Social Media Presence

 Social Media Presence Setup


social media presence set upWhether you are a business or a person trying to promote their personal brand it’s very important to set up your accounts in a professional way, using keywords and SEO and providing a consistent look and feel on all platforms including your website.  This way when you are searched on Google you will be found and you will look professional and a leader in your field.

If you don’t already have a complete social media presence for your business then our social media setup service will get you started.

Allow us to take the pain out of setting up your social media networks.

Social Media Setup

What we do

  • We set up your business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, or any network which suits your business.
  • Adding logos, bios, and cover pictures to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Company pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Company pages are different from the standard personal pages and have a bit more information and again adding logos, bios, and cover pictures

For the 3 months start-up package 

We then create a scheduling system, a content sourcing system and set up emails

For your social media set up, we will complete a consistent branding for each profile on each network: we add a bio, a profile picture, your business logo, a suitable background picture, an optimised cover picture, content, and connections.

What we need 

  • Your Logo or profile images 150x150px
  • Your Bio – 150 words
  • Images for Background or Cover Pictures

We will do the rest – You have to worry if your social networks are set up to maximize your social media presence, you will know they are.

Tutoring and Training

Once you feel that you want to take over managing your own accounts – we can offer 2 hours training to show you how to use our systems – and how to access, read and utilise your social networks to their maximum benefit.

Please Contact us to discuss your needs or requirements on setting up your social networks