Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

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Juggling social media accounts and different networks can be a daunting and expensive affair for some – so we have put together our top 5 free tools for social media. You don’t need to spend lots of money on loads of tools for social media – remember that its best to be you, be real and be there.  To much automation is not social.  The tools we have selected are the simplest and the easiest to use and won’t make you look like a robot online.

All networks require different things so its good to be armed with a few free tools to help you. Most of these tools to offer more services if you pay but for the most part the free options work very well.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Canva – We love Canva – as it is free unless you use some of their own images – we have been using it from day one.

What is Canva? – Canva allows you to create social media graphics, design presentations, cover pictures and more.  You can use the images, and templates that they have or you can upload your own.

We wrote about Canva back in January 2015 you might want to read about it there – Canva the free design tool 

Canva are now rolling out – Canva for work, a paid version – which will have more options – such as re-sizing your created images, which you cannot to do on the free version and much more – which I am excited to try.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Buffer –  Another great tool that we have used from the start.

What is Buffer? – Buffer is a super easy way to share the content that you are reading. Using extensions for browsers you can just right-click the article and place it in your buffer – which is a scheduler – you can set it to tweet, post to Facebook, Linkedin (and Pinterest for a cost) on the days and times that you choose – Please read about Buffer on our sister site here 


Feedly – A tool that you may have passed by.

What is Feedly? – Feedly is a new aggregation application – for desktop and mobile.  Feedly compiles news feeds from many online sources which you can add yourself or search for within a topic.  So all of your favorites sites are in one place to read, save using Pocket – or share using Buffer.   Although now – News just in – Feedly are integrating with Google Now, so your most important stories will appear in your Google Now Stream.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Pixabay – Love this site as its just so fast and easy.

What is Pixabay – Pixabay is a place to find free images to use on social networks.  You can’t just use anything you find on Google due to copyright issues – and  you don’t always want to spend lots of money on images just to post on social media or for your website.  Pixabay have a wide range of royalty free stock photos and copyright free vector graphics, and they can be used for commercial purposes.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media


Tweet JukeBox – Difficult to choose the last one, but I’ve just started using Tweet JukeBox more and I’m really enjoying it.

What is Tweet JukeBox? – Tweet Jukebox was created in January 2014 by Tim Fargo and put on the market in Jan 2015  – Tweet Jukebox is really a scheduler like Buffer – but what I like about is that it has free preloaded Jukeboxes so you can choose which tweets to post – such as quotes and images. And as all of the tools we have chosen here  – its quick and easy to use.   Besides which Buffer is discontinuing its suggestions box, which used to have various quotes and content for you to share but they decided it seems that they are not a curation tool.

There are so many different social media tools to choose from – some are free, some are not – we just wanted to find for you Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media.  Just with these simple free tools in place you will find social media networking and marketing much easier and quicker. If you are still struggling to find the inclination or time in the day, why not contact us and we make your accounts sparkle in no time.