Change your Password – Skype Accounts Being Hacked

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A quick warning to change your password – Skype Accounts Being Hacked. I’ve seen many people on Facebook and Twitter complaining over the last two days that, their Skype Accounts have been hacked, most people say its an account they hardly use or haven’t used to for a while, so doesn’t sound like a Phishing Scam in Skype. It could be that someone has got hold of some or all of Skype’s credentials database. Or there is a virus coming in from somewhere else maybe an email. And that is the need to change your password right away.

Although Skype users are complaining that their Skype accounts being hacked and then links are being sent out to everyone in their contacts, so I would assume that is causing more people to have their Skype Accounts Hacked.  Do not click any links from friends or contacts ask them first if they sent it.  And don’t click any links in Emails that look like they have come from Skype, go directly to the Skype App.

Change your Password – Skype Accounts Being Hacked

I’ve seen no reports from Skype or any news reports to say what has happened.  But I would advise everyone to be on the safe side and to change your passwords and not to click any links from friends, ask first.

How to change your password on Skype

To change your password on Skype Desktop

Click Skype in the top left

Click Change Password and follow the instructions.

Skype Accounts Being Hacked

Can’t get into Skype Account?

If it’s already too late and you can’t get into your Skype account because your account has been Hacked or now Blocked for suspicious  behavior

Signs that your account has been hacked

  • Unexpected payments leaving your account.
  • You’re unable to sign in with a known password.
  • Unknown contacts or conversations appearing in your Contacts or Recent list.
  • Calls from your account you don’t recognise or didn’t make.
  • Unexpected messages being sent from your account to known contacts.
  • Increased or reduced Skype Credit balance.

If your account has been hacked

If you suspect your account has been compromised, or if you’re unable to sign in, you should:

  1. Run your computer’s anti-virus security to remove any malicious software or viruses.
  2. Change your Microsoft password. Make sure you choose a strong, unique password.

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