What are Premium Domain Names?

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premium domain namesPremium domain names are extremely valuable when it comes to branding your business, these domain names are usually very short, keyword intensive, memorable names.  And you don’t even just have to go for the standard boring .com .co.uk or .net with .ME premium domain names, you are in a completely different ball game.

Success Stories with Premium Domain Names


Of course you have heard of About.Me  About.me is a individual branding page about all about you – of course.  Otherwise known as an online identity platform.  From this page you can point users to your content and  your social media profiles and hopefully connect with them easily in those places.

About.me has a fantastic story around it.  It was launched in 2010 by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young. During the Beta period about.me had become so popular that in just four days after the launch the domain was acquired by AOL.  Remarkably in February 2013 Tony Conrad and Ryan Freitas and the team bought it back from AOL.  In May of 2013 about.me launched a premium version, which includes more features such as domain mapping, Google Analytics and you can also remove the about.me branding, so that you now longer have to have the about.me logo on your page.  About me now has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 1401 with 89510 sites linking to it and is estimated to be worth $35M according to Crunchbase.



Another site that you most probably know which has been very successful is Spring.me formally known as Formspring.me this was social media network to connect people by asking and answering questions.  With Spring.me you  create your own profile with photos and other information and its used very much like other social networks.  Spring.me was launched in September 2013 by founders Colin Fabig, Art Klinger and James Herbert. It now has in excess of 4 million users and has an Alexa rank of 7711


Another site that I’d like to mention who uses the .Me extension is 30ish.me – This is a website or community aimed at supporting women aged 30ish in the London area who share experiences, insights and knowledge to help others to achieve their dreams.  As they say brilliant women need brilliant women.  The website is structured into 6 key categories.

  • Healthy Body
  • Balanced Thinking
  • Effective Relationships
  • Success at Work
  • In London

These sections all are full of articles from guest bloggers and professionals with advice  to help and inspire other women to achieve their goals.

I could go on all day about these sites however to keep it short as we know that no one reads any more I will just list a few more of the other success stories that .Me have had.

  • Kiip.Me
  • Diagnose.Me
  • SparkSocial.Me
  • Shots.Me
  • PicHit.Me
  • Meow.Me
  • Allove.Me
  • Instabeat.Me
  • TheyApp.Me

As we discovered in my last blog post about the .ME loyalty program – .Me is more of a community just a site about domains and hosting, and in fact you can even win or earn a free domain name and or hosting by joining the community. When you earn points you can get some great rewards or you can get your own .ME premium domain <here> I’m already thinking about my .Me Domain its just very exciting with all of the possibility that you have.

Just so you know, I am working with .ME at the moment and I have disclosed this everywhere but I think I do also have to disclose that here again –  I am being paid to write these blogs and its an honor to do so. Besides that everything that I write about on my website, and anyone else’s is always true and my own thoughts on the matter, it would not be worth it otherwise.