Social networking at its best with

Don't forget to share is a social networking platform where users can trade help for free. officially launched about two weeks ago and as far as I can make out is the work of Adam Rodnitzky, George Aspland and Scott Roberts who are all listed as co-founders.

I signed up today for and I have enjoyed helping a few people out, and finding out all about it, I think it is going to be a great “help” to all.

It is simple to sign up – you can just log in with your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and link the others and you simply connect to help others and ask for help.

Its a fantastic idea, as sometimes we all need a little assistance, getting that blog seen or a tweet heard, and here you feel no shame in asking for help.  Although most of what I have seen is people helping not asking, I had to look around for people that needed help.

When you ask a favor, people can answer you, or broadcast it on their various networks or vouch for you, its very simple, and just a click of a button. Sometimes you do have to modify a question so that it is ready for tweeting or sharing but it takes minutes – we will get used to how to actually “ask” more efficiently.

Here is a question from Adam himself…

The more you add people, help people or even ask for help the better reputation you get. Yes again – points make prizes, as everything is tracked.   You can even give and/or get special awards. You might think, oh this is just another way to show your online influence but in my mind this a fantastic way stop people just going on and expecting everyone to do them favors as it will soon reveal that they aren’t helping.  There is also a relationship tracking feature which show which users have helped you the most.

I am finding Favors a little show at times, but I think maybe it might take a little while for them to cope with the rush.  A few times I’ve had this message come up, with a really funny video.

I can see this being put in our daily (possibly less often) tasks to help and connect with others (people like it when you share and help) whilst also getting some help yourself.   This really could build some great relationships, with people that you are connected to already and people that you are not. If integrate with empire avenue I think it will really take off big time, lets see!  I am excited about this. 🙂

Hope this helps.