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How to backup (export) your Blogger/Blogspot blog.


Exporting Your blog is pretty simple, you may want to do this to save your blog to your hard drive for safe keeping (backup) or to put it into a new blog.

To export your blog, first go to your dashboard and click settings. 

Then click on export blog. 

Click download blog. 
Finally click save.

Your blog will then be stored as an export file (.xml) which can be kept as backup or to import to another blog.


Your original blog will not be deleted but will be just it was. 

Paedo Alert! Protecting our kids

Facebook say they have “no objection in principle” to installing an anti-paedophile panic button on its site for kids who feel that they may be in danger.…. Paedo Alert!

This one statement has produced two different sides of coverage…..
Facebook rules out installing ‘panic button’
What exactly does that statement mean?
I think it means they are biding their time until they can come up with another solution, maybe they don’t like to be told what to do?
Facebook was criticised for not doing enough to protect our youngsters after the murder of Ashleigh Hall. The schoolgirl was killed by 33 year old serial rapist Peter Chapman who pretended to be young boy on the site and lured her to her death.
However it seems that a CEOP panic button would not have helped Ashleigh as it has been reported that she didn’t suspect his motives so she had no reason to feel threatened by him, he seemed to her like a pleasant teenage boy. This led her to secretly meet him, telling her mum she was staying at a friend’s house – soon later she was dead.
I’m not sure why Facebook would not want to install a CEOP Panic button; I originally thought they were concerned about blatant misuse and the unavoidable work that would go into monitoring it.However reports from the CEOP ‘Report Abuse’ mechanism go directly to the child exploitation and on line protection intelligence centre and the team there then analyse, assess and take appropriate action according to the perceived risk and threat to an individual child, so I assume it would not be any more work or cost to Facebook am I wrong?
MSN and Bebo have had these buttons for some time and I believe they are working for them.
Facebook do have their own links on the help page already for various concerns about harassment, bullying or suspected paedophiles but you do have to look for them. A button on each page would mean immediate reporting.
Whether or not this Button materialises or not it still remains apparent that we need to educate our children. They too, like to social network online which I assume is why they have 400+ friends on their accounts, there is no way at 15 etc they “know” this. Many people and the strangers that they are friends with are gaining information and looking at pictures of them each day, and especially where children/teenagers are concerned this is not good and not safe.

Paedo Alert!

Trust is a two-way street
We can help as parents to keep the communications open, so that teens will feel comfortable enough talk to us about what they are doing in their lives.
Some key features that we all know but sometimes forget….
  • Be Available – don’t always say “In a minute”.
  • Don’t ask too many difficult questions – they will clam up.
  • Try not to be defensive.
  • Be straight forward in giving feedback.
  • Talk about yourself, not always about what they do wrong.
  • Continue with physical affection – let them know you care.
  • Always give positive feedback when they do right.
Paedo Alert!
Protecting our kids
We would all like some way of protecting our teenagers from these beasts other than the usual advice (like these) which some youngsters choose to ignore, teenagers know best, right? We need to reinforce these guidelines.
  • Never meet someone on your own – especially not without telling your family exactly where you are going. MOST IMPORTANT! You cannot trust anyone, (sad but true) even if they promise you the world.
  • Be sensible about what information you put on your profile page – obviously never put your address or phone number.
  • In order to prevent harassment from strangers, be careful to accept friend requests only from people you know in real life.
  • Always report any messages or profiles that look suspicious.
  • If someone is abusive use “Report/Block person” link that appears at the bottom of the user’s profile.
  • Don’t have suggestive or sexual profile pictures this can only attract the wrong type of person.
  • Be careful what photos you let everyone see, only put pictures in albums you would be happy for your mum to see – “friends only” is an excellent privacy button.
  • Remember there is a link to report a possible sex offender on the Facebook help page, so if you are concerned use this link
Facebook has an age limit of 13; there is a reason for this. Maybe you didn’t realise how easy it is for kids to bypass this; perhaps it might help if Facebook made this harder to access. It worries me that children of this age or younger could be targeted; perhaps you think the age limit should be higher?
These guidelines don’t stop the fun, chatting and playing games with their friends online, that is what it’s all about but it is time to start being a bit more vigilant and see if we can get our kids to be. On its own I’m still not convinced another link/button will help but alongside some basic guidance and our help, it will assist. It’s a dangerous world out there; we need to not invite it into our homes.

The Beauty of Buzz!

This isn’t a Google Buzz review! There have been enough of those, don’t you think? Besides as I am still getting to grips with it, I just wanted to voice how it has found a place within my social networking life.

