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Love on the Net

We all know the film “You’ve Got Mail”  its one of my favourites – about how two people who fell in love on the internet, although fraught with problems, they lived happily ever after. What do I know? That’s what we all want isn’t it – our own happy-ever-after? Well it does seem that you can find it on the internet. I admit that I’m no love guru but I do know a bit about it 🙂  and I also know people who met on the internet and years later are still together, and I have been social networking online […]

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Dropbox – A good use of cloud computing.

When @Lucasblack mentioned on Twitter what he was doing with Dropbox I was immediately excited (it doesn’t take much I know) and I downloaded it instantly. What is Dropbox In case you don’t know yet, (Its been around since 2007 and I admit that I missed it) Dropbox is a file hosting service which uses cloud computing so that you can store and share files on the internet. In simple terms, you never have to remember your memory key/stick USB drive again, you just save your files here and have instant access to them where ever you have a Dropbox […]

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Top Geek Films

Top Geek Films  Due to the rubbish that they drone out of the TV day after day I tend not to bother much with TV and prefer to watch a few DVD’s a week, its a pleasant way to chill away from the PC.  I like to watch comedies or what I have found out to be Geek type films. And even though I mentioned before that I believe myself to be a bit of a Geek, I do not like the particular style sci-fi films such as Star Wars and Star Trek, I like sci-fi to contain either, […]

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How to backup (export) your Blogger/Blogspot blog.

  Exporting Your blog is pretty simple, you may want to do this to save your blog to your hard drive for safe keeping (backup) or to put it into a new blog. To export your blog, first go to your dashboard and click settings.  Then click on export blog.  Click download blog.  Finally click save. Your blog will then be stored as an export file (.xml) which can be kept as backup or to import to another blog. Simples! Your original blog will not be deleted but will be just it was. 

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Paedo Alert! Protecting our kids

Facebook say they have “no objection in principle” to installing an anti-paedophile panic button on its site for kids who feel that they may be in danger.…. Paedo Alert! This one statement has produced two different sides of coverage….. Facebook Might Add ‘Panic Button’ To Protect Kids The Next Web Facebook rules out installing ‘panic button’ BBC News   What exactly does that statement mean?   I think it means they are biding their time until they can come up with another solution, maybe they don’t like to be told what to do? Facebook was criticised for not doing enough to […]

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The Beauty of Buzz!

This isn’t a Google Buzz review! There have been enough of those, don’t you think? Besides as I am still getting to grips with it, I just wanted to voice how it has found a place within my social networking life. Google Buzz was supposed to cut out “noise” in a way that other social networking sites couldn’t, they claimed. Personally at first I found Google Buzz noisier than a drunken wasp with clogs on, stuck in your eardrum doing the quickstep. Stop the noise! My mistake, I quickly found out, was that I had followed several prominently popular people, […]

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