Is the iPhone a Smartphone or better ?

People are still saying that the iPhone is not a Smartphone – I don’t get it – We even had a little debate over on Twitter about it the other day when someone mentioned this – I said that I thought it was – as Wikipedia’s definition goes like this … A Smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality (PC-mobile handset convergence). There is no industry standard definition of a Smartphone. [For some, a Smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers. For others, […]

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are you a geek

Are you a geek?

Someone called me a Geek today; of course it wasn’t the first time. People seem to say it as an insult, where as I’m quite proud to be a geek. Who would be ashamed to be a geek? Suddenly I realised with horror that maybe I don’t really know the true definition of geek and that I was being insulted.  Are you a Geek, do you know the definition? Are there even different types of GEEK?    Are you a geek? Lets find out – Time to check on some on-line dictionaries First stop….  Wikipedia – A peculiar or otherwise […]

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Brizzly – A Simple Way To Experience The Social Web Or Not?

  Always on the look out to try different ways to view twitter, a friend suggested that I try Brizzly is a web application, with numerous novel added features, I was very excited! To start – Set up a Brizzly account and then log in through your twitter account, and add facebook; then you can switch between Facebook and Twitter. My first impression of Brizzly surprised me, I was instantly disappointed with the design or layout, it looks too busy like Facebook or Bebo, the minimalism and simplification of Twitter web, Tweetdeck or many others is what makes it […]

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twitter lists

Twitter Lists

I love Twitter Lists… Yesterday, after some annoying downtime from Twitter, we were faced with the sudden disappearance of Twitter Lists, users were concerned that they were gone forever – Tweets were flying around Twitterland about the missing lists and it was soon apparent that as @davepeck always says – people like lists! It was some time before we found out from Twitter status, that all was okay. Follow me on Twitter, I might put you on a list – Twitter Lists There are obviously those who aren’t keen on Twitter lists. Those who expressed the opinion that Twitter lists […]

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Vision of perfection.

As Maria walked towards the beach that morning she had a nervous feeling in her stomach and a bead of sweat on her brow. Even this late in the year the beach was still heaving with happy holiday makers sunbathing or playing in the sea. There were lots of bronzed muscled bodies seemingly working with the water sports company – taking people out on boat rides and renting various kayaks, pedal boats or inflatables. Maria chose an inconspicuous spot amid the other bathers, far enough away but also near enough to see, she rolled out her towel and got comfortable […]

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Three Steps to Facebook Heaven

  Ways to edit your Facebook settings. I was prompted to write this post after hearing a few scary stories, one about some teachers that were having an evening out (an event) which lots of ex-students arrived at for a joke as they had seen it advertised on Facebook, and a pretty bad story involving a teenager that I know, who was lucky someone helped them change their settings soon enough. I still just don’t get it that people don’t use the Facebook settings to their full advantage. Either they just don’t know about these settings, they don’t know who […]

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