Selling Art Online

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selling art onlineIf you are the starving artist type you will have no doubt tried selling art online.  There are so many resources and websites available to do this it would be crazy not to use them to showcase or exhibit your work.

Many of these websites have so many users fighting for sales, and huge commissions that sometimes it is difficult to get your work seen, let alone bought.

I don’t call myself an artist as for me art is a hobby to relax me when I’m not working, but I do like to show people what I have created or whats the point.   Its been a very long time since I actually painted on canvas, when I used to sell my original art work to friends and relatives. Now I like to create my art on the PC, which might come from a sketch that I have created or a photograph I have taken or seen, and I realise that I am still learning these techniques and software.   However from time to time, I see that people are searching for or selling art online and think what do I have to lose.

Sites for selling art online

So, I’ve signed up for a few art retail sites to upload and offer my work for sale.

At first, I just wanted somewhere to exhibit and store my art before I even had a website, so I joined Deviant Art. This is a great community of artists who are very supportive of each other and many do sell their art there in a number of ways – for me, I’m just happy to get a few views!

Another site that I recently signed up for is “Fine Art America” again here many artists, they say there are 40,000 artists networking here with a great community. is a very cute site, I think it’s really more for novelty items with designs rather than original art on canvas but you can buy and sell both.  You can earn here by also becoming an affiliate of someones work, so if you like their work and share it, when someone buys you can get commission.  The site however does need a lot of work, its pretty clunky to use and text sometimes doesn’t fit.   I’ve been told by friends that it takes a long time to get established, and the competition is fierce.

Saatchi Gallery (a London Gallery for contemporary art) have their own online site to buy and sell original art, their slogan is –

Discover art. Get discovered.

Check it out – go to  This is a professional site as you would expect – it looks great and its easy to use.   What I love about Saatchi Online is that their categories and subcategories are so vast that you can narrow your results in search to exactly what you want.  Other sites do not have this, people have to wade though lots of work to get to yours, here they can go straight to it.  I have signed up to Saatchi Online too but as yet have not found the courage to add my work to the outstanding art work on this site.  It is said that many students have found their place in the art world by exhibiting their work here.

So, these are just a few of the best places that I have found art online – although there are many other resources for selling art online – here are 15 ways to sell your art online that abundant artist has found.  Just be careful and check out the site, terms and condition and costs before you make any commitment.

If you know any great sites for selling art online please do let us know.