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Smartphone Stats Which Companies Are Winning The Race

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I always find Smartphone Stats interesting, and Earl Ray of Coupon Audit created this infographic for me to show which companies are winning the race with some interesting statistics taken from many sources, listed at the bottom of the infographic.

Surprising Smartphone Stats

Its starts of by telling us that there are 4 billion active smartphones in the world, that is amazing as I remember reading last October that the world had just passed a total of 1 billion smartphones in the world.

The infographic states that it should take another 3 years to reach 8 billion.  There are only 7 billion people in the world now so this is saying in 3 years there will be another billion people on the planet.  If that is right I can’t see that they will all have smartphones, however .. if they could, this would be easily be achievable sooner infact.

Another surprising smartphone stat is that a huge 6.3% of smartphone owners are 13-17 years old and only 17.2% are 18-24 years old.

I won’t carry on telling you what you can see for yourself in the infographic about smartphone stats but where do you think this is going ?  The users for android operating systems are huge still, this really surprises me as everywhere you go it seems everyone has an iPhone, which is great when you need to get your phone charged quickly, but according to those figures its not true.


Smartphone Stats Which Companies Are Winning The Race


This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Zappos coupon code) and Techie Minx


Some pretty amazing Smartphone stats there don’t you think! All the more reason to think about actually making sure your website is a responsive website, so that it can be viewed on a smartphone, a large monitor, a laptop or more importantly a tablet. Mobile is growing and its not going to stop. Its even getting into things like wearable technology now with, Googleglass and Smartwatches and Rings, how will our websites cope with that.

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