Social media reporting about UK Stores Crashing

Social Media Reports UK Stores Crashing #blackfriday

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It seems that UK stores were not prepared for Black Friday as Social media reports UK Stores Crashing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales have been being advertised on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites for weeks now, its a shame that these stores didn’t prepare themselves for the results of those promotions.

Big stores such as Game, Argos, Tesco, Currys to name a few are all over loaded with people trying to buy bargains on their sites causing sites to crash during the Black Friday Sales.  It seems us Brits love a bargain, with fight braking out in stores, and websites crashing just to get few pounds discount on items.

Tesco direct have a landing page up – just asking you to try again

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

Currys too have a message saying

We’re really sorry that the huge demand for our deals means you’re having to wait.

Our Black Friday deals are live on Friday 28th only, but our Black Tag deals run until Wednesday 3rd December and most of these offers are available in our stores.
We really appreciate your patience and we’ll have you on our site as soon as possible.

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

Argos – have been tweeting about the problem on their own site, due to a high volume of visitors

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

Game – who do have some great deals on xbox playstation and many more for Black Friday, say they have been overwhelmed with visitors

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

 Social media reports UK Stores Crashing –

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Tweeters have taken to Twitter complain about it