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do share logoIf you want to Schedule Google+ posts – I guess that’s why you are here – then you are going to LOVE this !

I love social media, and social networking and I am a big fan of Google Chrome or anything Google in fact – so as you’d expect I love Google-plus and the option to be able to schedule google+ posts is very appealing – not that I need to do this all the time, but I like to have the option.

In comes – Do Share !

Do Share is an offical Google Chrome extension that was created by Tzarfrir Rehan – and designed by Joel Califa. Do Share not only gives you the option to post and schedule posts on Google+  but there are loads of other things you can do with it too.

  • Sharing to Profiles and Pages
  • Sharing from a table on Google Chrome
  • Shares to specific circles, communities or @mentions
  • Autocompletes Hashtags
  • Has Free Rich text Editor – no more ** __
  • Supports Drafts
  • Share from your pages stream
  • Multple Google Login
  • Creating Polls
  • and Automatic numbering as inspired by Gay Kawasaki

Where do I get Do Share

Either go to the Chrome Store and search for Do  Share – or just click here – Do Share

You then add it to chrome – done.  You leave this running or on all of the time if you want to keep using Do Share, you can turn it off again in the settings or in extensions.

How to edit settings on Do Share

Click on the Do Share Icon…

It opens up like  you want to create a post, at the top towards the left is a big cog, click this.
Here you will see the options

  • Add “Shared via #DoShare to your posts  – yes you can turn this off if you want.
  • Use Alternate Google Account
  • Auto number posts
  • Here you will see your profile and a list of your pages that you might want to number posts for – you can change each one individuality.
  • Share current tab when clicking Do Share
  • Log out and reconnect to Google.

How to create a post and schedule Google+ posts 

Its so easy to schedule Google+ posts and share them with Do Share.

You can either just click on the icon and type what you want to post and copy in your link – but thats a long way round, when Do Share have made it so easy.

schedule google+

When you have the tab open with the link that you are reading and want to share you click the Do Share icon.

This puts the link into a box on Do Share

do share

Click the Link and it opens up so you can add a title (which appears in bold) and some text which you can Bold Italic or Cross though.

Add who you want to share with by clicking Add more people.

Then you can Send to Drafts, Schedule or Share now


I love this extension, try it out, see what you think.