So, what is Scrazzle – Microblogging site?

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scrazzlelogoI found myself asking this question recently – So, what is Scrazzle – Microblogging site? I’d seen a few tweets popping up about it, so I had to go and investigate.  You know how I love a new network.  Scrazzle is in beta right now but you can join to find out what its about.

Scrazzle is a new social network – well actually they call it a Microblogging site. Scrazzle say that they built Scrazzle because they were fed up with Twitter.  (Scrazzle is also an iOS crossword game, and a music band so that is a bit unfortunate).

My investigations regarding this site, haven’t amounted to much actually – I can’t find out who are the founders, I found the name of the person who registered the site but he doesn’t say anywhere in his bios that he is the founder.  So, I won’t name him just incase, but short of asking them I didn’t get far. They do say on their Twitter account that they are Australian but thats about it – So, its all a bit of a mystery and I had to sign up to find out more.   (If I find anything out in the future I will update the post)

So, what is Scrazzle – Microblogging site?

I like it when new networks have something different, a hook, something that makes them stand out from the crowd – such as Justsayinapp are using the power of voice to get your message across and Follr who want to protect our digital identity that now have communities too.  So far I’ve found Scrazzle to be much more back to basics, rather like what we loved about Twitter in the beginning.

However, Scrazzle do have some differences to Twitter, which I like.

The Scrazzle rules are simple

  • You can post 60 posts per hour which includes replies and shares.
  • Posts can be 160 characters
  • You can follow 100 people per hour
  • There is a ZERO spam policy
  • Harassment of any kind will get your account deleted.
  • No Pornographic images are allowed.
  • Only pro members can send DM’s but regular members can reply to them.

Posts and followings can increase with a Pro accounts, and you also get 25% discount on advertising

Low price on memberships , which are used to help offset server costs – which is $4.99 for six month or $7.99 a year, so not expensive at all.

What is Scrazzle - Microblogging site

As you can see from my profile, I’ve only made one post so far and only have one Minion, which is someone that follows me.  Scrazzle seems to be very popular with Authors right now and some musicians I have seen.

What the buttons do

Scrazzle use some different words and meanings so they have a guide which you can see here.

What is Scrazzle - Microblogging site

If you want to find out more about Scrazzle you can join here – visit them on Twitter at Therealscrazzle and visit the their Facebook page, which strangely contains mostly posts about things that have been added to RedBubble – so thats a bit weird.

So, that is a basic look at  – What is Scrazzle – Microblogging site, its early days, as I said its in Beta right now, so I think I will have a play around and see what happens next.

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