Singer and Producer Peter Hollens Hacked by *security* OurMine

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Last night Peter Hollens the singer and producer most known for his awesome Capella covers over on YouTube was distraught last night, when hacking group who say they are not hackers but just testing his security attacked many of his social media accounts. Many fans were tweeting – Peter Hollens Hacked.

Peter Hollens Hacked

We love Peter Hollens and we were upset to read a tweet from Peter that all he wanted to do was come home after a hard day and spend sometime with his daughter but no, there he was running around tracking the accounts that had been hacked so that he could change passwords and remove any thing the hackers had posted.



Singer and Producer Peter Hollens Hacked by *security* OurMine

Peter Hollens is in a long list of people that have been hacked by the group OurMine, who say that they are just trying to inform people that nobody is safe.  OurMine are mostly targeting CEOs, and YouTube stars, Celebrities and I did see one article that said they were targeting MineCraft users.

Techcrunch were hacked in July of 2016 and received the same message as everyone seems to get and the same as Peter Hollens received.

Don’t worry we are just testing security, we didn’t change any passwords, please contact us

I hope that all the messages of support helped Peter get through this annoying time, I’m not sure what they did on his accounts, I do know that it was reported that they sent emails to Variety subscribers informing them that the website had been hacked.

So, I’m assuming this is their way of getting work to secure peoples accounts?  I wonder if anyone has actually contacted them as they ask.   If you know please let me know.

In the meantime, we should all be getting Two Factor Authentication on all of our accounts  – this makes it harder for hackers to get in with an extra layer of security – where you have to have a password and something else. I don’t think this is going to help with the various exploits or phishing attacks but it has to help a little.

In the meantime check out this new video from Peter Hollens   –  Hamilton – An Acappella Medley – Peter Hollens & Co.

Update – It seems Peter was hacked again as on 1st of November this information came from Peters Facebook

UPDATE: It’s 100% VIDiq, they confirmed. DELETE IMMEDIATELY…. ATTN Youtubers: (Already 15+ users affected) Anyone who uses VIDiq needs to disable it immediately. There’s a huge meta data breach… go into youtube and disable access. I’m 100% positive this is how my channel was hacked yesterday.

Here’s how to do it: Click here to delete access:…