Platform Schedules Instagram Updates for Real

This Platform Actually Schedules and Posts Instagram Updates

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This platform schedules Instagram updates quickly and simply, directly from your PC.   We have lots of platforms who claim they schedule Instagram posts but in reality, most of them don’t. What happens is, the tool only allows you to upload your images and schedule them but they don’t post them for you.  These tools can only remind you of your scheduled time so that you open Instagram and post it yourself. Which might be of some help to people but it’s not much use for most of us especially those who work in social media management.

Most of the problem is that Instagram was designed as a mobile app and they want it to stay that way. So there are or have been in the past certain restrictions.  They don’t want you to download pictures from the internet and post them on your feed, they want real-time updates. It’s all in the name Instant Gram these are supposed to be real pictures which you have just taken to show to the word.  However, we want to share images from our holidays that we’ve removed from our phones and uploaded to the computer, or there might be other reasons to share an image from your PC.  However, many people have got around that by copying photos on their mobile phone and saving it to their photo album. There are other tools out there that claim to do this but when I looked didn’t offer a trial – I will check them out again.

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Platform Schedules Instagram Updates for Real

The platform that schedules platform schedules Instagram updates is called Instaschedule. It’s a really basic platform, no frills here but it does the job simply and effectively.  I am actually not sure if its allowed, but they post the updates through your account and it works. I’ve been trialling it for a few weeks now and the developers have made lots of changes to make it better for you.  They are continually working on it, so it might change more in the future.  For now, I think it’s perfect.

Price Plan on Instaschedule

I’m not sure about the price for multiple accounts that seems pretty high if you are using it for clients, but the 1 account plan is quite reasonable.  All plans are for unlimited posts.

I think it’s great also that they offer a 14-day trial, enough time to see if it works for you.

platform schedules Instagram updates

How to schedule your Instagram updates with InstaSchedule

When you have signed up, logged in and chose your free trial, you will simply have to add your Instagram account.

You then click on Schedule Posts and it’s as simple as that.

Choose a time and a date that you want to Schedule the post or update.

Write a caption – not forgetting to use those all important hashtags.

Select  your Image file and Upload posts.

platform schedules Instagram updates

Once the post is scheduled it shows you at the bottom in Published posts, and once it has been published you will see a green tick.

The only thing I didn’t like is that once it’s published it stays in the plan, as above.  So to me, it looks like it hasn’t been scheduled – but it has.  I suggested that it might be better if this was removed so you have a clean slate again.  They informed me that they keep it there in case you wanted to keep the image caption or just slightly change it, which does make sense.