What Opting Out Doesn’t do on Google

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google1Opting out isn’t always as straight forward as you think,  I looked up how to opt out of ads recently and found out what opting out doesn’t do on on Google Plus.

As with most things on Google, as with Facebook, you automatically opted in.. and you need to opt out, you’d think that was it, wouldn’t you.   However, I found out that it wasn’t that easy and even when you thought you were opted out, in reality you aren’t.


Services You May Want to Opt Out of on Google

The most recent is of course Email, Google is rolling this out at the moment so you might not have been affected yet.  Google is allowing people with Gmail and Google+ to be able to email you directly, they won’t see your email address, but the message will end up in your inbox.

To Opt out of this

Go to – Google Mail Settings.

Click the General Tab

You will see an option – Email via Google+ Who can email via your Google+ Profile – you can change this here from Anyone on Google+ to Extended Circles, Circles or No-one. 


Many people sign up for a Gmail account and are automatically given a Google+ account which they don’t want.  I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want a Google+ account considering the benefits for your blog – website or business, but thats another story.

If you want to removed your Google+ account just to go – Google+ Settings   disable Google+  be carfeul here if you have already set up a YouTube account connected to your Google+ account as you could lose that also.

Your Face on Google Ads

Its been mentioned that after an update in Google’s Terms and Conditions – Google can if it wants use your Profile Pictures, or any images, or details about you in ads to influence your friend and relatives.

You can opt out of this here – Shared Endorsements

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see – Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads. – Uncheck the box if you haven’t already.

What opting out doesn’t do here is, it doesn’t actually stop them completely, it says that the setting only allows you to limit the use of your name and photo in shared endorsements in ads.

what opting out doesn't do on google

How to Opt Out of Ads

If you don’t want to see interest-based ads on Google Plus you can opt out. These ads are based on your interests and details taken from your browser.  If you opt out you won’t  see these ads on Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail or other sites that are part of the Google Display Network.

Opting out of Ads starts off pretty simple, so it seems!

Sign in to Google

Click on Google Settings 

Click on either –

Opt out of  interest-based ads on Google
Opt out of  interest-based Google Ads Across the Web


What Opting Out Doesn’t Do

After reading what opting out doesn’t do with regarding these ads you might decide there is no point in opting out of ads.  Although some people find it an invasion of their privacy so they might want to just keep opting out.

  • You WILL still see ads but they won’t be based on what Google thinks you want to buy.
  • Doesn’t opt you out of different browsers you might use, so for instance if you opt out on your PC using Google Chrome,  you might need to do the same on your phone using Safari!
  • If you clear your cookies after opting out, you may have to opt out again!
So although Google does allow opting out on many things, sometimes you need to dig a little further.  However, remember every time Facebook or even Twitter changes something we have to opt out and sometimes even then we can’t. Such as the images now appearing in your Twitter feed, many don’t like them.


I am a big Google fan, I love it all and I love the integration that is available now, I know that many people don’t but I think once you get these settings sorted you will feel much happier.  Come and find me on Google+