Skedlo – How to improve productivity on Twitter

 Skedlo – How to improve productivity on Twitter

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I am very excited to tell you about a new twitter platform that I’ve been using for a few months now, its called Skedlo – The new platform that helps you improve productivity on Twitter.  Its premise is a Twitter Scheduler but don’t let you think that it’s like Buffer or Hootsuite. I love both, but this is just a little different.

How to improve productivity on Twitter

Skedlo, more than just a Twitter Scheduler

I love Twitter its where I spend most of my social media time, it gives the furthest reach for the least cost, with the most features. So if your target market is there on Twitter you are so lucky and you want to make the most of it. You need to increase your brand awareness and Skedlo can help you do this

So Skedlo does all the basic things like…

Schedule and manage your tweets, threads, retweets on Twitter to grow your brand and connect to your customers online.

Which for starters is brilliant, you can have up to 10 Twitter accounts so for those who have many businesses themselves or for social media managers like me, that’s very handy

When asked how is it different from other schedulers the creator for Skedlo said..

I have much more in mind like deep analytics which would help customers to understand the best performing content. using machine learning for this also

Which it’s true, there are so many features in this platform already and so many to come, it’s just unbelievable!  I’ve been chatting with the Dev for some time now and every day he seems to have a new idea or something new he’s put in the roadmap. And he says he won’t stop updating it and adding new features. I wanted to share the roadmap with you but he’s keeping it under wraps until those features are ready.

Skedlo – How to improve productivity on Twitter

Skedlo features so far include

  • Schedule unlimited tweets and threads
  • Schedule Retweets
  • Favorite list
  • Automatic retweets
  • CSV Import
  • Advanced analytics
  • Drafts
  • Daily imports of tweets posted externally
  • Schedule Retweets

Skedlo – The new platform that helps you improve productivity on Twitter

Schedule retweets

This is a brilliant idea because if you go on to twitter for say 15 mins per day, you might see a load of things you want to retweet and you don’t really want to retweet them all at once, its better if you can space them out.

CSV Import

CSV import is one of my favorites because you can schedule all of your posts on a sheet and then upload the sheet in one go – Boom it’s done!

Monitor your favorite tweets

Skedlo can also monitor your favorite tweets and threads to show you which posts are performing better than others!

Brilliant, huh, I love any sort of data that helps me to step up my game, that’s one of the reasons I still love Empire Kred (do you remember that, love it still) and Kred, which by the way has had many changes is having a big update for June, with a new website for Empire – watch this space.

I digress – so I suggest you use the 14 day free trial for Skedlo to test it out for yourselves – you have nothing to lose – Skedlo 14 days trial. No credit card required.  And keep an eye out for all these new features that are coming, shhh I can’t tell you!


This is not an ad really it’s just a blog as always to let you know about new platforms however I need to declare that I am an Ambassador for Skedlo and that Kred is one of my clients in line with the guidance from the CMA