Google Buzz was supposed to cut out “noise” in a way that other social networking sites couldn’t, they claimed.

Personally at first I found Google Buzz noisier than a drunken wasp with clogs on, stuck in your eardrum doing the quickstep.

Stop the noise!

My mistake, I quickly found out, was that I had followed several prominently popular people, like the “pro blogger” types who quickly flood your stream with their “how to be an awesome blogger like me” blogs and the other admired types that everyone feels they have to comment on – which makes the thread get pushed to the top again. Yes, you can mute the individual posts but some people just post too much for you to mute. The only solution… See ya!

Unfollowed – eek!

It wasn’t until I sorted through the different levels of privacy and actually unfollowed the Power Twitters (whom, I can watch on my Twitter lists any time I want) that Buzz found a valuable position amongst the networking sites that I use. Right now, I’m using it predominantly just for friends; strangely enough a lot are good friends that I have acquired on twitter.

Spontaneous Conversation

Now it works! A single tweet, buzz, blog post or photo can seed an actual proper conversation, without the limit of 140 characters per post. I feel it’s a little like a chat room all nice and cosy talking with all of your friends about things you want to talk about. You never miss a thing – little Buzz messages go into your inbox as live conversations, which are updated in real time with comments from friends as soon as they come in. You can get notifications when anyone comments on your messages, when others comment any buzzes that you are involved in. In addition if anyone happens to @ you will also get an email in your Gmail. You know how I hate to miss out!

Good points:

· Links and photos can be embedded directly into Buzzes.

· Full-sized photo browsing

· Public and private sharing

· Inbox integration

· show/hide your followers/following

· A service aggregator – supporting Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Reader and Blogger (and much more if you know how)

· Mobile functionality on Android devices and iphone

How would Buzz work if it had integration with Google docs and/or Google Wave? Dare we hope? Do we want?

One problem I do find is that there is so much post duplication due to Buzz to twitter / Twitter to Buzz and the fact that it’s aggregating a lot of the same material that people’s Twitter accounts are already aggregating, this is awfully aggravating!

So, after a little tweaking and teasing Buzz is working for me, and for the people in my crowd, we love it. I am sure that I am still to use Buzz to its full potential but for now I am enjoying using Buzz and wonder what I did without it.

With input from Lee Stacey

Drunk Tweeting

Drunk Tweeting

Remember drunk dialing? Or did you prefer drunk texting? The slightly craftier version of drunk dialing, which enabled you to be either incognito or at least not seen in your moment of mortification – and you didn’t have to pay the consequences immediately. Typically in those instances it was only one person that you offended or had to apologise too.

Well, now there is another craze taking over where you can offend or show yourself up in public to countless numbers of people at once – it’s called drunk tweeting using

There are two websites dedicated to drunken tweeting you can even follow them on twitter I believe, where they retweet the best drunken tweets and which has pictures too, so if you are really embarrassing you might find yourself lucky enough to be listed. Although scarily, on twitdrunk there is a page where you can send an anonymous tweet, which is a bit dangerous to be honest, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that – but there are a few sites for this anonymous activity anyway.

If you want you can buy a robot to send drunken tweets for you when you are too drunk to tweet!


 Twitter words meaning – tweeting when drunk:

  • Twinking – a mixture of tweeting and drinking
  • Twit-faced – I don’t have to explain that do I?
  • TWI – Tweeting while intoxicated
  • TUI – Tweeting under the influence
  • Intoxitweeting
  • And the best one – Three tweets to the wind.

You can get stickers too!

Famous people are getting caught out drunken tweets all the time – noticeably these two that made headlines

Check Out These X-Rated Tweets! Khloe K. Gets Drunk & Poses As Her Brother.

Don’t read that link if easily offended.

The trouble is, normally there are many people following you – someone will see your dweets and remember them – even if you realize 30 seconds later and deleted all – the damage is done, normally I guess you wouldn’t realise until the morning when everyone you respect and once respected you has already read your tweet or tweets – and maybe even retweeted for all to see – even when you have deleted the offending tweet, sometimes they seem to stay on Google.

Usually it’s just a little bit of fun – we all laugh about the silly things people say – sometimes people can’t type at all and you rarely take any notice of the garbled nonsense.Or they might declare their undying love for someone, which could be very embarrassing for all concerned.

I notice a lot of people lately tweeting things like – going to a party, if I’m on at 2am tweeting just ignore me thanks – or people saying that they won’t be taking their phone to the pub/party/rave up – but then when they arrive home, with the kebab in hand, the first thing they do is go on twitter to tell all of the exceptional evening they had.

I personally think it’s hilarious and if people are going to get uppity about it, they are prudes but then I’ve never had anyone be rude or abusive to me which I have heard happens. Normally though people are happy, just chilling, having a laugh and relaxing with a drink. Oh and maybe sharing some music. 🙂

I saw Paris Hilton has a new single called Drunk Text so she must know all about it 🙂

Just a little disclaimer, these pictures aren’t my own but ones that I found on Google images, they obviously won’t be used for commercial purposes just one-time for this blog – if you wish to have them removed please tell me and I shall remove them, as well as the links thanks.

What is Echofon 3?

Many people tweet or blog about Tweetdeck, rarely do you hear much about Echofon – the superfast Twitter application –

Not Echophone – This is a sort of harmonica,

Or Ecophon which is some sort of acoustic ceiling!

It is called Echofon – formerly known as Twitterfon and Twitterfox. The new name isn’t extremely memorable but this application for the iphone is.

The powers that be don’t seem to be doing well with product names do they, well not in my eyes anyway, iPad and Meego, (meebo)? I’m sure there could be something better.

Anyway Echofon……

  • Speedy and simple to use
  • Easy on the eye
  • All on one page
  • One click to switch or go back

The first thing you see when you start is your homepage, this contains your follower’s tweets.

Top left – Menu button which takes you to your own account and settings.

Top right – Pen and paper icon – where you can type your tweets and don’t forget, if you turn the iPhone or itouch you have a real good-sized keyboard

To reply, just click on the tweet and it brings up the whole message on a page with the options:-



More (where you can mail the tweet or send a DM – Direct Message).

If you are retweeting – Echofon offer the brilliant option of either retweeting with comment or without – having the old RT at the click of a button, if you don’t like the new automatic RT.

Along the bottom of the homepage:


Mentions (@ you)

Messages (DMs)

Lovely Lists!! (This is new)

And Search.

On these headings any unread tweets you have, will be shown in a red circle as a number.

On the pro version you can get push notifications from any twitter user for messages and mentions – unlike with the free version you only get push notifications from Echofon users – which makes it just list sending and receiving free sms text messages – also you no longer get advertisements as you do with the free version.

Echofon also supports unread syncing – here you put an extension of Echofon on your desktop on Firefox or Mac and if you read your messages here, it will take away the number shown of unread tweets on your iphone. This extension adds a tiny Echofon icon to the status bar and it notifies you when friends post tweets and has a text entry field for posting your own tweets – I have only just added this extension myself so I’m not sure how useful it is yet.

Another good thing about Echofon is when you click the name of the senders tweet it brings up their profile where you can also see their own timeline, which is interesting if you are nosy like me.

The best thing is In reply to (I think now most have a version of this, apart from – if you get an @ mention – you click on it, you will open another section – in reply to – when you click this it shows the whole conversation on another page with speech bubbles, which is essential if you are unsure what the tweeter is replying to – you can also see other tweeters string of conversations too – as long as they have clicked reply when tweeting and not just started a new tweet.

Some other features include, user information, who you’re following, and who’s following you and multiple accounts.

I have almost always used this application; yes, I have tried many others and always find myself coming back to Echofon. Only once did I get frustrated with Echofon and found out it was when Twitter was resetting everyone’s passwords. Since the recent updates in Echofon 3 it’s got even better, so if you haven’t tried it recently it might be an idea to do so.

For more information see here or contact @echofon


Halo 3 Multiplayer Model Generator Application for the iPhone or the itouch

Recently I had the pleasure of Beta Testing this great little iPhone application for Luigi Violin otherwise known as ZaaM IT on xbox or @zaam on twitter.

If you play Halo 3 on Xbox I believe you will find it incredibly useful. It’s basically a port of a web tool, where you can preview the armour / colour permutations in the game.

Switching between Spartan and Elite.

You can alter your type of ……

  • Helmet
  • Left shoulder
  • Right shoulder
  • Chest

The best bit is that each item has details of how to unlock it – for example – EOD Helmet – you need to Complete Campaign on Legendary.

Finally you have a choice of 15 colours for primary, secondary and detail.

You can also start from your current setup by typing your Xbox Live gamertag in the “find a gamer” box or even someone else’s gamer tag which is great! Then when you are finished you can save your generated picture.

It was great fun testing this out, trying all of the different amours and colours to see how they looked and it all worked brilliantly, I gave Luigi some idea’s which he said that he will use in the update, which I look forward to seeing. I also hope to be doing more testing for Luigi and I’ll let you know as soon as anything happens.

It is now available on at the App store.

Get it here

For a sneak preview ..

Copyright © 2008 Coding and design by ZaaM IT.

Let me know what you think if you download this, thanks 🙂


Is the iPhone a Smartphone or better ?

People are still saying that the iPhone is not a Smartphone – I don’t get it – We even had a little debate over on Twitter about it the other day when someone mentioned this – I said that I thought it was – as Wikipedia’s definition goes like this …

A Smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality (PC-mobile handset convergence). There is no industry standard definition of a Smartphone. [For some, a Smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers. For others, a Smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features like e-mail, Internet and e-book reader capabilities, and/or a built-in full keyboard or external USB keyboard and VGA connector. In other words, it is a miniature computer that has phone capability.

As I typed into my twitter-feed that the iPhone was a Smartphone; I expected a barrage of abuse, especially from the Nokia devotees. I have a list called favfonefriends, and a lot of them love Nokia’s or are connected in someway to mobile tech but to my surprise one of them explained –

……… the time of launch you couldn’t install 3rd party software which meant it was classed as a dumphone not a smartphone.

The others agreed it was a Smartphone.

This version the 3GS was released on June 17, 2009. – With the 3.1 update on September 9, 2009.

Then as a bolt from the blue iPhone users started to say that the iPhone is far superior to a Smartphone and cannot be lumped in with the Blackberry, Palm Pre or HTC Hero and such like.

I loved this comment that I received by iPhone user.…

“The iPhone is so much more than a Smartphone. It’s a shiny slice of apple goodness with witchcraft


This quote is also being put around on twitter; I cannot find the original quote so I won’t reveal the source but its said to be someone connected with the iPhone…

“The iPhone is not a Smartphone because the other “phones” aren’t so SMART…”

So it seems to me that where as other phone users are allowing the iPhone to now have Smartphone status iPhone users are saying that it is far too good for that.

What is your opinion? Is the iPhone in a league of its own?

P.S I have mentioned no names in this but if you want it in let me know


are you a geek

Are you a geek?

Are you a geekSomeone called me a Geek today; of course it wasn’t the first time. People seem to say it as an insult, where as I’m quite proud to be a geek. Who would be ashamed to be a geek? Suddenly I realised with horror that maybe I don’t really know the true definition of geek and that I was being insulted.  Are you a Geek, do you know the definition?

Are there even different types of GEEK? 

 Are you a geek

Are you a geek?

Lets find out – Time to check on some on-line dictionaries

First stop….


A peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc.

 Fine so far – that’s the one I had in mind, with a bit less of the odd.

A computer expert or enthusiast

 Yep, that’s cool, that will do.

I didn’t like the next one much

A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.

In fact, geek is first attested in 1876 with the meaning “fool,” and it later also came to mean “a performer engaging in bizarre acts like biting the head off a live chicken.” Perhaps the use of geek to describe a circus sideshow has contributed to its current popularity.


a person, especially a man, who is boring and not fashionable

 Oh how rude!  This is getting worse 

Any person considered to be different from others in a negative or bizarre way, as a teenager seen as being socially or physically awkward.

Slang – a person regarded as being especially enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and skillful in the use of computers.

Okay… so I hope I’m not the first one.



If you call someone, usually a man or boy, a geek, you are saying in an unkind way that they are stupid, awkward, or weak.

You can refer to someone who is skilled with computers, and who seems more interested in them than in people, as a geek.

That’s not very good.

Zero – Entries!


Geek is one of the many American words that have found influence in the UK. A geek is a socially inept person. The term is often applied to someone interested in computing. Also see ‘trainspotter’, ‘spod’, ‘propellerhead’


Not so great is it, next time I am called a geek I will have to ask – “What exactly do you mean by that?”

So are you a geek or do you find that an insult?

Brizzly – A Simple Way To Experience The Social Web Or Not?


Always on the look out to try different ways to view twitter, a friend suggested that I try

Brizzly is a web application, with numerous novel added features, I was very excited!

To start – Set up a Brizzly account and then log in through your twitter account, and add facebook; then you can switch between Facebook and Twitter.

My first impression of Brizzly surprised me, I was instantly disappointed with the design or layout, it looks too busy like Facebook or Bebo, the minimalism and simplification of Twitter web, Tweetdeck or many others is what makes it work, its easy reading. I do like the added features; perhaps they are just not set out right for my personal use.

It also shows a different followers and following count than twitter!

I understand that the UI and the design may yet change, and hopefully you will be able to set your own preferences for items such as colours which might make it easier to look at. I feel that there is too much on the page and this makes the font too small and also the thumbnail avatars.

A very basic quick list view…

All the added features (that are new to most other twitter clients)
Contains lists

Didn’t like
Slow and laggy
Too busy on page

Useful features I do like

When you reply to a tweet a new box appears underneath the original tweet, which I like very much, and direct messages show at the side until you have read them or passed them, which is a great idea but it takes up valuable space.

You can easily see if you have new messages in DMs or Mentions or Home as a blue dot appears at the side.

If you click on a user from your feed it brings up a big box with a larger picture with lots of information – it also tells you if the user isn’t following you. The down side of this is I found was sometimes you click on users you are following, it showed a box which said Follow, and when you click it says already following, and at other times it will have an Unfollow button. You also get the option here to message, mute or edit lists. Mute might be helpful to some people although I’m unsure why you would mute them and still follow.

Another handy feature is on the trending topics – usually you have to click them and search through if you want to find out why they are trending but on Brizzly there is a link that shows why they are trending.

In your stream you will see that pictures and videos are already open, you do not need to click on a link and also shortened URLS show up as the original if you hover over the link.

Some people may find valuable that it gives you multiple account access.

Why it was slow

When I first went to look through my followers it was loading for 10mins, I clicked on home to try to stop it and it just appeared to crash, not really a great start, I reloaded the page twice before it settled down again.

When it up dates, everything disappears for a few seconds, it makes it feel unstable. Every time you click on something new it says loading for some seconds before it does anything. So slow its slower than a snail going up hill on roller-skates.


And when you first log in it take a while to show you that you have new DMs or other messages.

A friend told me they had updated they’re profile picture on Facebook and while I could see it on the facebook page – still 20mins later I could not see it on the Brizzly page, time to give up.

So although I do love all of the new features, and feel they do have uses, I won’t be using Brizzly until they sort out the design and the speed, as to me these are more important than fancy features, however innovative they are.

Have you tried it yet? If not try it out, let me know what you think.

Twitter Lists

I love Twitter Lists…

Yesterday, after some annoying downtime from Twitter, we were faced with the sudden disappearance of Twitter Lists, users were concerned that they were gone forever – Tweets were flying around Twitterland about the missing lists and it was soon apparent that as @davepeck always says – people like lists!

It was some time before we found out from twitter status –

There are obviously those aren’t keen on Twitter lists


  • Those who expressed the opinion that twitter lists exclude people
  • The users just can’t be bothered with it
  • Some that are worried about being put on bad lists and spam
  • Others that – just don’t get it.

Lists add a beneficial function to Twitter, giving us the facility to swiftly gain access to targeted groups of individuals who tweet about particular topics

It does take time to create lists but its very easy. You can organise list/groups by industry, geography, personality or however you wish. Lists are created like herds of sheep that you have to gather into the pen, once they are gathered together they are there until you let them out.

Creating a list

In detail here

The basics

Make a new list > give it a name > a description > and decide if you want it public or private.

Private Lists –These lists no one can observe but you – you can follow people in secret and of course other users cannot add these lists.

Public Lists – Everyone can see these lists and anyone can follow. Users like to see that they are listed so there are many of these lists around.

After you have created your list/group you can add users to the list, either by typing in their name – going through your followers – by searching or just adding them as you see them by accessing their profile page.

The good bit

You can list users without the need to follow them – so for instance –if you aren’t in the industry, you might choose to have a list with all the celebrities on (that are never likely to follow you back anyway) – you can still see what they are all saying – and it doesn’t clutter up your tweet stream. Then, when you aren’t busy and you are chilling, you can just click the list and see their latest tweets.

New users on twitter can find it can be overwhelming. The lists function helps with that and I think they are more likely to stay around if they can have lists of friends, family, work etc.

Private groups have been around for sometime in assorted applications, so this isn’t new to anyone that uses those rather than the twitter web but the applications are catching up now and adding lists.

In my view, lists are very valuable because I cannot be on twitter 24/7 I could have missed out on something – and to read through all the tweets is just unrealistic, with lists I can catch up from the area’s I need to.

If a user follows your list that you don’t want – IE spammers – you can just block them, which I’m pleased about – or the other way round if you are put on a list you don’t like – you block the creator of the list.

Twitter lists could take over followfriday – it’s a quick and easy way to see user’s most influential or fun people.

Furthermore you can follow other users lists which much easier than searching for individual users in a particular field and if you want to follow an individual at a later date you can do.

What we do really need now is a Twitter List Directory; we need to be able to discover more lists effortlessly and expeditiously.

10 reasons why we love making lists –

Do you like lists? Please comment…..