Fight Cyber Crime – Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails 

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With a new initiative now from the National Cyber Security Centre and the Police, we can now Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails.  This has been going on for two weeks now and the public have already flagged over 160,000 suspicious emails.

Many of these new scams are praying on peoples fears, as usual, so we don’t think we just click.   Cybercriminals are sending out many more at the moment as they are using Covid19 to make money.  These scams are fake offers for masks and testing kits.

Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails

Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails

The most important thing to remember is that businesses such as banks and government sites won’t usually ask you for any sensitive information via email.  They won’t ask for such as bank details, or passwords.   These emails usually get you to click a link to take you to a fake website. This website will then steal your private information.

More information about  What is a phishing scam << here.

Emails reported to the National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ, they have now enabled them to take down 300 fake websites.  So this has saved hundreds of people from getting scammed in just two weeks.

The Suspicious Email Reporting Service was co-developed with the City of London Police. As well as taking down malicious sites it will support UK policing by providing live time analysis of reports and identifying new patterns in online offending. Helping them stop even more offenders in their tracks.

So to Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails, all you need to do is to Forward the emails to  Don’t click anything, just the forward button.  And the emails and the links will be checked. If it is found to be malicious it will be removed.

If you do get any of these emails, but you are not caught out.  Please still do forward it to the email reporting service. There are many people who might not understand that it is fake and you can protect them.

We do need to Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails to fight cybercrime and get these sites taken down.