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How to opt out of Facebook’s ad tracking

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

At the end of last month, Facebook told us they were making ads better so that we can see more of what we like.   Do we like ads?  Facebook actually said that they were told that people find ads annoying distracting and misleading – so they are now tracking us to help businesses create more high-quality ads that we want to see by expanding Audience Network.

Audience Network

Audience Network – a way for advertising to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.  So you don’t even have to be on Facebook to see these ads coming from Facebook. This makes reach much better for advertisers who rely on ads for their business, but it seems intrusive to us the user.

Facebook are watching you, well okay everyone is watching you, but there is something you can do about this for Facebook.

They said they were putting Facebook users more in control – but reports say that they may have changed our ad settings so that we have to Opt out again.  You might want to check your Facebook ad settings and turn off Facebooks ad tracking.

I’m not sure if they have changed our settings or not, mine for sure needed to be changed to opt out but I can’t be sure.

The FTC did rule years ago that they could not change our privacy settings without approval so does this count?

Facebook now have to sort out privacy say FTC

The FTC have ruled that Facebook will now be required to obtain approval from users before making any changes to privacy settings or how data is shared and also stop anyone accessing a deleted account within 30 days of its deletion.

In this recent post from Facebook it said.

Your ad preferences also help us show you better ads on and off Facebook. If you have an account, you can edit your ad preferences to tell us if you want to see ads based on specific interests, like travel or television. Starting today, you can opt out of seeing ads on apps and websites not offered by Facebook based on your ad preferences. You can do this by visiting your Facebook settings or tapping the AdChoices icon next to an Audience Network ad.

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

It’s very simple to Opt out, what I don’t like is being Opted in by default.


Go to settings 

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

Click Adverts on the left and change all to no – or off 

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

And that’s it.

If you are not familiar with all of the settings I would take this time, to check over your privacy settings and to even sort out what you see in your Facebook news feed there is a lot you can do to make Facebook better and more personal to your needs.

I hope that you found out How to opt out of Facebook’s ad tracking

Social Media Listening Tool

Talkwalker – A Unique Social Media Listening Tool

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been delving into a new tool – well new to me, called Talkwalker – A Unique Social Media Listening Tool.   With its multiple social data intelligence features Talkwalker  could be useful for not only Brands to listen to what people are saying about them or find out what their competitors are doing but also for companies who need to do research for marketing campaigns.  Or for instance find reach on  hashtags or information about products or even for bloggers who need to find out information about their own niche.   Basically, anything that is being talked about online you can find out about and discover really in-depth information with this tool.

What is Talkwalker

Talkwalker is really more than a social media listening tool – it is a leading European social data intelligence platform.  What can I say, it is huge, its a social media listening tool, analytics platform, sm monitoring tool plus more which is all intermingled to produce almost never-ending results.

Talkwalker was founded in 2009 by Trediction a company that is based in Luxembourg.  However in 2015 Talkwalker opened an office in New York headed by Todd Grossman to move the business forward and to improve the platform and service.

Talkwalker has 1500 servers processing 500 million posts from 150 million websites per day.  It pulls results from social networks, news websites, tv and radio, blogs, and others.

Social Media Listening Tool

So, I’ve called this monster platform a social media listening tool for ease as everyone mostly knows what that is and what it can do.   I was going to show you how brands can get results using this social media tool but I’ve gone for something a bit more fun this first time, that I thought you might enjoy.

chewbacca momChewbacca Mom

If you are reading this blog then you are probably on Social Media, so I will assume that you have heard about the Chewbacca Mom and her amazing Facebook Live video – titled – Its the simple joys of life – which went viral over the last few days.   This of course came as a big surprise to Candace Payne the Chewbacca mom who only wanted to share some joy about buying herself a Chewbacca mask from the Star Wars movies with her followers. Little did she know that she would suddenly have the attention of the whole of social media, TV and radio within just 24hours.   At this moment of writing the video has 145,417,291 Views which beat BuzzFeed’s record of the most views on a Facebook Live video by far a few days ago.

You might be thinking, what on earth does this have to do with a social media listening tool, Well, I found the speed and range that this story took over the internet fascinating and I wanted to show you how we can see the story progressing on the media by using the Talkwalker data intelligence features.  And more to the point how quickly and easy you can get results.

