Snog Marry or Avoid!

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I’ve recently found out about a new dating site that was launched in November 2010 it is called Snog Marry Avoid. Not the TV show with the same name.  This dating site is for singles aged 18-30, its free to join, unless you want additional features,  like instant messaging. The idea is you look at random profiles and pictures of people and press a button to say if you would… yes you’ve got it, Snog Marry or Avoid, and hopefully they will do the same back to you.  You can also add a message when doing this.

This is absolutely fine and great, but …….. you know what I’m going to say – its open to abuse, right away I can see the bullying aspect of it here – kids avoiding people or pretending they like someone, or just winding them up and or getting their hopes up. People I know are on this site and they are under 18, they also say how old they are in their profiles so there is not much to stop this happening.   All of the photographs that I have seen so far are of very attractive people so I’m not sure where the other people are!   At least so far, I haven’t seen any indecent pictures.

The main thing that worries me is that you can choose to snog, marry or avoid and send messages anonymously even though you have to sign up with an email and user name. If you are looking for someone why do it in secret? This part of it just makes me a little anxious for our teens and vulnerable people.  It really annoys me that people that designers allow this, there is no reason to be anonymous unless you are up to no good. 

Edit: I have since found out that there are two unconnected sites One is and one is and the one that seems to have most of the underage users is are spending lots of money on safety by removing scammers and any suspect profiles. They also regularly check for under 18’s and delete them immediately.  They also have a report button so that member can contact the office to report and suspicious or offensive profiles.  In addition to this you can also block the ip address and Mac address if someone worries you. 

For non members at I can see it could be just a bit of fun, I don’t think you are going to find your dream lover or your life partner without being a member. Members can have many more features such as video profiles so by revealing more of your personality. Also as a  non member you can search for people in your area but as a member you can search by age, interests and other criteria. Members prices start at about £5 a month – that doesn’t seem so bad.  They say they now have 500,000 members so if that’s true, its quite popular. 

This is why they say you should join. 


Snogmarryavoid is the one of the largest dating sites for young singles in the UK. See below for more reasons to us now.
  • Free to join
  • 500,000 members and growing
  • On average 40,000 new members each month
  • Chat with other members
  • Send winks to break the ice
  • UK Telephone suport
  • Easy to use
  • All members’ profiles are checked by our support team
  • Quick, free and easy to join

I think it seems a pretty good idea on the whole, I like the idea of dating sites in our day and age, as long as they are well run and safe. I explain more here with more suggestions on how to be safe in my blog, Love on the internet. I don’t think that this site actually arranges anything, I guess that is up to you. So be safe and don’t meet anyone until you can be sure about them, tell someone else where and when you are going, and or maybe take someone with you the first time.  If they like you they will understand. 

Hope this helps.