An Overview Of Advanced File Sharing & Storage

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cloud storage and advanced file sharingBy now, most people with an eye on tech products have noticed Microsoft’s Surface commercials, which frequently pit the popular tablet against Apple’s iPad, highlighting advantages and extra features. It’s an effective concept, but within the commercials there’s an interesting detail that brings to mind a bigger development in technology: basically, the Surface boasts a USB port as an advantage. However, the fact is, Apple may have the real edge here, having deliberately left out USB capability in favor of cloud storage and more advanced file sharing mechanisms.

Of course, a USB can still be very convenient and effective, and this means of storage is by no means archaic – not yet, anyway. But what the above example illustrates is that, more and more, people are taking advantage of and getting used to cloud storage and advanced file sharing. So with that said, here are a few of the specific benefits these sorts of services offer.

Failsafe Storage

The main benefit of cloud storage options is that they give you the ability to store digital files with complete safety and security, with no risk of loss. By storing your files “in the cloud,” you eliminate the concept of losing them due to computer theft, loss of a USB device, or any other ordinary tech mishap. You can simply log into your cloud from any device, from any area, and access your files safe and sound.

Advanced File Transfer

This is a perk that you can get in a couple of different ways. To begin with, the idea of simply uploading files to the cloud for others with cloud access to download is in itself a secure and advanced method of digital file sharing. Additionally, however, some cloud providers include specific services to help you securely transfer digital files. Sharefile is one example that does just this, providing you with the ability to create and organize a network of secure file sharing – you can send encrypted emails, and also send files more complex (or larger) than most ordinary emails will be able to handle.

Online Collaboration

Another major advantage over physical means of storage, such as hard drives, USB’s, etc., is the ability to collaborate using a cloud system. If you need or want to collaborate on a digital project, you can simply keep your work saved in the cloud, and grant access to your peers. This way you can each see the latest version of the project, conduct work on it, and save accordingly, without ever needing to meet in person or coordinate schedules.

Of course, within these concepts there are a number of specific benefits that certain individuals, groups or businesses can enjoy. But if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of cloud storage and advanced file sharing, this overview should help to introduce the main perks offered by these services.