Nokia N8 – Can’t Connect To Gateway – My solution.

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This wasn’t the first blog about the Nokia N8 that I expected to write after WomWorld/Nokia sent me a mobile phone to trial, so I can review. However even though I’m slightly embarrassed that I took a while to work this out, I thought this little post might help others. 

When I first got the Nokia N8 2 days ago I didn’t have much time to have a look at it, I did have a little look around put in my passwords and logged in to some accounts, and it all seemed fine including Twitter. 

Yesterday when I returned home from work to have another look at it, it would not connect to Twitter via Ovi’s social network. 

I put in my name and password, and it would seem to try to connect, then I would get the message Cannot Connect to Gateway.  It seemed really odd as I could use the web browser and download apps from the Ovi Store, (but not social networking apps). So this suggested that the Wifi (WLAN) was set up ok but there was problem somewhere. 

I had a look on the web and found so many forum entries reporting the same thing, some were very recent. 

Just a few of them here. europe
Nokia N8 Forum

I tried every fix suggested on these forums that I hadn’t done already but to no avail.  

Then today when I got home, I suddenly remembered about a friend of mine who had a similar problem, which I found out was purely because he had changed time zones, and when he changed the time back to his local time it all worked. 

So…….. I corrected the date and time, as I had not bothered to do that yet. 

And it worked. Fixed. Connected. Tweet. 

(I’m not sure however, why Twitter connected the first time it was used. This confused me TBH.) 

There seems to be various ways that people are saying fix this error but this one worked for me, I hope it helps you.