Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

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My dad has suffered with memory problems for many years, and as a tech geek we have found it hard to find tech equipment easy enough to use to feed his tech addition – until he was diagnosed with Alzheimers I’d not thought to look on the Alzheimers Society website, and there we found this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers.

Ever since I was a kid a loved the stuff my dad had, he had a thirst for knowledge and technology that he has passed down to me – first, it was all of the huge dictionaries and then the full set of Britannica Encyclopedia that he owned which were always open and used, not just sat on the shelf collecting dust.

I remember the very exciting time in the 90’s when he got his first computer and we found that you could get the encyclopedias on CD-ROM, which now is only available digitally.  A sad story actually – because then came the internet where you could find out anything you wanted to know about on the web, but that’s another story.

Dad always had all of the gadgets you could imagine, as he got older, he had so many cameras and other equipment, like laptops and smartphones we had to encourage him not to buy them as he had started to purchase items not use them at all, and there is only so much a pension can cover.  Over the last few years this has frustrated him and we have tried getting him various easy devices but he just can’t retain the information to be able to use them, like many with dementia I imagine or even just old age.

 Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers

Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

I think there are a few of these types of music players around but this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers is direct from the Alzheimers Society.  Its probably more expensive that some others, but we thought that they must know best so we bought it.   They say that

Playing music to people with dementia from their formative years vastly improves their cognizance and lucidity – the effects are dramatic, and are widely recognised by all dementia and alzheimer professionals.

We saw the effects immediately with my dad, not only was he so pleased that he was able to operate the MP3 player but as his favorite old tracks came on, you could see the recognition and pleasure in his face. And he started to guess the names of the tracks as they came on, which was amazing.  He even got up to have a dance, which I’ve not seen in a long time time, as he does have problems walking anyway.

He’s only had the unit for 24hours had he’s not stopped raving about how wonderful it is and he’s played it a lot.  It’s seriously made a bored, confused, frustrated old man very happy, what more could we want. He even says just to look at it makes him happy!

There was one problem with the music player where it froze when we first started using it, but we unplugged it and plugged it back in and we’ve not had a problem since, I really didn’t have the heart to say we’d send it back right away so we will see how it goes, I have warned the Alzheimer’s Society about this and I’m sure they would replace it if there was a problem.

How to use the Simple Music Player

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So, the operations are simple, you lift the flap to turn it on – and close it to turn it off – I am rather concerned that he could break this lid off but we will see.   And then there is a button under the lid which enables you to skip to the next song.

I’m not saying it was easy to get Dad to use at first as the information had gone from his head immediately but repetition seemed to get him to remember.  And it does say on the lid and the button what to do.

To get music on the Simple Music Player you simply plug the USB lead into a computer or laptop and transfer files by drag and drop or download directly to the unit.

Then a family member or carer can set the volume which is hidden under the unit so that it can’t be accidentally changed.

Above all I am very pleased with this Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers or any type of dementia – Dads response and the crisp, clear sound it produces is fabulous and if it makes his life better, what more could we want.