#remoteworking during a crisis – 25 Authors – 10 Days – 1 Book!

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It’s a very different situation to be #remoteworking during a crisis. As a freelancer working from home I have some pretty good routines and disciplines set up for #remoteworking. However, this enforced working from home during quarantine is a very different kettle of fish.

Let me tell you how 25 people came together and in 10 days produced and published a book called #remoteworking. The book soon became an international bestseller on Amazon.

I think its an amazing story. I’m been proud to be involved, so I wanted to share it with you.

Professionals Working From Home

I am the community manager of a networking group on Whatsapp owned by Thomas Power of around 200 people.  Many of the members are business owners and or freelancers who work from home. We call the group, our online pub, or online water cooler.  Its a place where we can go, hang out for as little or as long as we like and just chat with others.  For some this makes them feel less lonely because people do find working from home isolating. For others, its about networking, finding others to do business with, and just have some fun.

Within the group, we had previously been discussing creating a book “Professionals Working From Home”.  It seemed like a good idea which had some interest but since Covid19 reared its ugly head, the project seemed to be forgotten about.

Global Pandemic 

Before Covid19 was even a global pandemic it had already forced many people to work from home.  Some of these people have never had to work remotely before,  and some of them do not like the situation at all.

We started to see many blog posts, articles, and PDFS with essential resources for people working remotely on the internet and social media.  Our own groups had produced many of them,  as many of us had been working for home for many years and we felt that our knowledge could help others.

UK Lockdown 

On the 23rd of March – the UK when into Locked down – the prime minister said people who can MUST work from home and business needed to close and shut down if it wasn’t essential.  Also schools had now closed so parents are homeschooling.  Now, millions of people are suddenly working from home and not only that but with family/ friends or children at home at the same time, which brings its own problems. #remoteworking during a crisis. was now real.

 “From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home.”   Boris Johnson 

Andrew Priestly who was to the be the editor/publisher of the book we were going to write, said – Right guys now is the time, these people need us. We really need to get this book out now #remoteworking

That day Andrew called out for available and willing Authors in a group to produce a the book. 12 people come forward by the next day.

So we now have 12 authors for Professionals Working From Home the book will be the guide to #remoteworking.

If you want to contribute an article the deadline is Friday and the goal is to have this book out ASAP.

This was Tuesday,  we needed to find a few people so that we could each get a chapter done by Friday!   It seemed a crazy ask, as we were all busy finding our own way through lockdown,  We were all shocked ourselves about being quarantined with family,  jobs being lost, futures unsure.  This was going to be a challenge, but no problem, that’s how we thrive!

#remoteworking during a crisis

#remoteworking during a crisis

Doesn’t look like the image above, I can tell you.   I’d realized within 2 days of lockdown that Remote working at this time was going to present many people with many challenges. This is a new way of living which requires a different set of skills than ever before. A different to all of the “working from home” guides out there.   This was #remoteworking in a crisis with lots of new challenges. We needed to produce a new norm, we needed much more calm and resilience than ever before.

This book is was going be about Remote working effectively in challenging times

Most people weren’t actually remote working or working from home they were “At home, trying to working during a crisis” and that’s basically what my chapter is about.

We really wanted to get this out there as soon as we could. To help people right now that are struggling or wondering how on earth this can work.   

Life now is stressful for many people its good to remember to breathe and know we are all in this together.  And it’s so important that we “Stay at Home”  and keep the distance. 

Time to get this done 

Very soon we had more than enough people who wanted to write a chapter. They got to work and most had handed in their chapters by Friday. With a few stragglers getting theirs in over the weekend!

I was amazing at how we call came together to produce this book. Most of us didn’t know each other at all but we all pulled together.  With all of our particular areas of expertise, helping in our special ways. We read each other’s chapters and gave support and encouragement to each other!

Andrew worked his magic and the book was on Amazon as a download by Monday the 31th of March.  Amazon got caught up adding all of the information including the now 25 authors the next day.  So, we decided for April the first April fools day we would set the price at £1.00 as a launch promotion. “You’d be a fool not to get it.”

We were actually shocked at the response. By the end of the day, we were Amazon #1 best sellers in the UK, Canada, and Australia. The next day it was available in Paperback to buy!  The team were, of course thrilled.

#remoteworking during a crisis


#Remoteworking delivers practical advice on working effectively from home or running remote teams. 25 savvy professionals share their best key secrets and savviest thinking on remote working in challenging times i.e., COVID-19 This is an essential guide for HR & personnel management, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses.

The contributors are

Editor: Andrew Priestley

Contributors: Penny Power OBE, Kim-Adele Platts, Ben Phillips, Janelle Mansfield, Ian Hale, Michelle Harris, James Barrington-Brown, Susan Popoola, Robert Hayward, Safa Arif, Adesola Orimalade, Jo Baldwin Trott, Nick Meinertshagen, Mike Davis-Marks OBE, Megan Germann, David Rothwell, Padma Coram, Marc Karschies, Dympna Kennedy, Kalpesh Patel, Marcia Brown, Luke Murfitt, Su Patel, Phil Lewis, Ben Phillips.

And we are still working on promoting this to get the word out to everyone who is struggling during these challenging times. some of us creating videos,  and holding interviews with authors’ social media updates. We’ve been talked about on podcasts, television and radio! Its just a blast – the further our reach the more people we can help.

If you are – #remoteworking during a crisis or working from home for any other reason, this will help.

Please do go ahead and buy the book on Kindle or paperback here #remoteworking