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what is Musical.lyThis word is popping up all over the place lately – you might be thinking, what is  If you have teenagers you probably already know what is. has had exponential growth in the past 12 months, probably mostly amongst teenagers  and is one of the top 20 apps in the free iPhone app chart with already more than 60 million users. is a mobile social network that centers around music and videos – it’s basically a lipsync video creator with a social network.  From what we can find out – Musically was founded around 2 years ago by Alex Zhu and Luyau Yang as an engagement and promotion platform for entertainers.

Even though does have the added social network the closest app we could liken to would be the hit app Dubsmash which has been used by many performers and artists, which looks on last count to have 75 million users – so is catching up fast!

We know the power of video and imagery on social media,  especially with the younger generation, who love a selfie 😉 – with Vine having over 200 million users and Instagram having over 400 million, you wouldn’t really think there was room for more but Luyau and Alex seem to have found a gap, they have made making videos more fun, with more options, with an easy way to share, promote and engage.


What is app describe themselves as a space to show off your creativity and express yourself through videos.  Users are called Musers who use the app for creative expression.

  • Post musicals you love- Express yourself and show off your personality by creating great musicals, you may even get featured.
  • Like, follow and comment- Show support to other musers and tell them that you like their musicals.
  • Flag inappropriate content- To flag a musical press on the button with three dots and then click “report abuse

Some musers that have been featured have risen to stardom on – and are now celebs in their own right – such as Muser Ariel Martin @babyariel – who at 15 years old has gained 7 million followers on in under a year and has now made a career out of it, being interviewed on TV shows, magazines, websites, and by Social Media stars such as Gary Vaynerchuk who also had Ariana Renee @theylovearri on the show. The best part of this show for me is that the girls say that Twitter is the most popular social network among their friends, come on Twitter! 🙂

Watch the show here, its a great insight to what is

It’s pretty cool that is available for free still – you can get it in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store. isn’t available on all Android phones as yet, but they are working on it.