I’m not going to do a full tutorial at this stage – you can see an overview of how to use Talkwalker by Martin Shervington   – Social Listening: An Overview of Talkwalker

Okay, so here we go

Sign into Talkwalker

Click  Settings – Topic Setup – Add Topic

In the Search Query – I simply put the words “Chewbacca mom” in speech marks

And named the label the same.

talkwalker social media listening tool

I then clicked Analytics on the top bar and Chewbacca mom in the sidebar.

Now you have a huge amount of information at your fingertips.

The top bar lists

  • Results
  • Performance
  • Influencers
  • Sentiment
  • Themes
  • Demographics
  • World Map

and within each of those topics you can then see

  • Media Types
  • Sentiment
  • Countries/Regions
  • Languages
  • Gender
  • Smart Themes
  • Devices

I want to look at the Results and Media Types tab this gives me results over time and it shows me its given me 51.4k results

It breaks down the results as followers in percentages.

  •  386K Twitter
  •  3.9K  Online News
  •  16.8K Blogs
  •  Facebook
  •  25K TV/Radio
  •  854.5 Newspaper
  •  YouTube
  •  Forums
  •  2K Instagram
  •  Other

There is so much information on Facebook that it breaks it down further on the page – bearing in mind the original video was not entitled Chewbacca Mom – this is just from all the comments posts and news reports containing Chewbacca Mom as she was named a bit later.


You can see from this chart – that Candace started being referred to as the Chewbacca mom 2 days after the original video and we can see it first peaked on Monday the 23rd with 1268 mentions and then again on Wednesday the 24th at 3pm with 2765.

If you hover over the chart at the highest points it gives you that further information as you can see from this example from the next day – also you can see there is still new content being shared as it peaked again today.

chewbacca mom


If you scroll down, or click on the chart – you can see part of the reason for these numbers are:-

And many others – it lists all of the news reports about the events over the last few days.

I’m not going to show you each result, as there is just so much information we’d be here all day (thank god you say).

But I do want to show you…


This chart shows us

Most Active Author – @mannaabe – a big surprise actually – he’s not a big user – created 133 posts with 19252 reach – you can click the name and see that he has reposted all of the content surrounding Chewbacca mom to his Tumblr account numerous times, well I guess, 133 times.

  • Most Influential Author – Huffington Post Facebook
  • Most Active Site – Myinforms
  • Most influential site –

You can see there that StarWar News was 6th on the list too.    Also shown on this list is a sentiment bar – which for the top one – @mannaabe show mostly red which means negative results – I’ve looked at his posts and they aren’t negative, maybe he got that because he reposted the same posts, I am not sure.

talkwalker social media


That is just the tip of the iceberg with this Social Media Listening tool. Just think what information you as a Brand or blogger could find out with this information at your fingertips.


If you want to try it out, just go to the Talkwalker website.

How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016

hands-589475_640 (1)When setting up your social media accounts, one of the most important assets you can have for your business is your own custom URL or Vanity URL.  These URLs will have your brand name (user name) in them and will establish your brand presence and brand recognition, also custom URL’s are great for SEO.

For instance

They should, of course, be all the same user name or at least as close as you can get it, and the shorter the better.   Some social networks are harder to get than others especially if they are more popular and YouTube has its own restrictions too as you will see.

Be sure also to get it right the first time, as some networks also do not allow you to change the custom URL once it is set up.

How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016

Sign in to YouTube

Click on the Cog near your profile image – YouTube Settings

How to get a custom URL for YouTube

In the overview click on advanced


Under “Channel settings”, select the link to claim your custom URL.

In the “Get a custom URL” box, you’ll see the custom URL(s) that you’ve been approved for.

Depending on how you signed up for google or what Google pages you have attached will determine what URLs you are allowed to have.

So, that was just a quick guide to show you How to get a custom URL for YouTube – I hope it helped

Social Media Potential for B2B Businesses

We previously shared infographic by Real Business Rescue regarding How B2B businesses are handling Social Media .  Real Business Rescue have now have created a new infographic to show the Social Media Potential for B2B businesses. (Business to Business) we’d like to share.

In this infographic we can see the benefits for B2B business in social media. It shows that over half of all business will generate leads and connections using social media.

The sheer reach of social media proves that Social Media or Digital Marketing should be in B2B businesses budgets.  It shows the monthly active users for the most popular social networks with Instagram being the leader for growth in 2015.

