Social Media Potential for B2B Businesses

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We previously shared infographic by Real Business Rescue regarding How B2B businesses are handling Social Media .  Real Business Rescue have now have created a new infographic to show the Social Media Potential for B2B businesses. (Business to Business) we’d like to share.

In this infographic we can see the benefits for B2B business in social media. It shows that over half of all business will generate leads and connections using social media.

The sheer reach of social media proves that Social Media or Digital Marketing should be in B2B businesses budgets.  It shows the monthly active users for the most popular social networks with Instagram being the leader for growth in 2015.

Social Media Potential for B2B Businesses


Some really promising interesting facts in this infographic, collected from lots of great sources.  It interestingly shows the statistics to how images and video are so important to your social media strategy.
We have some more blog posts that might help you with images  in blog posts, 24tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post. And also 5 Best App for Creating Social Media Designs. Not forgetting Create amazing graphics with Canva.

If you want help finding out the Social Media Potential for your B2B business why not contact us.