn up
  2. Follow/friend/like/comment
  3. Communicate/engage on social networks
  4. Participate & engage in groups.
  5. Be authentic
  6. Listen
  7. Provide value
  8. Be consistent
  9. Build trust
  10. Nurture

You may recognise it as the same formula as always or not but this blog turned out to be much longer than I expected and we have only touched the outlines but its a start get out there and do some Social Selling with these, Social Selling – Top Tips.  You will see a difference if you aren’t using this strategy.

If you want more details or help drop me a line on any of my social networks or email