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Introducing Topics on Twitter!

Soon you will start seeing suggestions of Topics to follow in your Twitter timeline.  These suggestions will be based on what you look for on Twitter already, to help you see tweets which are more important to you.

Topics on Twitter

Twitters new topics have already started rolling out – within months you will be able to follow Topics – these topics will to cut though all the tweets you actually do not want to see.  At first I must say I thought oh no, why are they changing Twitter again, its my favorite network.  But the more I think about it, I can’t wait, I can follow topics on all of my favourite things and really not have to see all the things from people I follow and like but I don’t always like what they tweet.  And I think its going to make it much easier for other people, and just maybe Twitter might get more popular!  This could be a game changer for Twitter!

Topics on Twitter

Attribution: Twitter, Inc

Twitter says in the Twitter blog

To start, you’ll see Topic Follow prompts in your timeline based off of what you follow and what you’ve signaled are things you like in the same way you bump into new accounts to follow today.

Hot Topics

You’ll be able to follow Topics like

I wonder Topics on Twitter is going to be a bit like following hashtags on Instagram I don’t actually like that too much because it is just swamped with all the images with the most likes first – which I don’t really want to see, they are from big brands or they are ads or promoted or they are bot driven, and it doesn’t tell me the story. So I hope its not like that..

Topics on Twitter also sounds like Refind here – I LOVE  refind, it finds me all of the content that I want to see, and shows it to me when I want it – and it gets better as it learns what you want to read about – Twitter say that as soon as they know what you’re most interested in, Topic suggestions should get even better.  What I Like about refind is that you can use an extension to save your own content or content you find to it and you can share directly from the platform  – By the way refind is by invite only – and you can use my invite here

Anyway I digress – not like me I know.   Checkout the video….

I can’t wait actually – Topics on Twitter should be fun!