Cartoon Characters on Facebook

This is why there are Cartoon Characters on Facebook !!

You may have noticed lots of people changing their profile pictures to Cartoon Characters on Facebook and are wondering why.  I must say almost all of my friends are now anything from Daffy Duck to Captain Caveman.  Cartoon Characters on Facebook But why? There is a message going around that says Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same, for the NSPCC. Until Monday (December 6th), there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is a campaign to stop violence against children.  […]

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What is Electronics? – My first day with #Arduino

    “Michelle, Do you know anything about electronics?” “I’ve replaced parts in a computer…….?” “No real electronics.” “No, not really.” “Good!” Little did I know that this was the answer Lee Stacey (who works with Designspark)  was hoping for. He immediately arranged a meeting to offer me the My first day with #Arduino challenge of designing something electronic with the #Arduino board from RS Components and to blog my findings.   He and Designspark believe that someone with little or no electronics experience can learn and design with Arduino so this was my little challenge! My first day with #Arduino When […]

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What is followfriday and how does it work.

If you’ve seen a tweet including #FollowFriday or #ff and a list of user names preceded by the @ symbol and you are wondering what it is, or how to use it correctly I will explain, with some background help from Mashable. #Followfriday was started a long time ago by someone who thought it was hard to choose people to follow and thought it would be a good idea to recommend your favourite followers to other users, so that they could follow them too. Explained in detail here on mashable back in 2009 It was a brilliant idea, that […]

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iOS 4.2 Software Update

iOS 4.2 Software Update – what it means to the iPhone User

Today Apple released the new free Software iOS 4.2 Software Update   The biggest difference will be to the iPad users to bring them up to date with everything we already had on the iPhone or Itouch. iOS 4.2 Software Update – With extra features. For a start, the Alarm bug should now be fixed on your Apple iPhone!!  Can’t use that excuse anymore 🙂   Airprint – Printing AirPlay – Stream digital media from your iPhone Find my iPhone– which is now free on iPhone 4 – iPad and ITouch 4 iTunes TV show rentals  Improved mail Four different […]

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How to turn off Twitter 3.2 Push Notifications – iPhone

As you may of heard Twitter Inc, has released an update to its iOS App for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch which includes push notifications.and people are asking me How to turn off Twitter 3.2 Push Notifications. I’d never tried push notifications before on my iPhone, it just didn’t appeal to me. When I’m on Twitter I’m “on Twitter”, which to be fair, is pretty often, so I don’t miss much. However lately I have wondered if someone has replied, or wanted me for something, etc., so I decided that push notifications would help this constantly having to “check twitter”. (Not […]

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Facebook’s ‘new’ messaging system.

What it means in brief. Seamless Integration. 1. Seamless messaging  – integrated: Facebook chat, email, IM and SMS- “mix and match”, just one click to decide how you will send or reply to any format of message.  2. Conversation history – Not entirely a new idea but again, integrated. Keeping all of your conversation streams together. 3. Social inbox  – containing 3 boxes Messages (from your important contacts)   Other (from not so important contacts)  and Spam – (Thats for spam)  you can decide who fits where and filter it as you  like. It’s not email but it is email.  Says Mark Zuckerberg. […]

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