The Power of Giving on Social Media

The Power of Giving on Social Media #lostbear #FindElaine #hugtrain5

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The Power of Giving on Social MediaSuch is the power of giving on social media – that we don’t have to do a lot to help out, just a retweet or a share, or just to let know someone we care, we can actually do something to make a difference!

We all know by now the story of the #lostbear on social media.   I will recap if you’ve been living in a cave with no wifi since Friday.

Friday the 13th wasn’t as unlucky for a young girl called Phoebe as she first thought, after losing her bear at a train station after a trip to London, she had spent the weekend very upset. However Lauren Bishop Vranch had found the bear (actually a lion) and posted the picture of the Lion on  Twitter asking for help to find the owner.  Then followed more pictures of the adventures of #lostbear whilst being looked after by Lauren. Soon the #lostbear pictures were all over Twitter, Facebook and Google plus this had gone viral with everyone sharing and wanting to help find the owner.  It took just two days to find the owner – and by Tuesday lost lion was reunited with its family.   Its now taken the world by storm, and the story has been seen on many media and  news outlets. This just shows how we on social media can help very simply.



The Power of Giving on Social Media #FindElaine

A much more important and urgent thing happened 4 days earlier on the 9th of December –  Andrew Harrison’s mum went missing in Nottingham.    Andrew has appealed to social media, local media and press to help him find her, this too has gone viral on the hashtag #findelaine with thousands of people sharing the tweets, images and posts all over the internet, but as yet, even though there has been a few sightings she has not been found.  I urge everyone to keep sharing this picture and these tweets from @andyharrison80 lets hope the media and celebrities get more involved and that there is a happy ending.

Please Retweet or share on any network that you are involved with – #FindElaine


The Power of Giving on Social Media #hugtrain5

Another great story about Social Media giving is #hugtrain5.  Hugtrain5 is the 5th journey of Arie Moyal who is travelling around (Canada) and America to raise awareness about mental health by train – giving hugs and comfort at this most difficult holiday time.

Its well known that hugs can actually improve your mental health or even when we are just feeling a little lonely or sad.  Its nice to know that people care.  This year the trip has been increased to include Canada, and apart from when being stopped hugging at various stations because they didn’t like the handmade  “FREE HUGS” sign – Eventually staff on trains and at stations were briefed and VIA was helpful with supporting some travel costs, which was GREAT.  Arie the founder of Hugtrain has had a great response in Canada, appearing on and in the media, really raising awareness and hoping to raise some money for chosen charities.

Raising awareness and making a difference for mental health one hug at a time.

One Charity involved is …..

TWLOHA – To Write Love on Her Arms is an American non-profit organization which aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury, and thoughts of suicide while also investing directly into treatment and recovery – ref wiki.

Just a few places that Hugtrain5 appeared in the press over the last weeks –>>> Winnipegpreepress – GlobalNews – Radio Canada  Hugtrain have had help from people like The Westin Nova Scotian helping out with a bed for the night and also #thecaringcountscrew from @TheRedStagHFX joined in the hugging and provided a meal and support.   Most of this comes from the generosity of social media, Hugtrain non profit organisation, no one gets paid for helping out organising, setting up, promoting or for travelling around on trains across two countries – its all done from the desire to make a difference to those that need it.



Just one disappointment for me personally (and the singer) at least is that  hugtrain5 did have a song (based on Love-train) prepared for the last two trips but the powers that be wouldn’t let it be played on the internet or social media to raise money for charity unless a very expensive fee was paid, which actually is pointless when that money is needed for the event or the charities.

However, lets us not focus on the bad but the good – and help raise some-money for these charities and to help Arie Moyal with some support – please see the hugtrain website for stations that he will be arriving at over the next two weeks.


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These are just a few things that proves the Power of Giving on Social Media – what it can actually achieve, lets do something to help others !!!

Edit – A plea for Arie to have somewhere to stay in San Francisco has been made for  12/30 & 31 please contact @amoyal E-mail: