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Safe Social Networking for our kids!

Whether you like it or not your child will probably have access to a computer and the internet at a very early age, by the age of 5 these children will be able to use many areas of a computer and surprisingly enough the first thing they remember is how to connect to the internet.  
Has your young child asked for a Facebook account yet?  

Sites like Facebook MySpace and Twitter are being blocked from many school networks as they are not suitable for young children, which is right those sites are not, but young children are aware of these sites, they see their parents or guardians and siblings using the networks and understandably they want to join in.
(I’ll just remind you that sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace  set minimum ages of around 13)
Why shouldn’t they become involved? We can teach them how to use social networking sites safely and efficiently when they are young so that by the time they get to teenagers they know how to keep safe and be more responsible. Firstly by showing them how important it is to customise their settings. Secondly and as important how to behave and communicate on line.
I think we should encourage children have their own blog sites as well, its great, it encourages them to use their imaginations’, improve their writing/typing skills and IT skills. It doesn’t have to be personal it can be about their favourite subject.
There are so many child friendly, safe networks that your child can join, on various lists, that are   designed just for younger children, and which grown ups can monitor.  
Here are just two of them,
Togetherville is linked to Facebook, thereby adults who possess a Facebook account can sign up and register their kids
Education is right at the heart of the Moshi Monsters experience. Every day your child’s monster will create a series of fun puzzles that test everything from vocabulary and arithmetic to logic and spatial skills.
I haven’t personally tried these sites as my son is much older than this now and I wouldn’t want to join on my own, for research purposes? What would people think! –  but have seen some good reviews on them, just Google them for more information.
I’ve seen Habbo hotel on some lists, which I wasn’t very impressed with a few years ago. I’ve no idea if it has changed but at that time there were older children there, that obviously haven’t been taught how to communicate online, so not favourable for the younger ones. You need to be with them when they try these different networks so you know if it is suitable. 
Don’t let them feel left out or feel they have to lie about their age to get on to the sites they should not be on, because they will.
If they are going to go on social networking sites anyway, we may as well start teaching them ourselves, and at a young age when they are not going to complain about us looking over their shoulder or knowing that we are monitoring them.  It could even become some “together” time.
There are many reasons we could be against this and want our children as far away from social networking or the internet in general  but we live in a social media age, its going to happen eventually and there is little anyone can do to stop it. So take charge and educate them as soon as possible while they are  young enough to know that parents/grown ups know best.
Like we obviously do 🙂 

Illustration provided by ……..Me. 

The Nokia N900 and the Sketch Application Review

I was excited when Paul contacted me from a Nokia-sponsored platform saying that they had seen and liked my blogs and my art. Paul asked me if would I like to trial the Nokia N900 handset and particularly the Sketch application which comes loaded free on it. Asking me to share my experiences good or bad with the WOMWorld blog.

I of course agreed, 1) I love to try out new gadgets/phones and especially applications and 2) I love to draw 3) I love to blog!

 … within 2 days the Nokia N900 was on my doorstep.

Another N900 Review

This isn’t a review on N900, there are currently countless of reviews out there and I’m sure you get the gist. However I would like to say that I felt very comfortable with it. It is pretty heavy compared to a lot of new phones but I soon got used to the size and feel of the handset. I found it straightforward and a pleasure to use…
You need to be very firm with the screen to get a response and that using the stylus is really a must but its something that you learn pretty rapidly.   I love the layout its very simple to navigate. The N900 became part of my everyday usage very quickly.  I always loved a Nokia phone but this is different it really is like a mobile computer – I will miss it.
All that said, I must say that it was a big shock to me when I first opened the free Sketch application to find that  it was nothing special. To be honest, I was devastatingly disappointed.  I’m used to drawing on a PC with up-to-date applications on a big screen with a mouse or a full-sized pen.
The Sketch application is a simple, uncomplicated application, it is more basic than MS paint. (which I use often).  It reminds me of game I used to play about 10 years ago called isketch  but you could use the mouse or a pen.  isketch – that’s ironic isn’t it 😉
Although the touchscreen  is a nice size “800 x 480″ the actual drawing area is exceptionally small indeed. This is due to the fact that you have the tools along the bottom and a tab at the top with a big border around it.

Tools available are …..

Pen – Line – Square – Circle – Eraser – Size – Pallet – Undo
Then on your tab at the top, there is  New –  Open – Save – Canvas Size  
When I first tried it, It felt unnatural to draw with the thin stylus, while also having to press it firmly. It took time to get used to the small drawing area and I found that the stylus wasn’t accurately calibrated but fortunately there is somewhere to calibrate which I found in settings, and we were off.
The hardest part for me was definitely the size, (size does sometimes matter) this wouldn’t have been a problem at all if you could zoom, but sadly its not available on the Sketch app. Zoom would have made an huge difference to the whole experience.
There is an option to make the canvas size bigger (at the sides bottom and or top) so with the absence of zoom I wondered if drawing a larger picture would work, even though you would not be able to see the whole picture.  I thought that would be ok, but it wasn’t – it was more difficult than you’d think to make things symmetrical or line up with the parts you couldn’t see. As I was drawing and enlarging as I drew and it suddenly it said maximum size reached, argh …with only one stroke that you can undo I just had to start again.
My mistake was that I was trying to draw as I would on other applications so I attempted some quick sketches, after all its called Sketch, duh!  This isn’t really my area but I did get a few half decent results – Basically its not an illustration or drawing application it is primarily for sketching.
I was steadily getting more used to using this app and the stylus, as I did it turned out to be great fun, and a big challenge which I always like.  Almost like a game that you have to master. I was just frustrated with my results after seeing some of the other sketches online.
These changes I feel would make it much better.
1 – More undo – very frustrating not to be able to undo more that one stroke.
2 – Saving the last pen settings, so that it doesn’t go back to default.
3 – Zoom – a must!
The following would be nice, but used just to sketch, maybe there is no need.
1 – Layers.
2 – Fill.
3 – Cut and paste selections.

So to sum up, its a free loaded app so you can’t complain and its fine just to do little quick sketches, write quick notes, routes or plans. It is a fun application, and it could be useful.  However to actually draw intricate, accurate drawings, I personally found it very difficult as you can see and these are the best. Others do find it easier it seems 🙂 

I’m flattered some people are saying they like my sketches, but I thought I should do better, here is some of my other art

I think I should have also tried Mypaint for N900 which is for digital artists but as I was just doing this for @womworldnokia  I didn’t think of it.  Maybe next time 🙂 

If I had more practice I would definitely get better at this application as it is, but the Nokia N900 Handset has been returned to its former home, to be shared with another lucky person. 

I’d like to thank 
Paul and @WOMWorldNokia  and @1000heads for giving me the opportunity to try the Handset and application – and the smoothness of the transaction. 

Paedo Alert

Facebook say they have “no objection in principle” to installing an anti-paedophile panic button on its site for kids who feel that they may be in danger.….

This one statement has produced two different sides of coverage…..

Facebook Might Add ‘Panic Button’ To Protect Kids

The Next Web

Facebook rules out installing ‘panic button’

BBC News

What exactly does that statement mean?

Facebook was criticised for not doing enough to protect our youngsters after the murder of Ashleigh Hall. The schoolgirl was killed by 33 year old serial rapist Peter Chapman who pretended to be young boy on the site and lured her to her death.

However it seems that a CEOP panic button would not have helped Ashleigh as it has been reported that she didn’t suspect his motives so she had no reason to feel threatened by him, he seemed to her like a pleasant teenage boy. This led her to secretly meet him, telling her mum she was staying at a friend’s house – soon later she was dead.

I’m not sure why Facebook would not want to install a CEOP Panic button; I originally thought they were concerned about blatant misuse and the unavoidable work that would go into monitoring it. However reports from the CEOP ‘Report Abuse’ mechanism go directly to the child exploitation and on line protection intelligence centre and the team there then analyse, assess and take appropriate action according to the perceived risk and threat to an individual child, so I assume it would not be any more work or cost to Facebook am I wrong?

Link to CEOP

MSN and Bebo have had these buttons for some time and I believe they are working for them.

Facebook do have their own links on the help page already for various concerns about harassment, bullying or suspected paedophiles but you do have to look for them. A button on each page would mean immediate reporting.

Whether or not this Button materialises or not it still remains apparent that we need to educate our children. They too, like to social network online which I assume is why they have 400+ friends on their accounts, there is no way at 15 etc they “know” this many people and the strangers that they are friends with are gaining information and looking at pictures of them each day, and especially where children/teenagers are concerned this is not good and not safe.

Trust is a two way street

We can help as parents to keep the communications open, so that teens will feel comfortable enough talk to us about what they are doing in their lives.

Some key features that we know but sometimes forget….

Be Available – don’t always say “In a minute”.

Don’t ask too many difficult questions – they will clam up.

Try not to be defensive.

Be straight forward in giving feedback.

Talk about yourself, not always about what they do wrong.

Continue with physical affection – let them know you care.
Always give positive feedback when they do right.

Protecting our kids

We would all like some way of protecting our teenagers from these beasts other than the usual advice (like these) which some youngsters choose to ignore, teenagers know best, right? We need to reinforce these guidelines.


  • Never meet someone on your own – especially not without telling your family exactly where you are going. MOST IMPORTANT!
  • You cannot trust anyone, (sad but true) even if they promise you the world.
  • Be sensible about what information you put on your profile page – obviously never put your address or phone number.
  • In order to prevent harassment from strangers, be careful to accept friend requests only from people you know in real life.
  • Always report any messages or profiles that look suspicious.
  • If someone is abusive use “Report/Block person” link that appears at the bottom of the user’s profile.
  • Don’t have suggestive or sexual profile pictures this can only attract the wrong type of person.
  • Be careful what photos you let everyone see, only put pictures in albums you would be happy for your mum to see – “friends only” is a an excellent privacy button.
  • Remember there is a link to report a possible sex offender on the Facebook help page, so if you are concerned use this link

If you are or know someone that is 11-16 and need more advice this is a great site for kids packed with information you may wish to know.


Facebook has an age limit of 13; there is a reason for this. Maybe you didn’t realise how easy it is for kids to bypass this; perhaps it might help if Facebook made this harder to access. It worries me that children of this age or younger could be targeted; perhaps you think the age limit should be higher?

These guidelines don’t stop the fun, chatting and playing games with their friends on line, that is what it’s all about but it is time to start being a bit more vigilant and see if we can get our kids to be. On its own I’m still not convinced another link/button will help but alongside some basic guidance and our help, it will assist. It’s a dangerous world out there; we need to not invite it into our homes.

And now for something completely NOT different – Chatroulette 2

Chatroulette came back today after a week offline when we (parents/others) were hoping that they were having a spring clean to dust away all of the cobwebs (Nasty bits).

Sadly not, from what I hear it is still the same, the cobwebs still there, in all their glory! One report from Mashable  said that it was a full 4 mins of refreshing before the naked male appendages stopped appearing on the screen.


I really did think that’s why they took it offline for so long.  From what I’ve read there are a few interface changes here and there and if you don’t have a camera installed you won’t see images. It doesn’t seem as if it is fully up and running so that might change.  All in all nothing very exciting at all.

Its highly blogged, talked, written that its just full of perverts and people connecting simply to have a laugh at the perverts for a brief moment until the novelty wears off. Usually after a few minutes of watching old men play with themselves.

I do agree that Andrey Ternovskiy,  had a good idea for this site, for a good reason, video chat with your friends, great. But is there anyone that actually uses it for that? I don’t think so. Chatroulette know the problem, they once said they were working to clean it up, so why is it still the same?

Was all this downtime just to get a bit of publicity?  To get people talking about Chatroulette again, as it had all got a little boring?  Well its still mind-numbingly tiresome and it still needs to be free of those cobwebs.



Am I an Xbox Widow?

Xbox widows are people that complain that their spouses are playing on the Xbox all the time, that they are in second place to the console.

You can read on websites that some people are relegated to the bedroom to watch the 14inch portable TV all night, while their partner plays on the Xbox on the 42inch plasma.

When playing Xbox you might hear someone saying they have to sign out as their other-half wants to watch Eastenders or Big Brother and it will be divorce if they don’t.
There’s even a Facebook group for it
A forum
And a support group
Some sound really extreme, like the guys that don’t work and just spend 24/7 playing on the Xbox but generally its just the evenings people seem to complain about,  griping that they don’t get any time with their spouses or the TV. Basically they feel unloved or replaced by the Xbox.
Thank goodness I don’t have that problem. 
We like gaming in this house.  We have 2 Xboxes, a playstation2 (not a PS3 we aren’t greedy), one main PC and some laptops and “stuff”.
We do spend family time together often but we don’t sit down every evening, all evening, slumped in front of Eastenders or Coronation Street or any other mind numbing program. 
I have never watched TV very much.  Even when I was younger and had my own lovely bedsit in Balham, I didn’t bother getting a TV as I preferred to listen to music or read a book, and my then bf thought I was poor and bought me a TV, or was he was bored with sitting in my bedsit, having to talk to me?
Nowadays I prefer to be to be designing, social networking, blogging, working, writing, playing games or just surfing on the internet. I used to play the Xbox more than I do now, but I choose to be at my desk, working away at something. This may all change when Kinect comes out though, for a few months anyway! 😉
When the boys are playing their Xboxes here it gives me peace and quiet to do what I want. So no, I’m not a widow, I rejoice in it!  Otherwise I would be the one getting moaned at for being on the internet or at my desk all the time, its happened before.
When the TV isn’t being used and I find myself suddenly in charge of the Xbox and the TV, I get my fix of gaming on the Xbox.  Here lies a problem – I use the TV so rarely I always forget which remote to use, which buttons to press and which channel to go on. This is truly embarrassing; me, the gadget girl can’t work a TV! I do however eventually remember or suddenly discover the correct buttons 🙂  and then I get stuck in, those hours then pass so quickly… until the next fix.
So maybe Xbox widows just need something for themselves, a hobby? Something that doesn’t involve the TV and then they won’t feel so left out.
Either that or get a bigger house and another 42″ TV – Job done. 

How to get followed on twitter

After the success of my blog Who to follow on Twitter, I have decided to write a “How to get followed on Twitter”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I don’t have tens of thousands of followers but I do have a couple of thousand now and they are really fantastic ones. If you want to use tricks and scams to get thousands of mainly spam followers then these tips won’t be for you, but if you just want to make sure you are getting the best out of Twitter then read on.
So, lets get to it…..
(I’m going to do it in list form as @davepeck always says, people like lists)

1 – Choose a good avatar – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, an actual photo of yourself is best, people like to see who they are tweeting with. If you are tweeting for a large business then the logo will be appropriate… sometimes.  However people prefer to “talk” to a face.
2 – Write an interesting bio– write what you are interested in, you are then more likely to get followers with the same interests as yourself and of course people then know you are real. Or just write a witty comment, this also works for me, it makes me want to find out more.
3 – Add a URL of your website, personal blog, LinkedIn, MySpace  – anything that people can see you have an online presence and they can learn a bit more about you.
4 –  Publish your Twitter profile on your blogs, websites anywhere you can, so that those followers have the choice of following you also on Twitter.
5 – Tweet – you need to tweet, tweet things that interest you and followers will come. Try not to be too boring although we all do it.  *Guilty*  I can’t really advise you on what to tweet or how often to tweet as different people like different things but you will work it out eventually.
6 – Retweet – retweet interesting content that you have read, whether it be exciting blogs, website entries, articles  “its called sharing” and if  you share other users tweets then hopefully they will share yours, doesn’t always work that way and it doesn’t matter, you are still sharing. Also people searching for followers will see what you are in to. (I would advise reading the link before you just retweet it and sometimes you might just need to do a little research to make sure its real, its embarrassing RTing something that’s then found out to be fake.)
Example; when you see a tweet that a celebrity has died, don’t just retweet it – Google it!  Or find out where the tweet originated from.
7 –Engage in conversations, that’s what twitter is all about, don’t be frightened to just jump in and chat with people, that is what they want, its why we are there. If what they are tweeting was private they would be talking in DM or another medium.
8 – Reply – reply to your @’s this to me is just good manners, if someone has taken the time to tweet to you then its only fair and decent that you should reply – also to those people that RT your tweets, its polite to say thank you.  Okay, sometimes we all miss tweets or we are not around but most of the time, there is not excuse not to just acknowledge an @ even with just a 😉
9 – Follow people back that interest you – this is maybe a choice thing, some people don’t want to follow lots of users back, they say it hard to keep up with the timeline if you have over a certain number, and they like to keep to a small, personal group. I am not saying you need to follow EVERYONE back, check them out first you are under no obligation.  However, I do think its polite especially if you have had conversations with a person that is following you.  They are good enough to tweet with then they should be good enough to follow.  When you are both following each other it seems more intimate, more of a friendship, and if there are groups of you all following each other, that is when the fun starts!   Also following someone makes them feel valued. There is always a good chance that if you haven’t followed back that you will lose that follower anyway.
Most of these are just common sense and it just comes natural to most of us, that’s why we are on Twitter to engage, converse, to meet new interesting people, to share and to learn, well its why I am on Twitter. Basically just be yourself and eventually you will get followers. Obtaining great followers doesn’t happen over night.
If you have any tips that you feel that I have missed out, please comment and I will add them to the list.
I hope that you have found this useful.

Something else to worry about – Facebook Places

Last night I stayed up to watch the Facebook Event in Paulo Alto, CA, to find out about the new Places product.  Places is a new geo-location or check-in utility that enable users on mobile phones to notify friends of their current location that is initially going to be available in the US but soon to come to the UK.
Its all very exciting as I love a new product especially if its free, and for grown ups setting up meetings and such like it could prove useful.
However as usual I’m worried about our kids, safety and privacy. Facebook say its okay as Places will be set to “friends only” by default which is okay for people who know how to use Facebook privacy correctly but many of our kids don’t. They add people as friends that they don’t know, its a numbers game – some of them having hundreds maybe thousands of “friends”.  Of course all of these friends look like kids on their profiles but if they are unknown to the user they obviously could be anyone, its happened before.
Someone mentioned that there may be a mass unfriending of parents on Facebook as kids think that now parents can see what they are up to, where they are and who they are with, but they can apparently block us from seeing this, just don’t tell them 🙂
Yes, users now can put in their status where they are and what they are doing to get their friends together like “Going to the park who wants to come?”  but that doesn’t give a firm location with a map as I understand as Places will.
The thing that surprised me most was the representation of  Gowalla and Foursquare at the event – it seems that they and others are partners in this venture. This all happened on the same day that Foursquare refined its privacy settings, that says to me that they are trying to prove that Foursquare is safer and easier to use than Places.
There was a brilliant question asked at the event, something like if they were having a party and people started checking-in his home as a venue would he be able to get rid of it. The answer seemed very vague and unacceptable to me, he was told that it would have to be a popular venue for users to even be able to check in there but if enough users requested it would appear as a venue, and he would have to flag it or report it and if it got enough flags it would be taken down.
I don’t get it!
So my home could be labelled as a venue?  I don’t like that. Didn’t Facebook state that residential homes wouldn’t be available as a check in?  Besides how would you notice that was going on if you were having a party?  The other thing is that people can tag you when they are checking in somewhere, so you might think that no one knows where you are when they’ve tagged you and it appears on their Facebook wall.  Same as photo’s though you can stop block yourself from being tagged, not that the photo one works very well.
This product also brings back the fears about house break ins, if your privacy settings aren’t in place. Check-in somewhere and you or someone else is telling everyone there’s no one at home, please go and burgle it.
As usual with Facebook this is an Opt out utility not an Opt in, so if you don’t want it remember to Opt out.  There is a disable option in Applications.
Will you be using Places? 

What an exciting day for a certain teenager – Twifficiency

What an exciting day for a certain teenager its been today……
For me it started like this – I logged to twitter this morning and I immediately noticed trusted friends tweeting their Twifficiency scores, ooh I thought, that’s new, the scores are low, I wonder what it means.  And I, like lots of other people clicked on the link to see what my score would be. We all love a high score 🙂 I knew it would tweet my score as I had seen everyone else’s. That much was clear in my book, so I’m not sure why people were surprised at that. 
My Twifficiency score is 39%. Whats yours?
Hmm, not very high I thought but sadly it didn’t give any reasons, it just said on the app that it was rated based on your twitter activity – you followers followed and tweets. So a bit of a downer and pretty boring, (although I’d still got higher that a lot of my friends 🙂 )  and the end of it as far as I was concerned. Next……
Soon after however, people started tweeting that it was spam, it was just a random number generator and it was going to take your password, murder your cat and all sorts! Thinking this was strange I popped over to have a peek at the creator of the app and I found  him to be a very surprised 17 year coder with 100 followers who just had tweeted something like OMG I have a trending topic! Which I thought was great for him and also very cute. He didn’t seem like a spammer to me, (he didn’t have the long hair and the goatee for a start!) and then he started to apologise about the spamming explaining it was just him testing out an app for oAuth, awww sweet! 
By this time it seemed that everyone was checking out the application and then complaining about it which kept it trending and got it a lot of attention. They say that all publicity is good publicity and in this case it worked as the more people complained the more people went to check it out.
I thought it had all calmed down but no, its still going on.  Now when you go to search for Twifficiency there are something like 100’s of tweets per min, mostly with people saying its a scam and some still testing it out.
And the guy, James Cunningham now has almost 700 followers (lots of good ones too!) which is increasing at an astonishing rate and is an overnight success – I’m sure this will get him somewhere, its certainly got him noticed in the twitter world and further.
Good Luck to him I say… what’s next James?  🙂

Update – Late last night James posted that he’d changed the application, it now has a checkbox and an explanation of score.

How do you know who to follow on twitter?

How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

Do you find it as difficult as me to find like minded people to follow on Twitter ?
Yes, Twitter has a search and there are various websites and lists all over the internet, some of which are helpful, but it still takes a very long time to trawl through all of the people to find the right connections for you, if you are particular like me. 

How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

He are a few sites to check out.

Edit – 2016 – Some of these sites have changed slightly – but I’ve left them here for you to check out.  – I like this one for the name! cool 😉
Even Twitter has recently introduced the “who to follow” tool. I was very excited about this at first.  I thought it would be an easy way to follow people, its apparently based on people you follow with your interests and tastes, but sadly it doesn’t work for me, I think because I follow a vast variety of tweeters.
My absolute ideal way to follow people on Twitter is by personal recommendations, as your followers are the best people to know what you like or want. Also this way you get involved in little groups which is fun!  Occasionally I will go through my followers “lists” and pick out a few tweeters from there. #followfriday is also a good way but I still find myself checking masses of people out that aren’t really suitable for me. Slow but effective. 
The last way is by following people back, which I always try to do if they are real people, I want to connect with people and I don’t think you can if you do not follow them back. As someone once said to me, its difficult talking to someone’s back.
To choose who I follow back, I do a bit of investigation.  I click on my followers now and then to see who is new (as I don’t have emails to inform me of new followers).  I don’t want to follow  spammers or people who aren’t for me so this is a process in itself, so bare this in mind if people aren’t following you back.
Avatar:  First I see if they have an avatar – a real picture is best, and tasteful is my choice, if its a logo I will check further – but sometimes I just stop here. 
Followers to following ratio: If there is a big difference then its likely that as soon as you follow they will unfollow so I don’t often follow those people unless their bio looks really interesting, and if its too close, its probably an auto follow which suggests spam. 
Bio: Which brings me to the next part, The Bio – I always  look at this to see if it interests me, it doesn’t even have to be much to catch my interest. One person I followed once just had something like “if you are interested then Google me” I thought that was brilliant because I did of course.. Google them.
Location: I don’t really worry about the location but if its London I may be tempted over look the bio if its not clear. 
Web: If all of those interest me then I will look at their website, something should really be in that section even if its just a Facebook, LinkedIn or something relating to the person. 
Lastly I will look at their tweets, their timeline –  
1) because I’m nosy
2) to make sure they aren’t just tweeting to flirt, (I use my words here carefully ha!) this isn’t what I’m looking for.
3) to make sure they have actually tweeted and aren’t just using an auto follow bot.
4) to see if they engage, communicate, connect with people as I don’t want to follow people just promoting their business, blog’s, or self. (flooding or spamming)  I might  follow this tweeter if it looks like an interesting news or tech site but that’s the only reason.
After all that, every few weeks I will check out who’s unfollowed me, and well… unfollow them 🙂 unless I really like them or value their tweets. I use  for this mostly.
Edit : 2016 and now I used CrowdFire App
Its all about what you personally want on your twitter, what you value, maybe you don’t want to follow many people or you don’t mind who you follow, this to me would soon get boring. 
Now that I’ve written that down it all looks a bit OCD but I guess we all have our ways of keeping track of who and how we follow people on twitter, it could get rather busy if you don’t watch what you are doing.
I hope that you’ve got some ideas from – How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

How do you control your followed or followers?

I know a lot of people now are keeping down their number of followed, some to a ridiculous amount,  but to follow too few people to me is pointless being a part of Twitter and to be followed back makes you feel like your opinion counts. 

Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

Who cares about our teens and young adults?

Who cares about our teens and young adults

I have so much admiration for the work that goes into the Teenage Cancer Trust. They do so much to raise awareness and raise money to help our teens and young adults. This is Who cares about our teens and young adults. So I just wanted to put a little blog together with some of their information on, that maybe you are missing because right now they need our Twitter Power! 
Six teenagers will find out they have cancer today, six tomorrow and six the day after. More often than not, these young people get a raw deal, receiving hospital treatment in inappropriate facilities alongside young children or older people. Teenage Cancer Trust fights for the rights of teenagers and young adults with cancer.
The charity helps make life better for these young people by building specialist units which are boosting survival rates.
Via The Who 

Who cares about our teens and young adults

Roger Daltrey from The Who, a personal favourite of mine, is a patron of Teenage Cancer Trust and has been actively involved for some time.
Every year for 9 years many artists have performed at shows at the Royal Albert hall to support the charity in raising vital funds.
The most recent additions to this list are Bullet for my Valentine, Florence and the Machine, V V Brown, Antony and the Johnsons, Seth Lakeman, Kate Rusby, Fairport Convention,Fightstar, The Blackout, Depeche Mode, and Mathew Horne and James Corden.
Other celebrities who have supported the charity are Joe McElderry, Frank Lampard, Holly Willoughby, and Gerald Scarfe.
 Now they need our help, though the Cancer Charter  a group of well-known charities spanning three continents. Who are campaigning together to establish the International charter of rights in countries across the world. 

They need at least 20’000 signatures from the international community to sign the International Charter of RightsSo that the unique needs of younger people with cancer are met and recognized.

That’s nothing for us tweeters, get signing! 
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