Social Media Potential for B2B Businesses


Some really promising interesting facts in this infographic, collected from lots of great sources.  It interestingly shows the statistics to how images and video are so important to your social media strategy.
We have some more blog posts that might help you with images  in blog posts, 24tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post. And also 5 Best App for Creating Social Media Designs. Not forgetting Create amazing graphics with Canva.

If you want help finding out the Social Media Potential for your B2B business why not contact us.

Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

My dad has suffered with memory problems for many years, and as a tech geek we have found it hard to find tech equipment easy enough to use to feed his tech addition – until he was diagnosed with Alzheimers I’d not thought to look on the Alzheimers Society website, and there we found this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers.

Ever since I was a kid a loved the stuff my dad had, he had a thirst for knowledge and technology that he has passed down to me – first, it was all of the huge dictionaries and then the full set of Britannica Encyclopedia that he owned which were always open and used, not just sat on the shelf collecting dust.

I remember the very exciting time in the 90’s when he got his first computer and we found that you could get the encyclopedias on CD-ROM, which now is only available digitally.  A sad story actually – because then came the internet where you could find out anything you wanted to know about on the web, but that’s another story.

Dad always had all of the gadgets you could imagine, as he got older, he had so many cameras and other equipment, like laptops and smartphones we had to encourage him not to buy them as he had started to purchase items not use them at all, and there is only so much a pension can cover.  Over the last few years this has frustrated him and we have tried getting him various easy devices but he just can’t retain the information to be able to use them, like many with dementia I imagine or even just old age.

 Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers

Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

I think there are a few of these types of music players around but this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers is direct from the Alzheimers Society.  Its probably more expensive that some others, but we thought that they must know best so we bought it.   They say that

Playing music to people with dementia from their formative years vastly improves their cognizance and lucidity – the effects are dramatic, and are widely recognised by all dementia and alzheimer professionals.

We saw the effects immediately with my dad, not only was he so pleased that he was able to operate the MP3 player but as his favorite old tracks came on, you could see the recognition and pleasure in his face. And he started to guess the names of the tracks as they came on, which was amazing.  He even got up to have a dance, which I’ve not seen in a long time time, as he does have problems walking anyway.

He’s only had the unit for 24hours had he’s not stopped raving about how wonderful it is and he’s played it a lot.  It’s seriously made a bored, confused, frustrated old man very happy, what more could we want. He even says just to look at it makes him happy!

There was one problem with the music player where it froze when we first started using it, but we unplugged it and plugged it back in and we’ve not had a problem since, I really didn’t have the heart to say we’d send it back right away so we will see how it goes, I have warned the Alzheimer’s Society about this and I’m sure they would replace it if there was a problem.

How to use the Simple Music Player

red radio1

So, the operations are simple, you lift the flap to turn it on – and close it to turn it off – I am rather concerned that he could break this lid off but we will see.   And then there is a button under the lid which enables you to skip to the next song.

I’m not saying it was easy to get Dad to use at first as the information had gone from his head immediately but repetition seemed to get him to remember.  And it does say on the lid and the button what to do.

To get music on the Simple Music Player you simply plug the USB lead into a computer or laptop and transfer files by drag and drop or download directly to the unit.

Then a family member or carer can set the volume which is hidden under the unit so that it can’t be accidentally changed.

Above all I am very pleased with this Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers or any type of dementia – Dads response and the crisp, clear sound it produces is fabulous and if it makes his life better, what more could we want.




How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos

whatsapp-892926_640People are often finding themselves with no storage space on their iPhones because Whatsapp automatically saves all media sent to you (or to a group) in your iPhone, so one of the first questions Whatsapp users ask is…

How to stop Whatsapp automatically saving photos to their phones

Whatsapp is a very popular messaging app with over one billion users, so you might have heard of it.  They recently upped their security by adding End to End Encryption, so that has made it even more popular.  If you aren’t using it already, you possibly might do at some point in time, if so you might need this information.  So many people on Whatsapp are always asking how to stop Whatsapp from saving photos to the iPhone camera roll automatically.

When people first get on to Whatsapp they always scream about all the photos, videos and other media that is now on their iPhone or any phone,to be honest, (it’s not just an iPhone problem, it’s actually a default setting on Whatsapp) especially if they are in a lively group, who share lots of images, which is probably the most annoying as most of these photos or videos you don’t want at all.

