Runescape doing it right – Social Media – Happy 12th Birthday

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Runescape is a free MMORPG  that was created in Nottingham UK in January 2001 by Andrew and Paul Gower from their parents house.  By December of the same year Jagex Games was born.

MMORPG –  Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Runescape is 12 Years Old!

Happy Birthday!

This weekend marks 12 years of Runescape and the Community team have been hosting parties and events all weekend to celebrate.

When the game started back in 2001 you can imagine it was very basic and is referred to as Runescape Classic, after many graphics changes it then became Runescape 2 and changed to Runescape on its official release.

What is Runescape – really?

Runescape is a medieval fantasy game where you create our own customisable avatar which you move around the world of Gielinor on foot or using magic and even other methods as you progress through the game. As you level up your character the more you can do and the stronger you are  Your character can talk or trade directly to the other players in the game.  There are mini games, quests, slaying, mining, fletching, fishing the list goes on and on and every year they improve and add more to the game.  I can’t actually keep up, but its great fun trying.

You can also pay become a member (very cheaply, not like other games)  in Runescape which takes you to different kingdoms with  more skills, tasks, quests and monsters. There is so much to say and do on Runescape I suggest you go to The Runescape website and take a look.

I was asked if there was a minimum age for Runescape

I’m not sure if there is a minimum age for Runescape – many Jagex games are 13 and some are 18  – Runescape certainly isn’t for young children – remember, its like a social network, you can friend people and chat to anyone, you get close to people – some even log in to Runescape hang out with their friends and dress up in cool clothes.  I would say it was for older teens and up – as even though there are preventions with mods and report abuse buttons I personally do not think it is suitable for younger children, even if they are competent gamers. There used to be many people that were cheats and trying to scam you by selling things for real money, or just luring you off into the woods to kill you for laughs or what they could get, I know Runescape has stopped much of this from happening now but there are always things to watch out for.

But that aside, the great things about Runescape FAR out way the bad.

Last year Runescape found themselves in the Guinness world records as the most popular free MMORPG in the world for the second year in a row as they now have well over 200 Million Users


Runescape on Social Media

The reason for Runescape continuing to be so popular, I believe, is Runescape’s immense presence on Social Media over the last few years. If you ever look at the Runescape twitter account you will always see people there, answering questions helping people and even just engaging, watching and listening, it seems for 24hours a day!  Which I guess with people playing from all over the world they would need to be.  They also have a huge presence on Google+ Youtube and Facebook (with 1 million likes) where they keep you informed of all the changes, updates, or other great fun things that are going on – I know that its something that interests me so I would notice but they have made such good use of social media – everyone knows what Runescape is now, this has not always been the case. I’d been playing for years before my friends really new what it was.

A list of Official Jagex Social Media Sites 

If you have a problem on Runescape, they are very quick to deal with it, there are forums, websites, alerts – which have always been around but with social media there to direct you to the right place, or to talk to someone in real time when you really need to makes everything so much easier.  I’ve seen some very good things said online about @runescape ‘s twitter community.

Runescape Humor @RunescapeHumor

Just gotta say, I’m in love with the @RuneScape Twitter community. I have had so much fun and have met so many people. Look forward to more!

I am so proud of one of my longest played games not only being so popular but also for taking social media by storm, okay its not only Runescape but the whole of Jagex, they have a fabulous team.

Well done, and happy birthday 🙂