Save Lives with Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine

Save Lives with Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine

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Why am I talking about Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine?  What’s so special about this search engine?  Well, as you may know, I’m always looking out for ways that we can use social media for good – we have these platforms at our fingertipsand we have lots of followers. So we even a voice which we can use  to really make a difference.  I recently created a Whatsapp Group for businesses and startups who are using the internet, blockchain or social…for good, or to “Save the World” which is the name of our Whatsapp group, together we can move mountains!

What is Social Good

Social good is about getting people to be involved in actions that Benefit Human Society and the Earth by harnessing the power of technology and social media in particular.  And with Elliot for Water, we can actually save lives by just surfing the web – which we basically do every day – it literally costs us nothing to save lives.

There are around 5 Billion Google Searches every day 

Imagine how many lives you could save if you used Elliot for water – it’s mind-blowing.

Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine

By engaging and sharing and bringing people together we CAN change the world for the better.

Elliot for water – the facts

Elliot for water is a search engine which runs on Bing that allows all us to help others!  Social Good – now we can do our bit to help without any effort at all by just using the search engine.  We can help those people who are one-fifth of people who have no access to clean drinking water.

We can help to prevent the SIX THOUSAND people who die PER DAY due to water-related diseases by using this search platform

Elliot For Water’s mission is to help bring drinkable water to as many people as possible and to improve the quality of life while respecting the needs of the local culture and environment.

Elliot For Water donates 60% of its profits to buy Solwa Technologies, solar energy based products that purify dirty or polluted water through desalination, the irrigation of arid grounds, and the dehydration of food. has been created to make something good, concrete and sustainable for the world and for who lives it. This company is an example that together we can make a change through something as simple as surfing the net.

800 million people, 1 out of 9, still live without access to safe drinking water, according to WHO. Elliot for Water aims to change this.

So so cool!

I wanted to find more out about how this works and more of the background story so I interviewed the founder and CEO Andrea Demichelis who is part of our “Save the World” group on Whatsapp.

Andrea is a remarkable young man, 25 years old – an Italian living in Paris, trying to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine

First, who are you and what do you do… 

My name is Andrea Demichelis and I’m a 25-year-old Italian man working to leave a positive impact in the world. After my business studies in Paris, I understood that I was not supposed to follow the conventional Wall Street path, but rather creating something of my own. Soon enough, this “something of my own” became “something that could really impact the world” and I ended up founding Elliot For Water. Elliot For Water is just like Google, the difference is, it creates water every time you use it.


How did you come up with the idea for Elliot for water

The idea came out of nowhere, I was not really looking for it, to be honest. The moment I decided that I wanted to do something more than just making money a documentary about water was passing on tv.  I remembered all my studies about the topic, and how 60% of the deaths in developing countries are directly linked to water. I ended up asking myself: why not creating a Google for water? It could help millions of people without asking for one single penny of donation. It made a lot of sense in my head, and I went all in with this idea.

Who works with you on Elliot for water 

Because of funding, an aspect that all startups face, I’ve been working alone until now, with temporary collaborators from now and then. The good news is, I’m in the process on assembling my own team of Avengers right now. If all go well, by February we’ll be able to start working altogether.
Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine

Kids, in developing countries, have to walk up to 6 hours a day to collect water for their families.

How do people get water from people using a search engine 

The principle is very simple and it works just like any other search engine: you go on Elliot For Water and make your search, for example, hotel in Paris. The search engine will then give you all the results, which for us are coming directly from Bing, and, among these results, you will find some sponsored links, advertising.
Every time one of these links is clicked, Elliot For Water automatically raise money. 60% of the profit, then, goes to financing clean water projects. In this way, you end up donating 1 liter of safe drinking water every time you make a search.

Who gets the water, there are many people in need.

Our mission is to give water to 1 million people by 2025 so, hopefully, a lot of people will be helped. To begin, we are working in Guinea-Bissau, thanks to a collaboration with our charity partner WellFound.

Why did you choose Guinea-Bissau to help first and how do you prioritize. 

We chose Guinea-Bissau, as our first country to work with, because of the trust that I have in WellFound. This charity from London has been working on the ground, and with the poorest villages of the country, for more than 10 years now, terrifically helping the local communities.
As far as the prioritizing is concerned, I feel that the best thing I could do, especially now that we are at the very beginning of our path, is to put my trust in expert hands in the field, who can advise me on how to move in a very critical and difficult field.

What do you need help with?

I would say in getting the search engine out in the world and, probably even more important, improve it. All feedbacks, at this stage of the project, are more than welcome. In the end, I want to build a search engine based on the people who use it.

How can we help you?

The best thing you can do is setting Elliot for Water as your default search engine, and share it with your friends on all your social media channels.

What’s next? 

The next two things will be the realization of our first clean water project in Guinea-Bissau and the creation of the team of superheroes who will bring water to 1 million people in a matter of few years.

Thank you, Andrea, this is such a great project, and I wish you all the best, I’m sure we all do.

All you have to do, to help, is change your search engine. Use Elliot For Water: It’s just like Google, but it creates water every time you search!


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If you want to make a difference and have a product or a platform to help “save the world, the planet or humanity”  please contact me on twitter @michelledh or email me for an invite to our community.
Together we can Save Lives with Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine