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Vision of perfection.

As Maria walked towards the beach that morning she had a nervous feeling in her stomach and a bead of sweat on her brow.
Even this late in the year the beach was still heaving with happy holiday makers sunbathing or playing in the sea. There were lots of bronzed muscled bodies seemingly working with the water sports company – taking people out on boat rides and renting various kayaks, pedal boats or inflatables. Maria chose an inconspicuous spot amid the other bathers, far enough away but also near enough to see, she rolled out her towel and got comfortable for (she supposed) the rest of the day.

The mid-day sun was blazing down on her now oiled body as she lay on the beautiful golden sand. It was calming letting the small grains run through slowly her fingers. She felt more relaxed now as she’d managed to get it all clearer in her mind. Maria was also comforted that she had chosen the lime green bikini to wear, as she felt confident and beautiful, she was a vision of perfection.

Suddenly, over the sound of the waves rhythmically lapping the shore Maria noticed a different noise in the background, a crunching dragging sound – like a car skidding slowly on a dirt road. Maria soon realised that it was a kayak being dragged along the sandy beach. Her heart skipped a beat, was it him? She wanted to open her eyes to look, but she wasn’t sure how far away the sound was and she didn’t want him to see her looking, not yet. Slowly, she lifted her head a little and strained to see through her dark sunglasses. With butterflies in her stomach and a glint in her eyes she gradually pulled down her sunglasses down to peer over the top of them.

It wasn’t a mistake she was here; she knew exactly where to find him, as the previous evening she had almost met him. He was the most beautiful man you had ever seen, and he had been watching her through his huge brown eyes from the bar as she sat with her friends. Her friends knew of him as they had a holiday cottage at the seafront and they had gossiped about him for a long time – telling her where it was that he had his own, very well ran business and what he did there. They were amused at his obvious interest in her, as he was locally known as a bit of a lady’s man and they told her to watch out.

Now it was her turn to study him, hopefully unnoticed, at first anyway. It was definitely him. Maria put her sunglasses back on properly and then she reached into her bag, and pulled out a big floppy hat and a book and positioned herself so that she could still watch him and make it look like she was reading.

He looked even better with no clothes on, just some shorts and a tan, his muscles rippled as he pulled the boat up the beach. Maria was aware of the other girls admiring him. Yes, he must get that all the time. He put the boat down, not to far away from her. He looked like he was fixing something on it. She watched him, she was actually enjoying this. Unexpectedly he turned and looked in her direction. He must have felt her watching, she knew that feeling, it was strange how sometimes you could just sense someone staring at you. She looked down quickly but felt her face burning with embarrassment. Will he know it was her from last night? Surely he couldn’t see through her disguise. Maria felt uneasy, this wasn’t going to plan, she wonders if she can leave the beach with him noticing but he is far too close, not such a great spot after all.

Maria took a chance and looked up again, she saw him walking into the building where he worked, she could see right inside the big barn type doors. It looked very old from the outside but inside was very modern and stylish for a boat company, looks like her friends were right, he does do very well for himself.

She’d seen enough for today, if she was going to go, now was the time to do it. She gathered her things and started to sexily saunter up the beach to the road. She knew he was watching her as she swung her hips, and she couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or not.

The next day Maria arrived at the beach earlier, hoping to get more time; to take things in, and hopefully as it was a Sunday he wouldn’t even be here this early she thought.

As she had guessed, the building was all locked up and he didn’t appear to be on the beach. She walked close to the building studying it; nervously she moved away, what if he was inside! She went almost to the same spot she had yesterday but just a little closer to the building. There weren’t so many people around yet, so she felt a little open, a slightly vulnerable. Maria positioned herself exactly as she did yesterday and waited.

It wasn’t long before she heard a jangling of keys; she looked over toward the building and saw brown eyes, opening up the big doors. Wow, he had a nice butt too, she chuckled to herself.

Whilst she watched him opening up, again he looked around and straight at her, what was it with him? This time she smiled and stretched seductively and went back to pretending to read her book.

Some time had passed before she could chance looking around again, and when she did she saw that he was sitting on the beach looking out to sea, maybe watching one of his boats, maybe just not very busy today. Taking the bull by the horns she got up and strolled over to him.

“It’s a beautiful view,” she states, as she sits down next to him facing out too sea with him.

Startled for a second, Antonio replies, “yes, the sea is very calming to watch too.”

“Yes it is. Stressful day?” Maria asks.

“Not really,” he replies, as he looks at her intently for a few seconds.

They sit there for a few minutes not saying anything, just looking out over the glistening sea. Maria worries that it was a mistake to talk to him so early.

“I saw you at the bar the other night didn’t I?” he asks, the penny dropping maybe.

“Oh yes, that’s it. I thought you looked familiar, but everyone is so friendly here I wasn’t sure where I knew you from.”

“Yes, you are right. That bar, it isn’t the best here, you should try Shorelines bar, along the high street it’s much better.”

“Oh yes I’d love to thanks, you see – you are all just so welcoming,” Maria smiled, she’d found a way in.

“Oh. Erm, oh great, maybe I could take you there one evening,” he stuttered, thinking how lucky he was right now, she was hot! He held his lucky stone in his pocket.

“That would be great; I am free tonight actually if you are. Where should we meet?”

“Ah, well…” He stalled, thinking fast,’ I am meeting a client there tonight but I’ll be finished by about 8pm, if you want to meet me in there?” He was unsure of himself; he didn’t want to let this one go.

“That’s great, I can’t wait, see you later then,” she said standing up; she put her hand out to shake his.

He stood and shook her hand and said.

“I’m Antonio, by the way. And yes, it will certainly be fun.” Antonio nodded, almost to himself as she walked away calling back, “I’m Maria.”

While she packed her suitcase back at the hotel she couldn’t believe how perfectly it had worked out – she presumed he would be with the client for at least an hour before they were due to meet, so this would give her plenty of time. Maria had booked a flight at 10pm which was a bit earlier than she had hoped for, but the later one was far too late.

It was 7pm when she pulled up in her rental car at his work place; it was just getting dark, the beach was empty and quiet, and the sea still. Expertly Maria picked the lock on the door and let herself in. Making sure she wasn’t being watched, she shut the door quickly behind her. When Maria found his office, she knew what she was looking for, there was no way he would leave it lying around or on show, there had to be a safe.

Finally, she found a small safe behind a painting that was hung on the far wall, it was easy for Maria with years of experience to crack the combination and at last, in front of her was, the Carbonado Diamond, a dark-brown rounded octahedron, approximately 15mm across, with a cubic termination at one end, missing from Brazil for many hundreds of years.

Maria sat in her comfortable first class seat on the aeroplane wondering which of her important contacts she would allow the pleasure of buying this rare historical specimen – at the same time Antonio paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant playing with the lucky brown stone in his pocket that he took everywhere with him, wondering if it was lucky at all.

Three Steps to Facebook Heaven


Ways to edit your Facebook settings.

I was prompted to write this post after hearing a few scary stories, one about some teachers that were having an evening out (an event) which lots of ex-students arrived at for a joke as they had seen it advertised on Facebook, and a pretty bad story involving a teenager that I know, who was lucky someone helped them change their settings soon enough.

I still just don’t get it that people don’t use the Facebook settings to their full advantage. Either they just don’t know about these settings, they don’t know who can see what they are doing or they just don’t get it.

A warning notice went out this week to employees using Facebook and people started asking me how to change the settings. So I thought I’d write some easy instructions for friends and colleagues and anyone else that might need some help. I will try to do it as simply as I can, not saying my friends are simple by the way, but put it this way some of them have only just discovered facebook. 🙂

Step 1 – Create Friend Lists

Sort your friends into lists, (groups) don’t worry they won’t even know that you are doing this.

For example, if you’re a teacher, you can create a Friend List called “students” and adjust your privacy settings to control what people in that list see. Personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable with students on my Facebook anyway but some people are, obviously. You then could allow students to see basic information about you, and any other information that you find appropriate, but not photos in which you’ve been tagged. You just never know what people will tag you in; it might not even be you.


These lists can have specific privacy policies applied to each one.

You can create whatever lists you want – family, friends, colleagues, kids – you can even add each friend to more than one Friend List.

Another brilliant reason for this is, if you want your friends that you were out with last night to see the photos you took but you don’t want people at work or kids to see them, then you can just allow that list of friends to view.

You can create your Friend List by going to the Friends area on your Facebook.
Go to friends – all friends – create list, name it, then click the people that you want in that list; you can always change it later.

Once you’ve created your Friend lists, you can use them to customise privacy levels for different information and content you include on your Profile.

1- Click Settings
2- Privacy – Manage
3- Profile

One of the most important things here, I think, is who can see your photos or photos tagged of you – also you will see a small subsection too – Edit Photo album privacy settings – here you can alter visibility of albums individually.

Save changes

Then go back to Privacy and change how people see your News Feed and Wall – Finally in the section on the Applications page you can use the controls on this page to limit what types of information your friends can see about you through applications. Please note that this is only for applications you do not use yourself:

It might sound complicated but once it’s done, its done and when you accept new friends you just assign them a list when you accept them.

Step 2 – Change Facebook search results

You can completely customise this to however you wish – You can even completely remove yourself– so that no one can find you, unless you want them too.

1- Settings
2- Privacy Manage
3- Search

To be invisible change this to only friends. Obviously you won’t want to do this if you want everyone and anyone to find you to gain as many friends as you can but the option is there.

If you don’t change it to only friends you need to know that by default, Facebook makes your presence visible to the network you are in. For instance if you are in the London network everyone in that network can see your information – on this settings page you can also alter what information that they can see.

And also if you don’t change this setting to only friends – you are possibly visible on Google – to alter this you need to change the Pubic Search Listing by unchecking the box that says create a public search listing for me.

Step 3 – Block People

1 – Settings
2 – Privacy Manage

Type in the name – or the email address


If you block someone, they will not be able to find you in a Facebook search, see your Profile or interact with you through Facebook channels (such as Wall posts, Poke, etc.). Any Facebook ties you currently have with a person you block will be broken (for example, friendship connections, Relationship Status, etc.). Note that blocking someone may not prevent all communications and interactions in third party applications, and does not extend to elsewhere on the Internet
From Facebook.

I think that is enough to begin with, there are many more other settings that you can change, and once you have done this, you can have a look around these pages and see what else you can do.


Social networking is great way to make new friends and contacts but sadly, sometimes you have to make exceptions – especially in this day and age, where children or stalkers are involved.
Please let me know if this helped you – or even if it didn’t – thanks.



Men in flip-flops – I don’t get it.

Men in flip-flops, you guessed it, I don’t get it.

Maybe it’s just me, I’m not a lover of feet, they aren’t the most attractive part of a person’s body are they? Lets be honest here; they are frequently frightening to look at. There is just something very wrong about men baring their toes in a pair of flip-flops.

I do appreciate however, that flip-flops are particularly practical for shower use, or on the beach, especially when you are wet from the sea, and need something to put on quickly. Personally, I think they should stay there; at the beach.

The reason for mentioning flip-flops today is something that happened on our holiday to Cornwall last week. There was a big group of us staying in caravans, we had 6 caravans in total and we all spent most of the time in the sea, either body boarding, surfing or kayaking. The weather was mostly very hot, so my boyfriend Dav decided it was time to invest in a pair of flip-flops. He had never owned any before, as he himself doesn’t like them very much, but he suddenly saw the convenience of them, and immediately purchased some in the Fatface sale; at least he didn’t get the totally non-manly, cheapo ones.

Now, to explain – there is a standing joke among our friends that Dav can do anything he sets his mind to do, while most of us struggle to do new things. Clearly, he isn’t superman, (not my Dav) but once he decides do something he won’t give up until he has succeeded. For instance; when they first started kayaking, Davknew that he had to learn how to roll the kayak to be able kayak properly and safely, so he spent hours and hours watching instruction videos on how to roll, so that when he finally attempted it in the water, he was triumphant after just a few tries. That’s just how he is.

Wearing his newly acquired flip-flops, Dav and I were walking down to the shore to watch some of our friends surfing. On the way I noticed that he was walking strangely, rather like a constipated penguin on hot sand, which frankly isn’t unusual as he is always hurting his limbs doing sports or at work. Concerned, I asked him if he had injured his hip. No, he answered; it’s these bloody flip-flops; I can’t walk in them. Giggling, I looked at his feet and observed that he was placing his foot down and lifting it up, trying desperately to not lose the flip-flop – no flip or flopping action at all! It did look hilarious. As we walked towards our friends, we were discussing how to walk in flip-flops, (I didn’t realise it was so technical) we got to the edge of the sea, and one of our friends called over, “Dav, have you hurt yourself?” I chuckled, as Dav picked up the offending items, gesturing to hurl them into the sea, “My flip-flops don’t work; the battery must have run out or something!” – Understandably, our mates rolled about laughing.

Until he masters the art of walking in flip-flops our friends now love that there is something that Dav – can’t do!

Michael Jackson Fever, fuelled by us. I don’t get it.



I admit I was up late after hearing that Michael Jackson was taken into hospital with cardiac arrest, poised at the pc tapping frantically into various news sites and radio stations. I was waiting for more information to say what had actually happened. Then suddenly the news came in on Twitter that (the celebrity gossip website) had announced that MJ had died.

Stunned, I looked at the screen in disbelief; it could be another hoax, I thought, it’s happened before. The acquired knowledge that Michael Jackson was dead was already taking over the internet. On facebook and twitter, people were repeating the accounts of TMZ; many people were typing RIP Michael Jackson. It was frantic, Twitter was overloaded several times. Like a panther waiting to pounce I was listening to the news and anxiously checking websites. All of my friends were still awake, all talking to each other, fearful about the news. One of my friends on facebook chat was waiting for a call to talk live on the radio about it. We were all eager to find out the truth. While my friend was broadcasting on air about Michael Jackson the BBC confirmed that Michael had died, we were as everyone, shocked. Late into the night we listened to tributes and songs, suddenly everyone forgetting they had work the next day.

That was last Thursday and since the Michael Madness hasn’t stopped, we just can’t stop until we get enough!


I wasn’t going to blog this at first I didn’t want to add to the Michael Jackson Fever. However a few people now have expressed the same opinions and thoughts as me:

What is this MJ fever all about?Why do we feel the need to play or listen to his songs constantly on almost every radio station?

People who didn’t know or like his music before now suddenly do like him or his music.

Everywhere you go people are talking about him, good or bad, mostly good.He is front-page or prominent in all types of magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites.All sorts of people of all ages are singing and downloading or buying his songs.

The tabloids won’t leave him alone.

Why didn’t people have these songs downloaded already, why now?

Strangest of all are the jokes, a constant barrage of jokes via text, email and other means.
And now Michael Jackson’s body is to be taken to his Neverland Ranch on Thursday morning for a public viewing Friday, a public viewing!!! (which some reports are saying you will pay for.)

It is complete madness and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.


My cousin got caught up in the frenzy from the beginning, she has hit the nail on the head, she said that she feels like if she hears another MJ track she will be sick, but then she can’t stop playing herself! She can’t help it and just loving every time someone goes past in a car playing one of is song…


People do seem to want this fever to stop now and yet they are fuelling it even more !


I wasn’t a huge Michael Jackson fan; I loved some of the old tracks like Ben and One Day in Your Life, and others which I owned on vinyl first. He was part of my childhood. But his strange behaviour disheartened me, I must confess. Yes! it is sad and we were all so shocked that MJ died, especially the children of the 70/80’s – no one wants anyone to die that young, he was clearly a pop idol/icon to many many people.


For years it will be the music that is remembered and not the allegations, unusual behaviour and freak show lifestyle.

This madness can only be our way of mourning, we don’t know what else to do and how to behave… the same as when someone you know loses a loved one, you don’t know what do say or do. Maybe it’s tribal, where everyone feels happier that everyone else is also doing the same.


Well I don’t know, I just know – I don’t get it.

The BR Gatekeeper


The air was as hot and sticky as I felt, rushing to get to the station on time. People chattering all around the building, hustling, rushing to get to their destination, it unnerved me for some reason.
Finally I reached the front of the long queue in the line for tickets with minutes to spare to catch the train, where I was confronted by a woman who actually looked like a witch with her long chin and long very dark hair. “One child ticket and a platform ticket please.” I asked politely. “A platform ticket?” she enquired, looking at me over the top of her thick black framed spectacles. “Yes, I wish to see my son on to the train.” I explained… wondering why I even needed to “Oh, we don’t do platform tickets.” She replied with a wave of her hand as she typed in the ticket required for my son’s journey. I thought this was strange but being in a hurry and not being an avid public transport user, I took it that the wicked witch of the west was telling the truth. I got to the barrier where the gatekeeper was protecting his gate. As you’d expect I was asked for a ticket to get on the platform. This guy was astounded? He just didn’t believe that I was told they don’t sell them them, so who was the liar, me it seemed. With a more than my jobs worth face, he let me through the barrier.

A few weeks went by with similar things happening then…

I was rushing like a mad woman trying to park the car in the short stay car park. (When there are only 8 spaces it is always a challenge.) At the counter I asked the all important question and was informed by a friendly cheerful looking man. “You don’t need a ticket for the platform, and anyway you are a regular.” He chuckled; as I wondered if he had been smoking something other than Marlboro. “Yes but last time they asked to see my ticket,” I replied pointing an offending finger to the gates. “Oh… never mind that just go to Mavis and tell her Bob said its ok.” He advised, like it was the simplest thing in the world and I was making a big deal of it. So not wanting to waste another 5mins arguing with him about it, and so missing the train, I did as he said. Of course Mavis looked baffled as I nodded to Bob telling her what he said, as time ticked away. .”Oh okay then… Hmm, you’d better come back through this gate or they won’t let you out.” She sighed. Finally the gatekeeper of trust let me through just as we saw the train pulling way from the platform. We had to wait for 20mins for the next one. As you can guess on the way back Mavis didn’t remember me at first and we had the whole conversation again.

Still more confrontations along the way until…

I’d arrived early to prevent that whole panic thing that I had adopted lately! There were police swarming everywhere and a bunch of youths glaring at the police seemingly being questioned, it wasn’t the best of places to be. I was determined that I would get a platform ticket; now that I knew that they certainly did sell them and the gate keepers obviously preferred them. I was stunned however when I reached the front of the queue because there before me was the wicked witch of the west dressed up as a man! It was uncanny, he had very long, jet black hair, and he looked very similar to her, I thought if I looked hard enough I might see a black cat any second. Anyway he said nothing about the strangeness of wanting platform ticket, until he asked for the money – and he said, “Well that’s £200.00 for the platform ticket please.” As he cackled into the microphone. “ha-ha gold plated?” I laughed as I passed him the correct money. HA! At least I had a ticket I thought pleased with myself finally.

On arriving at the barrier, there was a little guy who was standing having a laugh and a joke with all of the ladies. I was about to walk through, waving my ticket at him and he stood in front of me and took my hand to see the ticket. “Wait, that’s not a train ticket!?” He stood looking at it for a minute or so. “No it’s a platform ticket.” I said in astonishment. “Ah is it – I see, that’s a shame he said I thought you were going somewhere nice,” scratching his head. I grinned at him weakly speechless as I walked through.

Do you get it? Why so much hassle just to get a ticket. British Rail, they would be the first ones to prosecute me if I didn’t have a ticket but I can’t seem to beg them for one.

I don’t get it!

Do the people at Apple get it?

Okay so do we get excited or not….? I’ve seen alot of reports this week about the new iPhone. No one is saying if its true or not. Its a rumour they say.
So I’ve been waiting…Then!
Today I saw this ……..
You, like me would think wow this must be true then – but as you read on it says…..
Of course we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the source’s claims since Apple will neither confirm nor deny any future product releases, including if a new phone will even be released!

Urgh … so we are back to square one.. and waiting.

If you can’t be bothered to click the link – these are the spec’s that are rumoured to be on the rumoured new iPhone.

32GB and 16GB to replace current capacities
$199 and $299 price-points to be maintained
3.2 Megapixel camera
Video recording & editing capabilities
Ability to send a picture & video via MMS
Discontinuation of the metal band surrounding the edge of the device
OLED screen
1.5X The battery life
Double the RAM and processing power
Built-in FM transmitter
Apple logo on the back to light up
Rubber-tread backing
Sleeker design
Built-in compass
Revolutionary combination of the camera, GPS, compass, and Google maps to identify photo and inform about photo locations.
Turn by turn directions
July 17th, 2009 release date

Much better, and an answer to my last post about iPhone MMS and also has cut and paste 🙂 but is it me or still no mention of bluetooth?

If you know before I do, let me know 🙂

And I’ll wait……

Its not just me that doesn’t get it.



I would like to point out at this stage, that while there are lot of things I don’t get, there are similarly a lot of things that I do get 🙂


Like Twitter … Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers). Thanks to Wikipedia for that description, don’t you just love Wikipedia 🙂


My cousin who actually introduced me to Twitter some months ago now, still doesn’t get it, she is always asking me questions. Like RT – how many times can you explain that? RT is to ReTweet someone else’s post that you have read and found interesting or felt that it might be beneficial to others. Which is just a forward in email terms. And yet she still would say, whats that again? Obviously there is more to Twitter than just posting texts but you just have to learn and read about it.


Followfriday – she proclaimed she still didn’t understand that, I explained that #followfriday is just for you to recommend to other users interesting people that you follow. I thought she got it, but after Friday I’m not sure 🙂

I don’t even want to discuss hashtags hehe

Anyway this wasn’t supposed to be a twitter guide, there are plenty of those around – Mashable has alot of posts about Twitter here… Very interesting, I follow Mashable on Twitter and Facebook.

Many of my friends haven’t joined Twitter, they just don’t get it and they say they don’t want to. Some of them have Facebook only because everyone else does but they don’t go on there! I have tried to explain but they don’t see a use for it.
The best part is that on Twitter you can simply and easily find like minded people to chat, discuss and network with 🙂

Written in the stars

I wrote a book about a girl who just didn’t get it…… still sorting out some final adjustments, but here are the first few paragraphs.

Be Careful What You Wish for

Chapter 1 / Grants Wedding

Standing in the church at Grant’s wedding, I was listening to Grant and Julie saying their vows to each other and I was actually trembling. I kept thinking… What am I doing here? Why did I come? What am I, some kind of masochist? Then my mother leaned over and whispered, “Don’t worry, Danielle. One day, you’ll find someone just like him”. She was the only person who could say that to me, on this day. Didn’t she realise, that was not what I wanted to hear? I didn’t want someone just like him: I wanted him! Yet all that wanting did me no good at all, did it?

There he stood at the altar, looking far too gorgeous. Next to him was his fiancée, soon-to-be wife ­ who, I must tell you, looked like a stick insect. Put it this way: if a big gust of wind came along it would blow her away. If that was the sort of girl he fell for, with her perfect hair and perfect body, what chance had I ever had? She was the exact opposite to me. She had the obvious long blond shiny hair, anorexic body and very long although shapely legs, and she was at least five foot nine, whereas me ­ well, do I have to tell you? All right, all right ­ I am five foot four, on a good day, with medium length darkish hair and, although I wouldn’t say I was fat, I don’t think you could ever call me skinny. Not that I haven’t tried, I can tell you ­ but that’s another story.

The only reason I went to this wedding was my best friend Simone. We had known each other all our lives; even our parents had become great friends over the years. It would have looked very suspicious if I hadn’t turned up to her brother’s wedding, I had gone to every other special occasion in the family. I did try at first to say that I had work commitments that day, but they all said ­ quite rightly ­ that I had plenty of time to make other arrangements. Great, I thought. Okay, I can handle it; anyway, it’s not as if I hadn’t known this day would come. It was just much more difficult than I had imagined. I didn’t think that she, Julie, would look so ­ can I say it? ­ angelic, and… Grant! I had never in my life seen him looking so sexy (actually I had, but he was looking longingly into my eyes at the time).

My Sister Sam and her husband Ritchie warned me about coming; they said I really should try to get out of it. Sam didn’t think I would be able to handle it, after all I had been through. Ritchie said I’d get drunk and make a fool of myself (charming!). They also didn’t know whether they could handle another instalment of the Grant saga themselves; as two of my many mentors, they knew most of the story already.

