Scams on Facebook – Free Tube Hub and Funniest Condom Commercial.

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Yes, another week has gone by, and its time for me to inform you of two Facebook scams that have been seen doing the rounds.

One is The Worlds Funniest Condom Commercial another click-jacking scam that makes you click on the like button to play it, much like the baby born video of last week.  Instructions of how to remove on the previous link.

The other is of a Free Tube Hub which points to a website promising full length steamy videos full of hot sexy girls.  Even the image hasn’t put people of which is of an apparently hot girl with a huge arse, (excuse me people,  but it is enormous).


Obviously, when you click this, it is spreading to your friends tell them about it.  Nice huh?  Yoohooo looks what I just tried to watch, plastered all over your friend’s walls.

Surprisingly this one is spreading quickly it seems people are throwing caution to the wind, just for a free look at some hot chicks and they don’t think they are the feathery kind.

I do jest but this is getting boring and annoying now isn’t it, there are so many of these scams, we need to ignore them and not give them the clicks that they desire.


From Facebook safety pages

If your account has been taken over and used to send spam, you should follow these steps immediately:

  • Reset your Facebook password. You can do this by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page or by going to the Account Settings page once logged in.
  • If you can’t reset your password because the email address you use to log in has changed, or if your account has been disabled, visit our help page.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date security software on your computer, run a scan, and remove any malicious files. If you don’t do this, and your computer is infected, your account may be taken over again. If you don’t yet have protection for your computer, you can download a complimentary six-month subscription of McAfee security software. Learn more on the Software tab.

If a friend’s account has been taken over and used to send spam, you should follow these steps immediately:

  • Tell your friend to check out this Page and follow the steps above.
  • Warn those who received the spam not to click on it, and to delete it from their Walls and Inboxes.

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Again I hope this helps.