Something else to worry about – Facebook Places

Last night I stayed up to watch the Facebook Event in Paulo Alto, CA, to find out about the new Places product.  Places is a new geo-location or check-in utility that enable users on mobile phones to notify friends of their current location that is initially going to be available in the US but soon to come to the UK. Its all very exciting as I love a new product especially if its free, and for grown ups setting up meetings and such like it could prove useful. However as usual I’m worried about our kids, safety and privacy. Facebook […]

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What an exciting day for a certain teenager – Twifficiency

What an exciting day for a certain teenager its been today…… For me it started like this – I logged to twitter this morning and I immediately noticed trusted friends tweeting their Twifficiency scores, ooh I thought, that’s new, the scores are low, I wonder what it means.  And I, like lots of other people clicked on the link to see what my score would be. We all love a high score 🙂 I knew it would tweet my score as I had seen everyone else’s. That much was clear in my book, so I’m not sure why people were […]

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How do you know who to follow on twitter?

How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

  Do you find it as difficult as me to find like minded people to follow on Twitter ? Yes, Twitter has a search and there are various websites and lists all over the internet, some of which are helpful, but it still takes a very long time to trawl through all of the people to find the right connections for you, if you are particular like me.  How do you know who to follow on Twitter? He are a few sites to check out. Edit – 2016 – Some of these sites have changed slightly – but I’ve left them here […]

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Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

Who cares about our teens and young adults?

I have so much admiration for the work that goes into the Teenage Cancer Trust. They do so much to raise awareness and raise money to help our teens and young adults. This is Who cares about our teens and young adults. So I just wanted to put a little blog together with some of their information on, that maybe you are missing because right now they need our Twitter Power!    Six teenagers will find out they have cancer today, six tomorrow and six the day after. More often than not, these young people get a raw deal, receiving hospital […]

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Is it Fate, was it “Written in the stars” ?

Do you believe in Fate? Is It written in the stars?  Has an event ever happened to you that has made you think…. this was fate! There have been experiences my friends recently that made it seem that maybe our actions are determined ahead of time.  Fate Even in my own life, events have still occurred even when they were fought against or “against all odds” and I’ve thought that it must be fate.  Fate, an unchangeable course of events, even with opposing circumstances against which it is useless to struggle as it will happen anyway. Destiny, an inevitable course of events It was our destiny to meet. […]

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As if by magic… Shazam!

Shazam®, the world’s leading mobile discovery provider, according to reports, has the world’s biggest mobile music application. Shazam music recognition already has millions of users over various types of platforms, now also available with added extra’s on the iPad. As its my most used application, (apart from twitter apps) I wanted to rave about it to you. Today I saw that Shazam will be launching Shazam Encore for Android users to offer a premium service model in addition to the free service with limited options in discovering music on mobile phones. Antonio Wells I have the application on iPhone and I use it […]

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