I had to come to terms with this situation somehow, I had to close the chapter once and for all. I decided what better remedy but to come to his wedding: you have to be cruel to be kind, isn’t that the saying. Well, this was cruel and this would make me finally understand that I have lost him. I couldn’t wait for the reception so that I could get a glass of wine inside me. If I didn’t feel a bit better after that then maybe I would be able to make my excuses and leave early.

Thats all for now, what do you think?

Itouch iphone – I don’t get it?

Do you have an iphone or and itouch? What do you think of them. What is missing for you?

Having only recently acquired an itouch myself, (from my lovely boyfriend who buys me all of my gadgets, …Christmas soon 🙂 )

I started to question why the itouch does not have bluetooth, I heard that its to stop file sharing, is that the real reason?

Someone mentioned that the bluetooth chip is actually inside the itouch and could be activated?
I didn’t get it, so i did some research and found this.
(Old news but took some digging.)

In saying that, I love my itouch and I wouldn’t be without it. It would just be an advantage to have bluetooth and very annoying that it is in fact lurking in there!

 Moving on to the iPhone, these also look great and I understand you can have a bluetooth headset but I am lead to believe this too has no bluetooth facility. Even worse No Mms ……No Mms?! You actually can’t send or receive pictures from or to your friends! Okay so there is apparently a way to do it, which is via email, but its not the same is it.

Imagine this, you see something amazing and on any other good phone you can send immediately to your friend to share it with them but sadly with the iphone they have to wait to check their emails before they can see it. haha I don’t get it. I asked a friend who loves his iphone his thoughts on the matter and he said …

Quote Best phone I ever had, I don’t care about sending pictures, who needs friends when you have an iphone Unquote

Again I did some nosing around and found this…

Not yet available and beta stand out the most. And I wonder how much more that will cost?

Well I still don’t get it, but it looks like Apple might be getting it.

Edit- Just read this post from 2 years ago – haven’t things changed ! 🙂



I think everyone has someone in their group of friends who likes to pull pranks. Well ours is Ian. Although to protect Ian’s identity from now on we will call him, ……….Ian.

Ian’s pranks are a little strange and he will go to any length to pull them off. Its always a bit of a worry actually, yes funny, but you are never quite sure what he is going to do next.


On one of our little trips, we were to be staying at a chalet in Devon. Our friends had got there a few hours before us and came to the car park to meet us.

As soon as they arrived in the carpark we thought something was not right, Ian was not in sight. We asked about Ian’s whereabouts only to be told that he had gone to the shops to get beers. Hmm innocent enough you may think, but not where Ian is concerned! We followed the lads to the chalet, they showed us our room was and sat down. I went through to the bedroom and put some bags in there, just waiting for Ian to grab my leg from under the bed. Why does he like to scare me, he will give me a heart attack one day hehe, I just don’t get it. I even called out, don’t scare me Ian. ha ha! It was very still and quiet…

Very quickly I went back into the main lounge area, the other guys were sitting drinking Desperado’s so I joined them for a while. Still no sign of Ian.. dodgy. They asked me if I had seen the lovely robes that holiday camp had supplied us. I told them no, I didn’t see any robes. Free robes in a chalet? They said “Honestly we’ve got them, they are on the bed go and look.” I gingerly went back into the room not expecting to see robes but to see Ian. I peeked around the door but still nothing. They called out….. “Ooh they must be in the wardrobe, have a look in there.” Do they think I am mad!

My boyfriend suddenly came to the rescue, running in behind me grinning, “Ah, Wardrobe? OK, now we know where Ian is,” and he grabbed hold of the top of the wardrobe and moved it forwards and back. “This is heavy”. he laughed “It feels like something is in here.” he shook it harder. We heard laughter from the other room. And I made a quick exit while he pulled open the door to the wardrobe.

Screams and laughter came from the room as I heard “Oh no! come and see this nutter.” And there was Ian curled up in a ball in the tiny wardrobe in his birthday suit!! (Yes naked, and that’s other story in itself, we found out sometime ago that Ian isn’t shy) ha ha, Eek I ran out. Thank goodness he didn’t jump out of there.


He must have been in that wardrobe for some time just sitting curled up in a little ball, waiting for the right time!

Who would bother? Ha ha. I don’t get it.