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I think everyone has someone in their group of friends who likes to pull pranks. Well ours is Ian. Although to protect Ian’s identity from now on we will call him, ……….Ian.

Ian’s pranks are a little strange and he will go to any length to pull them off. Its always a bit of a worry actually, yes funny, but you are never quite sure what he is going to do next.


On one of our little trips, we were to be staying at a chalet in Devon. Our friends had got there a few hours before us and came to the car park to meet us.

As soon as they arrived in the carpark we thought something was not right, Ian was not in sight. We asked about Ian’s whereabouts only to be told that he had gone to the shops to get beers. Hmm innocent enough you may think, but not where Ian is concerned! We followed the lads to the chalet, they showed us our room was and sat down. I went through to the bedroom and put some bags in there, just waiting for Ian to grab my leg from under the bed. Why does he like to scare me, he will give me a heart attack one day hehe, I just don’t get it. I even called out, don’t scare me Ian. ha ha! It was very still and quiet…

Very quickly I went back into the main lounge area, the other guys were sitting drinking Desperado’s so I joined them for a while. Still no sign of Ian.. dodgy. They asked me if I had seen the lovely robes that holiday camp had supplied us. I told them no, I didn’t see any robes. Free robes in a chalet? They said “Honestly we’ve got them, they are on the bed go and look.” I gingerly went back into the room not expecting to see robes but to see Ian. I peeked around the door but still nothing. They called out….. “Ooh they must be in the wardrobe, have a look in there.” Do they think I am mad!

My boyfriend suddenly came to the rescue, running in behind me grinning, “Ah, Wardrobe? OK, now we know where Ian is,” and he grabbed hold of the top of the wardrobe and moved it forwards and back. “This is heavy”. he laughed “It feels like something is in here.” he shook it harder. We heard laughter from the other room. And I made a quick exit while he pulled open the door to the wardrobe.

Screams and laughter came from the room as I heard “Oh no! come and see this nutter.” And there was Ian curled up in a ball in the tiny wardrobe in his birthday suit!! (Yes naked, and that’s other story in itself, we found out sometime ago that Ian isn’t shy) ha ha, Eek I ran out. Thank goodness he didn’t jump out of there.


He must have been in that wardrobe for some time just sitting curled up in a little ball, waiting for the right time!

Who would bother? Ha ha. I don’t get it.