How to stop Whatsapp saving photos to the iPhone

Not only is it a default setting on Whatsapp to save photos to your phone, they seem to make it pretty difficult to find how to turn off this setting.  Although once you know how – it is easy to do.

It’s as simple as this

  • Go to settings (The cog in the bottom right-hand corner)
  • Tap Chats

How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos

  • Slide off – Save Incoming Media

You see underneath that it is the correct setting as it says – Automatically save images and video that you receive into the camera roll.

How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos


How to Stop Photos Automatically downloading On Android

  • Tap on the 3 DOTS
  • Tap on Settings
  • Go to Chat Settings
  • You then have some options on how you want to download content, I would suggest No Media for all.
  • Untick all Boxes

There you go, own your camera roll once more  !

Don’t forget to check out our blog post about Whatsappweb – Whats app is great to have on the PC

So, what is app

what is Musical.lyThis word is popping up all over the place lately – you might be thinking, what is  If you have teenagers you probably already know what is. has had exponential growth in the past 12 months, probably mostly amongst teenagers  and is one of the top 20 apps in the free iPhone app chart with already more than 60 million users. is a mobile social network that centers around music and videos – it’s basically a lipsync video creator with a social network.  From what we can find out – Musically was founded around 2 years ago by Alex Zhu and Luyau Yang as an engagement and promotion platform for entertainers.

Even though does have the added social network the closest app we could liken to would be the hit app Dubsmash which has been used by many performers and artists, which looks on last count to have 75 million users – so is catching up fast!

We know the power of video and imagery on social media,  especially with the younger generation, who love a selfie 😉 – with Vine having over 200 million users and Instagram having over 400 million, you wouldn’t really think there was room for more but Luyau and Alex seem to have found a gap, they have made making videos more fun, with more options, with an easy way to share, promote and engage.


What is app describe themselves as a space to show off your creativity and express yourself through videos.  Users are called Musers who use the app for creative expression.

  • Post musicals you love- Express yourself and show off your personality by creating great musicals, you may even get featured.
  • Like, follow and comment- Show support to other musers and tell them that you like their musicals.
  • Flag inappropriate content- To flag a musical press on the button with three dots and then click “report abuse

Some musers that have been featured have risen to stardom on – and are now celebs in their own right – such as Muser Ariel Martin @babyariel – who at 15 years old has gained 7 million followers on in under a year and has now made a career out of it, being interviewed on TV shows, magazines, websites, and by Social Media stars such as Gary Vaynerchuk who also had Ariana Renee @theylovearri on the show. The best part of this show for me is that the girls say that Twitter is the most popular social network among their friends, come on Twitter! 🙂

Watch the show here, its a great insight to what is

It’s pretty cool that is available for free still – you can get it in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store. isn’t available on all Android phones as yet, but they are working on it.


Beware – iPhone Apple ID text message scam

It seems that hackers are trying to get hold of your Apple ID via a phishing scam sent via text messaging – it appears there are two different types of text messages being sent out.

Users on social networks are asking “Are these text messages real?”  The scam Apple messages look like they are from Apple themselves – they use carefully constructed wording and URLS to fool us into thinking they are legitimate.

iPhone Apple ID text message scam

One message is like this

The Apple ID associated with this number is due to be terminated. To prevent this please confirm your details at – – Apple Inc

iPhone Apple ID text message scam

The other message is more sneaky and actually quotes your name

<your name> your Apple ID is due to expire today.  To prevent termination confirm your details at – Apple Support.

iPhone Apple ID text message scam

This one would probably trick more people as it looks very real especially because it uses your name.

The links they use also look quite real, but of course they are not, they take you to a fake website or phishing site and once you give your user name and password you are told you are locked out of your account and you have to give more information such as your credit card details to unlock your account.

We used to see a lot of apple phishing; emails trying to get hold of our personal information, and the SMS messages are exactly the same thing, They are trying to be clever and catch people off guard, as you may not pay as much attention when looking at your phone whilst you are mobile.

If you do receive this message please do report it and of course do not click any of the links or enter any private information.

For more information take a look at the Apple website –  Identifying fraudulent “phishing” email





How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

The key to engagement on social networks is to connect with relevant people. If you are following or have people following you that aren’t within your niche you will never have anything in common and therefore you will not get engagement on your networks. So, we thought we’d show you how to increase engagement with prospects and influencers just by using Thryyve to find people that match your criteria.

