puzzle dungeon

Puzzle Dungeon, a retro style indie game for iPhone

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puzzle dungeonThe retro style indie game Puzzle Dungeon was developed by Robert Lane from the UK and was launched on the iPhone on October the 10th 2013.  This game has just come at the right time, we are hooked on these types of puzzle games and we love a blast from the past, ahhh nostalgia!

Robert says he loves nostalgia and would like smart phones to bring back the old days with video games. It seems that this is now happening as games like this are becoming more popular with young and old and I love it!

How to play Puzzle Dungeon

The aim of Puzzle Dungeon is to get this seriously cute little character with blue hair to push wooden crates on to a target area (which has been an orange squares so far) in the least number of steps possible, and similar to many other games you can compete with your friends for the fewest number moves (pushes).

It’s really strange to play this 16 bit type game by touching the screen, you really feel like you have travelled back in time and must have a keyboard or later a controller.  So, how do you play Puzzle Dungeon? … The tutorial button doesn’t actually work as there isn’t a tutorial.  No, this is not part of the puzzle and will be fixed in an update due very soon.  Simply, all you do is swipe your finger across the screen in the direction that you want … what’s his name? I guess it’s me but let’s call him Bert… Bert to go and that is one step, moves are called steps, and it’s your job to get Bert to do the least number of steps possible.  At first, movement feels a bit clunky – and I realised that its actually not, its very smooth but steps are short which makes it feel abrupt.

If you make some mistakes and realise this, you can just restart the level by clicking the back button, and press play again.


Levels in Puzzle Dungeon

Right now there are 60 levels in puzzle dungeon and if that doesn’t sound enough – 10 Community levels are going to be added via a competition, (more about that later). And then they’re going to be a further 60 free levels coming in December, which I think some might have a Christmas theme.   I like this use of the word free here, I’m not sure if this means there will be levels you can buy, or will that be the community levels, maybe.



If you are a member of the game centre as soon as you install this game and open it, it will open in game centre, which has all of your friends and their scores. If you check the leaderboard on the front page of this game then you will see your friend’s scores on the left and the top scores on the right.  Woohoo I am 4th on level 6 !

You can also challenge your friends here to beat your scores.

Competition Community Created Levels

There is a community competition for people to design their own levels, its free to enter and all you have to do is send in  your drawing of your level by the 31st of October The best 10 entries will be chosen, created and will appear in the game.

It would be fantastic for anyone that reads this to help and share the word – press the share buttons here – tell your friends, of course get the game – its as cheap as chips and more fun  These guys and gals that make these games are game designers, not PR people, what does it take for us to help a little, a bit of time, that’s it. They can’t afford to buy Fairy Dust to create a buzz about their games however inexpensive and excellent it is at this stage, next time maybe.


Puzzle dungeon is £0.69 or $0.99 on iTunes = Puzzle Dungeon By Robert Lane

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.