Road Tax Email Scam

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Road Tax Email Scam When you are about to renew the tax on your car – watch out for the new Road Tax Email Scam.

The scammers this time appear to be taking advantage of people being confused about the changes to the UK vehicle tax disc and the fact that you no longer need to display the paper tax disc.

Road Tax Email Scam

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The Phishing scam email, seems to come from official sources at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and they try to get you to give over your bank details.  Of course the DVLA would never ask for your bank details in an email.

Phishing – as in fishing for confidential information

The scam email claims that you are owed a discount from a previous vehicle tax disc that you had paid for then gives you a link to go to so that you can verify your credit card or bank details in to get a refund.

The DVLA strongly advise you to ignore the email and delete it, if you are at all concerned go to the Vehicle Tax section of the website.

Paper Tax Disc

The paper tax disc was abolished on the 1st of October last year.  You do not have to display a disc any more but you still buy it in exactly the same way as you did before or using the new services on the website.

renew tax disc

There is one difference now – that when you buy a new car – or transfer ownership – you have to buy new tax before you drive the car it seems this is catching people out – read – Tax disc loophole leaves angry drivers facing massive fines


If you are still confused – please take a look at this video.

Also remember

Never give out private information (such as bank details or passwords),  download attachments or click on any links in emails if you’re not sure they’re genuine.  Always go to the original website to check the information, or telephone the company.


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