What and Who are Thryyve

Thryyve is a free social media discovery tool.  It has a very clever search engine that searches for keywords used on Twitter and Facebook that are important to you.

The Start-up team of 5/6 people are based in Loughborough, Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. They are from a Start-Up Incubator at Loughborough University called The Advance Technology and Innovation Centre.

ATIC is a brand new building specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of early stage to larger SMEs. The centre is comprised of 54 business units and offers a range of workspace including; offices, labs and studios.

The guys are constantly working to improve the platform and to fit out exactly what you need to help you with your engagement.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Thryyve’s intelligent search engine system gives you more precise information than if you were to search on Twitter or even Google because it sorts out the information that YOU need, giving you the most relevant results at the top of your search. This method of searching saves you lots of time manually searching through lots of irrelevant data.

How to get started with Thryyvethryyve

Its very easy to get started with Thryyve and we’ve found it enjoyable and easy to navigate the platform.

All you have to do is to log in using your social media accounts – either Twitter or Facebook or both and accept the terms, if you agree with them.  They obviously need access to some of your information to give you the results you require.

Searching on Thryyve

When you have logged in you can start searching right away and from the results you receive, you can follow or unfollow people find out more about them and start to sort them into lists.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers


You can search by bio, post content and frequency by using keywords or phrases – you can also add filters like location and exclude people or words from your search.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Sadly Twitter has a restriction currently on the search by bio of a maximum of twenty people but that gives you to top twenty people so it’s still very useful. And Thryyee are working on Twitter to get access so hopefully that might change.   However searching posts will give you huge results depending on your search terms.

You can also Run your search right away or schedule the search at daily intervals.

Here we searched for people mentioning the words “Gamers” “Gaming” “Games”  and the results were as the picture.  You get a word cloud – and a sentiment cloud to see how you are affiliated

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Under this header you get a list of all the Twitter accounts related to your search – showing the profile page and the tweet where the keyword was mentioned.   You can then tick the ones you want to keep for your lists, follow or unfollow.


Thryyve also have a system to send out surveys to your contacts which looks great, although we have not tried that as yet.

You can find out more about surveys, and all about Thryyve and Improving your engagement on Twitter in an interview with Paul Ince on a recorded Blab by Steven Healey which probably explains it in a lot more detail than we can.

Check out more of Steven Healey’s Blabs on – Blabbing for Britain

And of course sign up for Thryyve to check out how to increase engagement with prospects and influencers for yourself – its free and if  you have any suggestion please do inform them on the chat function, you will always get a reply.


Well that’s a shame – I’ve just seen this notice on the Thryyve website – watch this space though, they might be back

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know of a really difficult, but important decision for us at Thryyve. We’ve decided to shut down the Thryyve service.

I know, sad face.

We’ve had such fun taking our original idea from the depths of our brain to a product built and released to the world. Over the last eighteen months, we’ve learnt so much about social media data, what humans publish and what can be gleaned from the vast amount of information out there.


End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private

whatsapp-892926_1280End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private – Whatsapp today have stepped up their privacy game by adding end-to-end encryption – it was one factor that was leaving them behind in the communication race with many other apps such as Telegram and Skype already using this method of secure communication.

What is end to end encryption (E2EE)

Whatspp end-to-end encryption was developed in collaboration with Open Whisper Systems.

What it actually means is that no one – apart from who you allow – can read your chat or listen to your phone calls via WhatsApp – not hackers, cyber criminals, an internet service provider, government or indeed any other third party.  What they call cryptographic keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the messages. Basically all messages, documents, photos, videos, voice messages  are secured with a lock and key, and no one else can get your secret number unless you allow it.

End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private

The absence of end to end encryption hasn’t prevented the hoards of people using Whatsapp and signing up – with something like 1 billion users worldwide its quite surprising that Whatsapp has only just added end to end encryption but now they are saying that they are one of the few platforms to have full end-to-end encryption by default. You may need to update your app to get this addition to your security but it will be automatic.

You will get this message to confirm.

Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption, which means WhatsApp and third parties can’t read or listen to them.

where you can verify, or learn more on the popup.

So, people that weren’t worried about the security on WhatsApp before probably won’t be excited about this update. However, I’m sure that we will now see a lot more people using WhatsApp who were using other communication systems previously, purely because they were concerned about the security on WhatsApp.

Read more about WhatsApp’s security and a deeply technical explanation of WhatsApp’s end to end encryption 

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